Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Re-formation: Beyonce, Kendrick and the resurgance of black self worth


It’s crazy that certain segments of white America (inclusive of Stacy Dash) are all up in arms about Beyonce being “unapologetically black” and flaunting it at the superbowl.  Not that I expect everyone to be pleased with a politically charged performance on the world’s biggest stage, but I would at least hope that those reckless ranters emboldened by internet anonymity  would have the common decency to get their facts straight. First of all, Beyonce isn’t unapologetically black….she’s just rachet.  Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with that.


Tak: Back talking that shit. You gonna upset the armchair activists and more importantly…the Beyhive.

Chain: LOL at “more importantly.” Only hive I respect is the future hive…and it aint like we’re slandering queen riri.

The term unapologetically black makes it sounds as though black is something wrong, or something that we should be ashamed of. It also insinuates that there are “black” and “white” behaviors. Putting hot sauce in your bag? That aint black (even though a lot of N-words do it)!…that’s just rachet…kinda like the hood girl from Houston who wanted a “soldier” in 2004, wanted somebody to pay her “telephone and auto-mo-bills”  in 1999 and more recently, in 2006, told her constituency of fellow rachets to “pat their weaves” feverishly.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against beyonce…I actually like her…and after the superbowl performance, I can say I love her. So much that the Bros even remixed her song as part of this blog entry.

Obligatory break for hot fire!  #BringBarsBack.


Now why, you are probably asking, would I love someone who I just described as a little hood booger ashy to classy rachetized phenomenon? Well…because she represents something our black parents have been telling us for decades; Beyonce represents the ability to be yourself. Don’t worry about what people think, because if our grandparents had, the Civil rights era would’ve never occurred.

 Back to Beyonce.  She country yall! She probably dips her biscuits in gravy and really does keep hot sauce in her bag the same way that people of an undisclosed race tend to do things like bring ziplock bags of prepared sandwiches to amusement parks or ask you “what you do for a living?” as soon as they meet you. Would you call that unapologetically [insert race of choice]]? No, you wouldn’t. Would you call a vegan “unapologetically [insert race of choice]]? Would you call a skydiver “unapologetically [insert race of choice]]? You get the point.


That being said, lets get onto why I love “straight from the H to the O-O-D’yonce” and her performance.

For years black people, and other people of color (without good hair) have been told that their “look” is not ideal. Even in an era where mainstream society is able to recognize the beauty of Lupita Nyong’o and her strikingly African features, they still aren’t willing to recognize the regular black folks. 

Society says....

Bros say....

Tako: Did this n-word just say “good hair.” Lord .

S: Just a lil’ Nappyheaded Sarcasm. #Facts. 

 Our people have been constantly placed on either side of a polarizing spectrum which says we have to be the lovable quiet and subservient yes man, or the impulsive egotistical and flashy asshole whom everyone detests (turns on ‘life of Pablo’.) Be the church girl or the neck snapping black girl with the attitude. Be the accountant with his pants jacked up to his belly button or the rapper in 6 gold chains in a Cadillac truck. In THEIR narrative of OUR modern day history, there is no room for middle ground. Every time an “event” occurs, you constantly hear “he was a good kid” or “he was a thug”, but never the truth of “ well, he was just a regular dude”, “you know, the type who does more good than bad, likes liquor, weed and hoes but never got arrested…blasts rap music about the trap he’s been to but never lived in after he was 10… memorizes the lyrics to songs about illicit activity that he’d never do, written by rappers who’ve never done it. Oh yeah, and he carries hot sauce in the whip.”

One Pac
2 Pac

 This portrayal almost never makes it to the public eye…keyword almost.
In Beyonce we have a saving grace as she is fair skinned enough to be universally nonthreatening, humble enough to be in touch with her southern roots, and rich enough to not give a fuck. Ironically, It takes someone of a superstar caliber such as herself to be able to give a voice to the voiceless…the regular black people. 


This isn’t about beyonce being anti-police, or pro-black panther…this is about her using her voice to call attention to what she feels is important. What [insert race of choice] people can’t stand, is the fact that she’s claimed ownership of her own voice rather than sit aside quietly as a high yellow ventriloquist puppet.  Blood of a slave, heart of a king? How about skin of rosie perez and soul of angela Davis. You go ‘head queen Bey! Whether we agree with your message or not (which we do), You’ve worked hard to be in the position that you are in and its good to see someone using their influence for what they believe in.


 Oftentimes people don’t like to look at the ugly truth because it’s…well….ugly. Pretending racism doesn’t exist by ignoring it and attacking minorities who show evidence to the contrary isn’t productive, in the same way that posting memes of unarmed black men who were shot side by side with armed white men who weren’t does nothing to facilitate helpful discourse on policing. For this reason, I'm not going to get into a sidebar asking why it is OK for Donald Trump, a candidate for the United States highest, most esteemed office is not held to the “beyonce standard” when he speaks his mind preaching cultural and religious intolerance as well as general expletive laced nonsense. This is another story for another day.


Shout out to Beyonce for getting people talking again, and shout out to kendrick lamar for making people listen.While their performances have polarized people and highlight the racial divide in America , showing how all sides really think, they do have people who have often considered themselves apolitical, questioning the merits of both sides of the debate.  Discourse is happening, and as of now conversations are taking place.


May the wind be at your back, grease be in between your cornrows, and hotsauce in your bag. 

-_broey Newton