Thursday, June 13, 2019

Came Thru Drippin'

NappyheadedBros present…..   DRIP

\ ňądrip \  Noun

dripped; dripping

1 : Expensive designer clothing

2: Flashy diamond jewelry giving off the appearance of dripping water.

3. Personal style marked by clothing and accoutrements

Rocka: Aiyo , out of all the rap stars. Who was the drippiest of all time?

C4: 2 Chainz
 Image result for 2 chainz drip
Wja3: Slick Rick
Image result for slick rick jewelry

Tako: Migos.
Image result for migos

Yall are bugging. It’s cleary Killa Cam and the Dips, but I’d give those other guys top 10...Image result for camron diplomats

Americans’ fascination with “drip” can be traced to the silent picture era with movie stars arriving to theaters adorned in flashy furs and white people pearls. Take it even a step further and travel back to the era of indigenous people accentuated with detailed headdresses and beaded garments signifying status and affiliation within respective tribes. I say all that to say this… As early as time itself, people have been dripping.

Enter n**gas…

Excuse me… black people.

For one reason or another, people of color have always seemed more preoccupied with fashion and jewelry than their melanin deficient counterparts. For anyone who begs to challenge this notion I state the fact that I have never seen a white man (other than Evil kineval…who was ON A MOTORCYCLE) in a leather suit. I rest my case.

Wja3: you aint never lie

Tako: Let the church say amen

C4: The real question…however…is why are people of color so fascinated with looking good?  Ive got a theory.

Rocka: Me too…but you go first cause mine is probably better and correct.

C4: LOL.

C4: In a world that has historically silenced the oppressed people, keeping blacks in the proverbial role of America’s subservient bastard ‘children’ who should only speak if spoken to, style was a silent means of expression.

Rocka: I aint buying it. You think slaves was like “Yo, ima roll my pant leg up and rock my shackle to the side just to stunt on these niggas”

WJA3: You. Are. A. Fool! LMAO. Hear him out though…

 Image result for black slave posing

C4: In this same world…where black men are stop and frisked simply because of the false narrative that “all black men look alike” and are criminals, it becomes imperative that we, for survival’s sake, differentiate ourselves.  Taking this a step further, the innate spirit of competition, and the need for advancement which has been denied to us so many years further gives us a need to show that we are the best…the brightest…the flashiest… and thus, the most worthy of attention and favor. Since we couldn’t compete on a level playing  field against the others, we began competing against our brothers. Despite the amount of Fox News Journalists you will hear go on and on about black on black violence, it is a known fact that slavery and the systematic racism of the Jim crow era not only provided the black powder, but also the match and stirrer for this powder-keg destined to explode. 

They turned "us" against "us" as a means to divide and conquer.

Tako: Ok Brother C4-X. Talk that shit.
 Image result for Malcolm X

WJA3: Well I’d rather us battle it out on these mean fashion streets than with actual violence.

Rocka: A "You got served" battle would be better.

C4: Actually, as this is all interconnected, violence inevitably finds its way into the equation. 

Redlining (look it up) kept us from buying affordable houses and mortgages. Segregated school systems kept us away from the best degrees and education so we were forced to create our own, new narrative just to cope. The mindset was "we don’t care about the things we cant obtain, nor do we care about trying to obtain them in an unfair system. Lets control what we have access to…" and unfortunately that wasn’t much. We began to view our expensive clothes and jewelry as trophies that we had a.) overcome the oppressive system to some degree, and b.) were doing better than our counterparts. We began to value the materialistic so much that we were ready to rob, steal and kill for the “drip.” Selling drugs for the chance of getting the flyest clothes and cars….dropping out of school  just to impress our highschool classmates with “the drip”Image result for rappers with drip

Rocka: it’s like bruce Leroy..”you got the glow”….or q from juice… “you got the juice now.”

C4: I’m not saying it’s right for us to think this way…I’m just showing the “why” which so often goes overlooked. I’m done. Speak your piece.

Rocka; real talk I think you hit the nail on the head (pause.)

Wja3: We STILL doing that in 2019?

 Image result for pause meme

Rocka: the one thing your forgot about was the idea of self esteem. Drip breeds a feeling , not only of accomplishment because you've saved enough money for this particular outfit, but also of confidence. Just think of how much taller you walk when you have a fresh edge-up…I know, wja3…you can’t relate.

The “others” will see us as thugs and losers anyway. You’d be surprised how many people I work with daily that don’t recognize me if I’m not in a suit or slacks. But our people? Our mutherfuckin folks?! They recognize the drip. They know how much a real Cuban link chain costs. They know that those funny looking sneakers cost you $1,000 and they know, from that alone, that you (at least in their eyes) are a Boss among your peers. Unfortunately, the truth is that spending money on these depreciating assets is the opposite of what makes someone a “boss” as you are focused on your appearance to your own detriment. Noone needs $1,000 tennis shoes or 100 pairs of Jordans when they only have 2 feet. No one needs a Porsche in the projects… but we do need women, and these things will certainly attract them. Maybe it wont attract the type of women we need but it will attract the type that we least at that time.

Image result for camron women

I hate to say that self esteem can be fabricated via a cloud of drip, but I feel it’s the truth. In a community where absent fathers are the norm, and we have been marginalized by society, any kind of love, even fake love, feels good. This is why Ni**as love Instagram so much, but that's another story for another day. You get the drip you get the girls...and the respect...and the old cougars saying "he's so handsome." Even if the love is a farce and the moment is fleeting, its better than never having it at all.

C4: I mostly agree.

Tako: the key is to know the love is fake and take it with a grain of salt. Don’t drown yourself in debt chasing drip. Don’t dry your tears with expensive rags and think that now everything is Ok. Don’t think that your own worth boils down to the sticker price on a used BMW.

Wja3: And last but not least…

Rocka: Don’t ride the wave so hard that you forget about the undertow. 

It’s like you one of them ball playing Ni**as… like Magic or Bird….yeah you got some dough…. You can leave the league…. but when you do, just remember….the real fans still gon’ love you.



Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Re-formation: Beyonce, Kendrick and the resurgance of black self worth


It’s crazy that certain segments of white America (inclusive of Stacy Dash) are all up in arms about Beyonce being “unapologetically black” and flaunting it at the superbowl.  Not that I expect everyone to be pleased with a politically charged performance on the world’s biggest stage, but I would at least hope that those reckless ranters emboldened by internet anonymity  would have the common decency to get their facts straight. First of all, Beyonce isn’t unapologetically black….she’s just rachet.  Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with that.


Tak: Back talking that shit. You gonna upset the armchair activists and more importantly…the Beyhive.

Chain: LOL at “more importantly.” Only hive I respect is the future hive…and it aint like we’re slandering queen riri.

The term unapologetically black makes it sounds as though black is something wrong, or something that we should be ashamed of. It also insinuates that there are “black” and “white” behaviors. Putting hot sauce in your bag? That aint black (even though a lot of N-words do it)!…that’s just rachet…kinda like the hood girl from Houston who wanted a “soldier” in 2004, wanted somebody to pay her “telephone and auto-mo-bills”  in 1999 and more recently, in 2006, told her constituency of fellow rachets to “pat their weaves” feverishly.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against beyonce…I actually like her…and after the superbowl performance, I can say I love her. So much that the Bros even remixed her song as part of this blog entry.

Obligatory break for hot fire!  #BringBarsBack.


Now why, you are probably asking, would I love someone who I just described as a little hood booger ashy to classy rachetized phenomenon? Well…because she represents something our black parents have been telling us for decades; Beyonce represents the ability to be yourself. Don’t worry about what people think, because if our grandparents had, the Civil rights era would’ve never occurred.

 Back to Beyonce.  She country yall! She probably dips her biscuits in gravy and really does keep hot sauce in her bag the same way that people of an undisclosed race tend to do things like bring ziplock bags of prepared sandwiches to amusement parks or ask you “what you do for a living?” as soon as they meet you. Would you call that unapologetically [insert race of choice]]? No, you wouldn’t. Would you call a vegan “unapologetically [insert race of choice]]? Would you call a skydiver “unapologetically [insert race of choice]]? You get the point.


That being said, lets get onto why I love “straight from the H to the O-O-D’yonce” and her performance.

For years black people, and other people of color (without good hair) have been told that their “look” is not ideal. Even in an era where mainstream society is able to recognize the beauty of Lupita Nyong’o and her strikingly African features, they still aren’t willing to recognize the regular black folks. 

Society says....

Bros say....

Tako: Did this n-word just say “good hair.” Lord .

S: Just a lil’ Nappyheaded Sarcasm. #Facts. 

 Our people have been constantly placed on either side of a polarizing spectrum which says we have to be the lovable quiet and subservient yes man, or the impulsive egotistical and flashy asshole whom everyone detests (turns on ‘life of Pablo’.) Be the church girl or the neck snapping black girl with the attitude. Be the accountant with his pants jacked up to his belly button or the rapper in 6 gold chains in a Cadillac truck. In THEIR narrative of OUR modern day history, there is no room for middle ground. Every time an “event” occurs, you constantly hear “he was a good kid” or “he was a thug”, but never the truth of “ well, he was just a regular dude”, “you know, the type who does more good than bad, likes liquor, weed and hoes but never got arrested…blasts rap music about the trap he’s been to but never lived in after he was 10… memorizes the lyrics to songs about illicit activity that he’d never do, written by rappers who’ve never done it. Oh yeah, and he carries hot sauce in the whip.”

One Pac
2 Pac

 This portrayal almost never makes it to the public eye…keyword almost.
In Beyonce we have a saving grace as she is fair skinned enough to be universally nonthreatening, humble enough to be in touch with her southern roots, and rich enough to not give a fuck. Ironically, It takes someone of a superstar caliber such as herself to be able to give a voice to the voiceless…the regular black people. 


This isn’t about beyonce being anti-police, or pro-black panther…this is about her using her voice to call attention to what she feels is important. What [insert race of choice] people can’t stand, is the fact that she’s claimed ownership of her own voice rather than sit aside quietly as a high yellow ventriloquist puppet.  Blood of a slave, heart of a king? How about skin of rosie perez and soul of angela Davis. You go ‘head queen Bey! Whether we agree with your message or not (which we do), You’ve worked hard to be in the position that you are in and its good to see someone using their influence for what they believe in.


 Oftentimes people don’t like to look at the ugly truth because it’s…well….ugly. Pretending racism doesn’t exist by ignoring it and attacking minorities who show evidence to the contrary isn’t productive, in the same way that posting memes of unarmed black men who were shot side by side with armed white men who weren’t does nothing to facilitate helpful discourse on policing. For this reason, I'm not going to get into a sidebar asking why it is OK for Donald Trump, a candidate for the United States highest, most esteemed office is not held to the “beyonce standard” when he speaks his mind preaching cultural and religious intolerance as well as general expletive laced nonsense. This is another story for another day.


Shout out to Beyonce for getting people talking again, and shout out to kendrick lamar for making people listen.While their performances have polarized people and highlight the racial divide in America , showing how all sides really think, they do have people who have often considered themselves apolitical, questioning the merits of both sides of the debate.  Discourse is happening, and as of now conversations are taking place.


May the wind be at your back, grease be in between your cornrows, and hotsauce in your bag. 

-_broey Newton

Monday, February 29, 2016


In this post the Bros aim to do something a bit different than we have done in the past.

Rather than fill your head with our own crazy conspiracy theories and witty societal critiques, we are going to present you with our observations and in the end, ask a question rather than answer it. Maybe in the end, this exercise of asking all the right questions will eventually lead us to the one which provides the answer, but I'm not making any promises...because in the word's of the greatest blond singer of all time, "I'll never make a promiseeeeeeee, that I can't keep..."well, except for the "I promise ima just bust quick right now so that I'll last longer in round two" one.

Today's observation deals with one very distinct population, single white females...and no, not the kind you see late night on spice TV or online at bangbus, you know, the things wet dreams are made of...I'm talking about the other kind of single white female. I'm talking about the hardworking, destitute, exhausted single mother working day in and day out to try and make ends meet. The kind that is a part of the 40% of white families who receive food stamps (...of which black families make up 25%).

Tako: Sensing extreme shadeeeeeee.

C4: Ha!

In walking past the Bus Stop the other day, I saw something that I see often time and time again, a  White mother who appeared to be poor, with a mixed race child standing Alone. This of course leads me to the following questions, some of which I can answer, others which I cannot:

Why do I not see white women with white babies standing alone? Hmmmmm.

Why are they at the Bus stop? Most likely because I don't not see the ones in cars.

Do more single white mothers have cars? This could be because a larger % of them aren't as poor.

What about the ones who are just as poor, where are they? Possibly being assisted by family.

Do white people value family more? No, Impossible. Everytime you hear of a family being killed, its disgruntled white kids.


Tako: Shade.

Are there more single white mothers? Doubtful.

Are there more absent black fathers? Probable. 

Are black fathers more prone to leave? (Silence)

When you take the time to delve deeper into what has become a pervasive part of the urban landscape you realize that something deeply profound is happening. The society of the working poor is changing right before our eyes as we see something that Hiphop and Fashion designers have been seeing for years...Black men influencing the culture. This time, however, society is being left with the byproduct of our hurt, resentment and overall sense of apathy rather than the cash cow of cultural appropriation. Instead of young white girls receiving the "new world" from their Black Columbus's...In-di-ian (pronounced in thee end) they are left with nothing more than a figurative bout with smallpox.

The plight of the young white woman, (I'm being serious so don't suck your teeth), is not only bad in that it shows a lack of moral fortitude in America, but because it also further exacerbates stereotypes of the inadequacy of the black male. This is a narrative that we ourselves have to change, and which we can only do by breaking the cycle. While yes I do realize not all single white mothers fall into this category and that many minority mothers face the same problems, I will say that the unique set of circumstances which lead to this particular situation are directly a result of the juxtaposition between black and white. Allow me to explain.

Honestly, I can't call it dawg...I don't know if our current rate of absenteeism is a result of one of these things or all of these things but they undoubtedly have a symbiotic effect on our cultural behavior. For generations "the cycle" has existed; Black men learn from generational observation that women are the primary caregivers and heads of households while "fathers" are often transient, incarcerated, financially dependent or non-existent. Combine this with a single black mother who wishes nothing more than to care for and love her family, eventually living the American dream of a stable family and marriage environment...a single black mother who will to encourage you to date within your races as she sees herself in each of these young black women, some of whom need to be reminded of their own self worth, and others who need a man who gives them no reason to ever doubt it.  Let's mom wants you to marry a black woman, not because shes racist but because she wants to recreate a better, loving version of what she's always strived for.

Fast forward ten years and the black male, whether in high school or simply high school aged is overcome with hormones and bombarded with the stereotype of white girls as "easy", "submissive" or at the very least, "more passive." Mom doesn't want me to marry a white girl, but that doesn't mean I cant have fun with one, right? (The reverse of this would be the similarly hurtful thought of a white woman who knows she wants to marry a Caucasian hedge fund manager but still wants a good spearing for a Mandingo warrior. Lol.)  Combine this family dynamic with the already negative stereotypes of black men floating around in society. Centuries ago we were thought to be sex crazed rapist we're thought to be lazy, no-good and ignorant abusers. This may cause the females family dynamics to be as such, or at least to be perceived as such:

White dad: (Secretly glad daughter's black bf has walked out) "I told you so. They are no good. But we will support you."

Which leads to....

Black Bf's thoughts: "She'll be aiiiight. Her family got bread."


White dad: We told you not to mess with their kind. You are dead to us once you have that baby.

Black bf thinking: "it's not like she's going anywhere...her own family dont even fu*k with her."

Tako: Bruh. You couldn't find a pic of ANY other black man.

In the end, my aid isn't to perpetuate these stereotypes and scenarios but merely to acknowledge they exist and pose a question, how do we get this cycle to end? Maybe by communicating our experiences with not so healthy relationships and facilitating cross cultural discussion we can form better, stronger, more loving relationships in the end. While none of the above reasons are an acceptable "excuse" for a man walking out on their child, they are oftentimes the catalyst. In order to diffuse the powder keg that is the interracial single parent household we need our black fathers to fan the flames. Stop making babies just because they'll have pretty hair and you'll have no responsibility. Stop going raw inside girls you have no intention of marrying if you know your pullout game is weak as a mikes lemonade...and ladies, stop sleeping with every Tom, DICK and Harry with the freshest J's when you know that a man who wont even hug you in public or acknowledge you on social media aint finna claim no baby. Stop keeping Maury in business....and more importantly, #Bringbackourfathers...(white women can't braid hair as good anyway.)

We may not have all the answers, but we sure keep the people talking...and while some may have the same face as 80% of the audience during Chris Rock's Oscar monologue when they read this, at least we know they got the message loud and clear.

The key to bringing back our fathers is asking this age old question :  "why are they leaving?"


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tunnel Vision (Pt. 1)

Tunnel vision (N)

1 :  constriction of the visual field resulting in loss of peripheral vision 
2 :  extreme narrowness of viewpoint :  narrow-mindedness; also :  single-minded concentration on one objective

With Merriam Webster's definition of tunnel vision being such a simple one, you would be hard pressed to find a segment of the population unfamiliar with its meaning and intent. This being said, the irony present when gaining a deeper understanding of the definition, is that people often have too much tunnel vision to realize they are not exempt from its perils. Deny it all you want, but you....yes you....may be a victim of tunnel vision, seeing only what you want to rather than the actual truth. While this type of blindness from reality can occur in all facets of life, its research is a grandiose task, and for today we seek to tackle only one, more specifically, hair. Hold on to your stupid undertaker hats and baby micro Jesus pieces fashionistas...It's gonna be a wildly eye-opening ride (pause.)

 Stupid Hairstyles: Men

While wildly popular in regard to his infectious crooning to the female species bringing out the inner groupie, freak and dare I say, whore, the weekend has started the godawful trend of what I'm going to call the "dread hawk." Now I myself come from a culture where weirdo shit such as this is frowned upon...I mean, come on b. We don't even rock bald fades (or anything with the sides shaved) anymore. Maybe I am a throwback to a greater era.....maybe I'm just a disgruntled oldhead and this trend seems perfectly acceptable to the mo-hawk generation. Who knows? All I know is that this aint fly my g.

 And to those of you who claim this is not a widespread style I challenge you to look at the challenging landscape of young, rich ni**as.  (See the emphasis on rich because nobody is hiring you looking like this, unless you have someone as cool as me for a boss)

NBA player Eldrid Payton
Aka the ni**a who looks like the ni**a from Hey Arnold
 And then there's emo America's sweetheart, J "zzzzzzzz" Cole.

Col(d) world.

And once famous people start doing it, regular dudes think that they can bypass fame and wealth, thereby getting to the Yams at the same rate via a similarly stupid dreadlocked up-do. 

 I rest my case.

Stupid Hairstyles: Women

Yall ladies couldn't possibly think you were exempt from this post, could you? Not with all the post-cassie fuckery going on on the right side of your heads. There was a time when only Jamaican dancehall artists rocked this hairstyle, and I cant was kinda hot. Now, however, it has worked its way into the realm of regular woman-dom. Not only do we men risking looking stupid by grabbing air, should we try to pull your hair from the wrong side while tappin dat azz, but we also risk the chance of being catfished if we catch you from a side angle. Shit, you are even doing yourselves harm ladies! If you wear your hat on a slant like T.I or adobese from OZ we may even mistake you for a man or butch lesbian. But forget all that....own your identity...girl power! Black girls rocks! White girls kick ass! All that good shit. Forget what we men think and do what's best for you!


Now that you've allowed me to articulately get out of being called a misogynist and walk you into this set-up I will say that this style is NOT what is best for you. This "look" may be the equivalent resume killer to a face tattoo. Should people judge you by your hairstyle? No. Will they? Yes.

Congratulations. you are an independent woman who doesn't care what the male emphasized standard of beauty is...but you've gone to far and now you don't have a job. Good luck being independent.

The biggest problem of all caused by this phenomenon guessed it....our good friend tunnel vision.

While you think you look like this....

You really, more often than not, look like this.

Unlike Mr. Mackelmore's hit lyrics tell you, however, "You can change...even if you wanted to."

So do it. Do it now.  Be the change you want to see in the world. Lol.

Culturally Appropriate Hairstyles: Men

Now don't get me wrong...there's a lot of guys out there rockin the fly perms.

Tako: Thats a disclaimer because you had one for the first two years I knew you. And this was in philly! During the 2000's!!!

C4: Facts!

Moving right along..... the problem is most people just come of looking ridiculous and that's just me keeping it 100 with ya soul brother # 1.


Trinidad: Rock approved. Jidenna: Rock Approved.

Wja3: Rock. Suspect.

Chill homie. I can't lie...there's something calming about feeling a girl's hands through your "freshly relaxed 3/4 cherokee, women mad cause their hangtime aint like mine, manicured mane." For a time, on the East coast, and an even longer time on the West, this was the wave. Shit...ask Jim Jones, Ask Max B. Girls wanted to be with them and guys wanted to be them. Sadly (in my opinion), that time has passed. Finding time to get perms as a grown ass man is also not optimal.


That fact alone often leads to more tunnel vision than you would believe. Men often go out, pinky ring shinin', thinking they look like this.....


When the reality is they, more often than not, end up portraying themselves quite differently. See below:

Poor James Brown
and Poor Asap "My baby's father left me" Rocky

Worse still.....

The oldheads..... Hey uncle C!
And the Pimps (outside of Chicago and Detroit where this is acceptable ONLY because its better than finger waves.)

 Culturally Appropriate Hairstyles: Women

Now I've never been one to characterize anything as exclusively white or black, (like whites did to drinking fountains and entrances back in the 40's), as I am an equal opportunity hater.  Certain styles, however, do not translate to all hair types, and whit a great deal of white people having finer hair, I would kindly advise you to stay away from cornrows for your own good.

Why Kim Why? (And why didnt Ye' stop her)

I understand you may be in Jamaica and it's "the thing to do" or you view it as a "low maintenance" beach style that is super cute, but just don't let that tunnel vision set in.

Tako: Ummmm hmmmm Girlfriend.

In the end, and in the absence of good friends, you will think you look like this.....


When all the public can see is this.....


Friends don't let friends look foolish unless they've lost a bet. It appears this generation has a lot of learning to do or else there are going to be a lot more posts in this series. Nobody is a protected class, nobody is exempt. This is like Charlemagne's Donkey of the day, only unlike in radio, Internet ridicule lasts forever.


**disclaimer: don't feel as though this is an insult to you. You are free to rock any hairstyle you want regardless of color, religion or creed. The right to look cool, or stupid, is a choice that is all you own.