Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Krispee Chik'nnnn

"A young black man carrying a Tray of Burger King softdrinks had his Von Dutch hoodie riddled with 9mm bullets meeting the same fate as Marin Luther king...assassination. To make matters worse, the media is now attempting to assassinate his character; as the headlines read, if he hadn't worn that hoodie he may still be with us, if he hadn't seen that BK commercial and went to get that crispy chicken rap, he'd still be alive."

Tako: I see the subliminals there...I like what you doing son.

Wja3: He's clever, I'll give him that.

The aforementioned scenario didn't happen, nor will it. So don't start trying to compare hoodies and the dead boy to Mary J Blige and the chicken commercial. The chicken commercial is no different than white people singing itallian songs about pasta in Olive Garden commercials, and as a matter of fact, the Mary J commercial is brilliant and dope.

C4: What!

As a matter of fact....lets take it back.....

"Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions pickles on a sesame seed bun."

EVERY FU*KIN BODY remembers the Mcdonalds Big Mac song...because it was catchy, it was dope and it was epic! As is this. In all honesty, I been singing the song all day and think this is the dopest food song since the "when pizza's on a bagel, you can have pizza anytimeeeeee."

Tako: SO much swag in one song.

Wja3: Hold on you not see the inherent racism in a black woman singing about chicken? Why couldnt she promote the smoothie's at BK like Beckham, or the Drive thru like Jay Leno? Lets forget about the catchiness of the jingle which sounds like it was written by Juke-em' Jamie Foxx himself...the best jingle man in the least on the show.

Yes, it was probably a white man who decided to "give the chicken jingle to the Black girl," but so what. It's pretty much fact that black people like chicken....I do....we ALL do. It's not like she was in blackface or promoting "Massa's Watermelon Dippin' sauce." This is one of those things where we kinda have to see it for what it is...a celebrity making money off their marketability, and guess'd probably do it too. Get off Mary J's nutsack and let her old ass be. I actually hate most her music and haven't liked a song of hers since "I'm going down," but support her decision to make money and affirm her penchant for chicken.

I'm not trying to play devil's advocate....I'm being dead serious. I actually love this song. The beat, the melody, the fact that we are refusing to act like we don't like chicken just cause white people stereotypes say we should. Watch this, and enjoy.

expect to see a Rocka remix soon.

Can you name a better food/drink endorsement song (St. Ides excluded)? I thought not!!

Swag on Mary J Blizzzige.