Monday, October 29, 2012

Breaking Up With Your Barber VLOG

Ask any black man who his most serious, long-term committed relationship has ever been with, and he'll likely mention a man. This man is more important to him than any of his wifeys, mistresses, girlfriends, side pieces, jumpoffs or bitches combined (maybe because this man has a distinct hand in helping procure these female companions). No, not a pimp, cuz who is friends with an actual pimp? His barber. The barber is part stylist, part psychiatrist, one part stand-up comedian, confidant, and friend in general. Your barber can make you change your plans around HIS schedule in a way your boss never could, and reduce you damn near to tears if you can't get an appointment in time before your big weekend away, wedding, job interview or especially popping night at the club. Which is why the most traumatic breakups are between a man and his barber. There are men who will cheat on their girlfriends and sleep like a baby, but see another barber and he lies awake all night massaging his hairline. What if you run into your actual barber with a fresh cut from somebody else? The horror. Luckily your boy @C42YaDoor the nappy headed bough (shout out to Philly!) has an active imagination, and can humorously depict what that painfully awkward encounter might look like. Enjoy:

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