Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why the Caged Bird(s) Sing...

 Let me first state that by caged birds I mean hoes. lol.

 In 1969 Maya Angelo published the first edition of her autobiography, I know why the caged bird sings, chronicling the plight of the black female and unwillingness to abandon hope despite the myriad of physical and institutional bars from behind which African Americans were forced to linger for over a century. Countless civil rights struggles and nearly 44 years later, and with the re-election of the 44th president, an African American Male, I'm still forced with the task of trying to decipher if we as Black people every truly understood her message. 2012 is upon us and yes, the Cage bird is still singing....but that b*tch is singing the Ratchet renditions of Chief Keef, completely oblivious to the fact that she's just another Black Girl Lost promoting her own self destruction and doing a tip drill atop her former self worth.

Tako: OK Nas.

C4: Didn't you tell your cousin "F**k You" to his face last week when he said you need to curb your use of the b-word?

Wja3: Hear him out fellas.

F**k it .
Since yall refuse to let me sugar coat it for the hoes, I'm gonna re-name this Blog what I should've named it from the first place. "The Cage Birds are singin, but they need to shut their ignorant assess the f**k up!!"

Tako: Yeah boy! Talk that Shit!!!

C4: It's Ranting time (Swizz Beatz voice).

At the risk of sounding preachy I will say that there was a time where all our ancestors had were the old negro spirituals to vocalize their hope for a better day as they tirelessly slaved in the fields, were belittled in the streets and were treated like less than humans on a daily basis. Nowadays these spirituals have been replaced with melodic odes to the conditions which we claim to hate so much. Can you imagine slaves in the field singin " my nigg*as love cotton, yea we pickin cotton.....field nig*as rockin', house nig*as rockin!! (In my Chief Keef Voice). Hell no you couldn't. Nevertheless, Rappers nowadays do the modern day equivalent, and we jam our heads and shake our tittys to it every day. Why do we indulge in something so harmful? Because it's actually less harmful to view the harsh reality as a joke or a catchy distraction than to deal with it face to face and risk having our spirits crushed. This explains a lot, right?

Take for example the modern day chicken head. Remember we used to use that word? Well these birds have built a giant nest on Twitter, and used a site called Instigram to lure more into that nest, where they all collectively sing keisha cole man-hating anthems and Beyonce inspired independent womanisms despite their dependence on state aid. Can't knock them though. Their spirits shall not be broken. They will not be hushed! They will scream about their plight, bash no good ni**as and try to attract better ones all by singing about how good they cook clean and give head. They're singing....but the words are wrong and the melody out of key. The pitch is too fast and if they were to slow their role they may realize that yes, there is hope out there....but it doesn't consist of being a basketball wife (ahemmm jumpoff) or instigram model.

 It consists of doing things to make themselves and their people better, not catering to the lowest common denominator of "things that would get Stevie J to spend a stack on me." Creating an online life or striving for the title "biggest collection of fake LV bags" however, just might be better than the realization that a GED won't get you that six figure job, your baby's dad is not coming back and those project walls are not bullet proof. The figurative "cages" that were Jim crow and slavery may be gone but new bars will always exist, be they the educational achievement gap, disproportionate amounts of minority teen pregnancy or a culture of "keeping up with the Jones's." We can't stop singing, but we've gotta change the song.

Sidenote: Diamond from Crime mob has lost her mind for that tattoo. See what messin with Soulja Boy will do?!!

Fellas. You are not exempt. Male birds, or "Mirds" as I will call them, are guilty of also pulling the flippantly fugazzi fifty-two fake out falsetto and singing about the wrong things! You wanna praise something? Praise God or a girl with no stretch marks and no gag reflex, not a money hungry stripper who serviced the crew or the almighty Loud pack. Now I love guns and women as much as the next man, but lets keep it 3 hunna.

Understanding that we are caged birds with clipped wings, late entrant participants in a race which was already designed with our failure in mind, we all realize that we may not always have the brightest light to look towards at the end of the tunnel. That doesn't stop us from being fly....buying jordans....trying to pull the baddest model bit*hes we possibly can and fu*k them raw. What that means, as dangerous as it sounds, is that we are on the right track. We haven't lost hope. Problem is....we're hoping for the wrong things.

We're striving to be hood rich and twitter famous instead of actually trying to secure our future. Worst part about it, is that the same people who have put us in the cage are now creating invisible force fields outside of those cages so that even once we escape, we're still trapped without realizing it. Strive to make it out the projects and cop that new Mercedes, only to be trapped by the cage of debt service, interest and default. These nig*as are sneaky b. We are still caged birds singing, only in 2012 its our captors who are making the beats and producing the songs.

Marinate on that one next time you slip on your 'Beats by "I made 100 million dollars last year and still encourage you to spend rent money on headphones you may get killed for" Dre.

Maybe Maya was right.

She does know why the caged bird sings.... and maybe its time we re-read her work so we can remember too.

-Brainiac Bros