Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why ni**as Can't Never Have Shit !

In light of the recent tragedy which has affected the family of Odin Lloyd and more interestingly, (sorry Lloyd Family), the career of Aaron Hernandez, I’d like to take this time to say “Oh well, shit happens.” Don’t misconstrue this as an attempt to make light of a murder, but rather, view it as an exercise in viewing the world as the harsh, cold place that it is.

Tempers flare, people react without thinking and…in the words of my homie Cam’ron… “Ni**as get shot everyday b.” If one were to say, “damn, you can take a person out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out the person” I may be inclined to agree. What I would not be inclined to agree with, however, would be the statement which usually comes next: “That’s why ni**as can’t have shit.”  I’m done talking about bi*ch ass Hernandez, (he plays for a Non-Eagles NFL team so I have no love). I’m just here to tell you the REAL reason ni**as can’t have shit. People will say "Ni**as can't have sh*t cause they always wild out, shoot shit up and fu*k it up." No, Ni**as dont have shit becuase of bad business vision. Ni**as shoot shit up cause they're crazy.

Tako: Ignorance, straight ignorance. That’s why ni**as can’t have shit.

Wja3: That’d be painstakingly obvious and clearly the self-proclaimed Blog God, who, might I ad,d only blogs a few times a year these days, must have something more profound to say.

C4: Also, Paula Dean has been ignorant for years and has in fact prospered until as of late. It’s gotta be something else.

Correct fellas, except Tako….correct.

 Look at the world of business and you will see very few minorities who have reached the pinnacles of success that their non-minority counterparts. These businessmen, Jay-z for example, have discovered successful ventures and either stuck with them to the point of making serious bank, or properly diversified their assets into various arenas and basically given up the chance at one large pie in favor of snatching a piece of everyone else’s pie. This is the good. However, these entrepreneurs often go wrong, is forgetting where their expertise lies. Jay z for example, wants to be a sports agent….Steve Jobs, however, said “ni**a, I’ma just stick here and handle this computer shi*t.” That’s the first reason that nig*as can’t have shit. Althought the intentions are good, sometimes ni*as are doing entirely too much.

Reason #2 is what I like to call BMW-Oreo theory.

Tako: WTF bruh?

Growing up in the hood you often aspire to get that Benz, or BMW as a means of motivation…. A status symbol that you’ve made it. Perhaps if you live in the south you’ve aspired to get 24 Inch rims. Whatever…same shit. What happens when you reach that goal though homie? I’ll tell you what happens, you shine your figurative “I made it” trophy up, wax it daily to protect it and ensure it’s shine, and you stunt on these hoes. You make sure you grind hard enough that you can keep it looking new until you can afford to trade it in when the newer model comes out.  You’ve made it, now you’re complacent.

What if the people at Oreo had taken this approach? Surely one of the world’s best selling and most recognizable cookie could’ve brought in millions each year without ever changing anything. The owners and their heirs would be set for life. BUT, unlike the BMW boys, the workers at Oreo said…”hmmmmm, whats better showing this money I’ve earned and sitting on top a pile of replenishible cash? Making more.” Enter the era of Double stuff oreos, golden oreos, sherbert oreos, golden chocolate oreos, etc.

They didn’t become complacent, nor did they start trying to branch off from the oreo business to the auto industry. They stayed in their lane, but pushed their mind past the figurative speed limit envisioning the road ahead.

Tako: Good, albeit stupid, analogy. You have a point.

That being said I think that “coming from the hood” or being the rose that grew from the nickel bag covered concrete is no longer an excuse for stagnancy. There are enough black and latino role models for us to pattern a blueprint after and actually have hope that we too can get out there and make this loot! The next and more formidable task, then, becomes resisting the urge to establish ourselves as top of the pecking order and enjoy the spoils of our hard labor. If usain bolt had a 3 month party after he won the title fastest man in the world I most certainly assure you the man would not win next year. This is how we most approach business. Do what makes financial sense rather than what looks cool.

No need to start that 100,000th clothing line when you know nothing about fashion other than how to match J’s and wear loud patterns. No need to start a record label because you like to freestyle and rappers get bitches. Bruh. Stay in your lane and when you get there, don’t slow down for anyone but the police. Ignore the modern hurdles of Instigram and Facebook which allow us to instantaneously show off our hood wealth. Focus on what maters: the bottom line.

In the end, it all comes down to avoiding certain pitfalls to allow you not to be the next Jay-z, but the new and improved Jay-z. Ni**as cant never have shit because they get it, and don’t know how to productively conduct themselves while celebrating success. Don’t be a ni**a. Conduct yourself.