Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nappyheaded Editorial: Trayvon. I'm Entitled to my Own Opinion

I was wearing hoodies before Trayvon Martin got killed.

Difference is....now, more than 20 years after putting on my 1st hoodie, the word "hoodie" actually means something more than, the article of clothing which kept me warm throughout my youth, kept me fresh to death in school and allowed me to feel like each and every one of my favorite rappers. why does this matter? It matters because I hope that this mental association of young black teenager killed for no reason" and the word "hoodie" lasts forever....I hope this isnt the hot button topic of the moment, or a flash in the pan of protests which will fizzle and die out as quickly as the hype over Galaxy foamposites.

Tako: a Young black teen was murdered by a racist blockwatch captain. Why do you think this type of event would ever be forgotten though son?



Because niggas are stupid. Niggas just want something to raise their fist about. Niggas just want something to put on T-Shirts and make Facebook posts about to try and seem intelligent.

Sorry for my usage of the N-word, but sometimes a Nigga gotta use it.

Wja3: And this is why I stay out of these convos......

The facts are as follows:

Noone, not even the police are allowed to gun people down without fear of their own life being in jeopardy. This is fact....except in Alabama where "nigga" is still a crime. People, nonetheless are engaging in frivolous arguments about "Trayvon being a target because he was black wearing a hoodie" and about what type of provocation led to the shooting. Doesnt matter that he was suspended from school for having an empty bag of weed, or that he was 6'3" (the nigga was only 150, and we all know 6'3" 150 is like Snoop dogg skinny!)

Truth is, none of that matters. Trayvon could've said, 'Fuck out my face you bitch ass cracker. What am I doing here? I'm giving your mom big long black country dick...and she likes it" and while that may have warranted a swift punch in the face and a few under breath racial slurs, it doesnt justify murder. As a matter a fact, lets play Devils advocate and act like it does justify murder...a nigga disrespects you, you kill him...it STILL DOESNT MAKE IT LEGAL. Don't believe it? Look at every gang / miscellaneous hood killing in the last 10 years. Nigga disrespects? Kill him. End up in jail.

That being said, black people....

Beautiful princesses and strong Nubian warriors of the earth....and white people...holders of good credit and the best college blowjobs... lets not make this about more than it is.

This is not a social conspiracy.

This is not a plot against all black men in hoodies.

This is an isolated incident which is a manifestation of a not so isolated problem...racism.

A racist white block watch leader killed an innocent black teenager. Fuck whether or not he was smartmouthed or disrespectful, where he was standing or what he was wearing...he was unarmed and therefore innocent. Police tried to cover it up, but apparently have failed, which usually doesnt happen in the south. Usually these things get swept under the rug.

Thats all there is to it.

The cops should be punished and Zimmerman should be sent to jail. Do not pass go. Kiss your anal virginity goodbye.

That being said, take your goddamned fist out of the air and use it to pick up a book. Trayvon is one of many black males persecuted for the color of their skin. We've all seen it or experienced it 1st hand and there's really nothing special about this case. Its a tragedy, its sad and we're glad it finally makes the media realize that racism still exists (even though we go through this every few years and seem to forget about it...see: Amadou Diallo, Malik Jones, James Byrd.) Say a prayer for Trayvon's family and for the American Justice system so it doesnt miscarriage.

Oh yeah, and take off those fucking hoodies. Its 80 degrees and almost April.

A buttonup shirt, tie and appearance in court where things actually happen would do us much more good. Challenge whether or not the "Stand your ground Law " (google it) is applicable, not whether or not you should rock a black hoodie or a blue one to match your J's. . I've read Beard Vs. The United states 158 US 550 (1895), the case law which the law is rooted in, and dont think there's a snowball's chance in hell that Zimmerman will fall under its protection.

Let's do something that actually matters rather than something that makes it look like we care.

Just sayin.