Thursday, June 13, 2019

Came Thru Drippin'

NappyheadedBros present…..   DRIP

\ ňądrip \  Noun

dripped; dripping

1 : Expensive designer clothing

2: Flashy diamond jewelry giving off the appearance of dripping water.

3. Personal style marked by clothing and accoutrements

Rocka: Aiyo , out of all the rap stars. Who was the drippiest of all time?

C4: 2 Chainz
 Image result for 2 chainz drip
Wja3: Slick Rick
Image result for slick rick jewelry

Tako: Migos.
Image result for migos

Yall are bugging. It’s cleary Killa Cam and the Dips, but I’d give those other guys top 10...Image result for camron diplomats

Americans’ fascination with “drip” can be traced to the silent picture era with movie stars arriving to theaters adorned in flashy furs and white people pearls. Take it even a step further and travel back to the era of indigenous people accentuated with detailed headdresses and beaded garments signifying status and affiliation within respective tribes. I say all that to say this… As early as time itself, people have been dripping.

Enter n**gas…

Excuse me… black people.

For one reason or another, people of color have always seemed more preoccupied with fashion and jewelry than their melanin deficient counterparts. For anyone who begs to challenge this notion I state the fact that I have never seen a white man (other than Evil kineval…who was ON A MOTORCYCLE) in a leather suit. I rest my case.

Wja3: you aint never lie

Tako: Let the church say amen

C4: The real question…however…is why are people of color so fascinated with looking good?  Ive got a theory.

Rocka: Me too…but you go first cause mine is probably better and correct.

C4: LOL.

C4: In a world that has historically silenced the oppressed people, keeping blacks in the proverbial role of America’s subservient bastard ‘children’ who should only speak if spoken to, style was a silent means of expression.

Rocka: I aint buying it. You think slaves was like “Yo, ima roll my pant leg up and rock my shackle to the side just to stunt on these niggas”

WJA3: You. Are. A. Fool! LMAO. Hear him out though…

 Image result for black slave posing

C4: In this same world…where black men are stop and frisked simply because of the false narrative that “all black men look alike” and are criminals, it becomes imperative that we, for survival’s sake, differentiate ourselves.  Taking this a step further, the innate spirit of competition, and the need for advancement which has been denied to us so many years further gives us a need to show that we are the best…the brightest…the flashiest… and thus, the most worthy of attention and favor. Since we couldn’t compete on a level playing  field against the others, we began competing against our brothers. Despite the amount of Fox News Journalists you will hear go on and on about black on black violence, it is a known fact that slavery and the systematic racism of the Jim crow era not only provided the black powder, but also the match and stirrer for this powder-keg destined to explode. 

They turned "us" against "us" as a means to divide and conquer.

Tako: Ok Brother C4-X. Talk that shit.
 Image result for Malcolm X

WJA3: Well I’d rather us battle it out on these mean fashion streets than with actual violence.

Rocka: A "You got served" battle would be better.

C4: Actually, as this is all interconnected, violence inevitably finds its way into the equation. 

Redlining (look it up) kept us from buying affordable houses and mortgages. Segregated school systems kept us away from the best degrees and education so we were forced to create our own, new narrative just to cope. The mindset was "we don’t care about the things we cant obtain, nor do we care about trying to obtain them in an unfair system. Lets control what we have access to…" and unfortunately that wasn’t much. We began to view our expensive clothes and jewelry as trophies that we had a.) overcome the oppressive system to some degree, and b.) were doing better than our counterparts. We began to value the materialistic so much that we were ready to rob, steal and kill for the “drip.” Selling drugs for the chance of getting the flyest clothes and cars….dropping out of school  just to impress our highschool classmates with “the drip”Image result for rappers with drip

Rocka: it’s like bruce Leroy..”you got the glow”….or q from juice… “you got the juice now.”

C4: I’m not saying it’s right for us to think this way…I’m just showing the “why” which so often goes overlooked. I’m done. Speak your piece.

Rocka; real talk I think you hit the nail on the head (pause.)

Wja3: We STILL doing that in 2019?

 Image result for pause meme

Rocka: the one thing your forgot about was the idea of self esteem. Drip breeds a feeling , not only of accomplishment because you've saved enough money for this particular outfit, but also of confidence. Just think of how much taller you walk when you have a fresh edge-up…I know, wja3…you can’t relate.

The “others” will see us as thugs and losers anyway. You’d be surprised how many people I work with daily that don’t recognize me if I’m not in a suit or slacks. But our people? Our mutherfuckin folks?! They recognize the drip. They know how much a real Cuban link chain costs. They know that those funny looking sneakers cost you $1,000 and they know, from that alone, that you (at least in their eyes) are a Boss among your peers. Unfortunately, the truth is that spending money on these depreciating assets is the opposite of what makes someone a “boss” as you are focused on your appearance to your own detriment. Noone needs $1,000 tennis shoes or 100 pairs of Jordans when they only have 2 feet. No one needs a Porsche in the projects… but we do need women, and these things will certainly attract them. Maybe it wont attract the type of women we need but it will attract the type that we least at that time.

Image result for camron women

I hate to say that self esteem can be fabricated via a cloud of drip, but I feel it’s the truth. In a community where absent fathers are the norm, and we have been marginalized by society, any kind of love, even fake love, feels good. This is why Ni**as love Instagram so much, but that's another story for another day. You get the drip you get the girls...and the respect...and the old cougars saying "he's so handsome." Even if the love is a farce and the moment is fleeting, its better than never having it at all.

C4: I mostly agree.

Tako: the key is to know the love is fake and take it with a grain of salt. Don’t drown yourself in debt chasing drip. Don’t dry your tears with expensive rags and think that now everything is Ok. Don’t think that your own worth boils down to the sticker price on a used BMW.

Wja3: And last but not least…

Rocka: Don’t ride the wave so hard that you forget about the undertow. 

It’s like you one of them ball playing Ni**as… like Magic or Bird….yeah you got some dough…. You can leave the league…. but when you do, just remember….the real fans still gon’ love you.