Monday, March 5, 2012

Just the Tip

I hate to make everything about race all the time, but since that is one of the few things in our society that people still think is taboo, I oftentimes have to be the one to voice the public consciousness.

That being said, I am going to say what white bartenders and waitresses have been thinking for centuries:

"Why don't these ni**as tip!"

Now before you hit me with all that "I rock a natural hairstyle because I went to an all white school to study the African Diaspora and rebel against the self hatred of a Dark and Lovely relaxer" shit, let me also explain that I am also here to say what black patrons have been thinking for centuries as well:

"Why do these waitresses keep giving me shitty service because they think I'm not gonna tip. I got money dammit!"

It's called "Self-fulfilling prophecy" in the psychological world and describes the phenomenon by which someone believes a certain outcome will occur, therefore leading them to act as though that outcome WILL occur, which thereby makes the act occur. Confused? Keep reading.

Wja3: This my friends, is quite the conundrum.

Stuck between Charles Dutton and Compton (A 'Roc' and a 'Hard the African American partaker of food and libations is now forced between two options:

A.) Leave no tip, as is normally warranted under such circumstances where service is sub-par, but which opens the door for said waitress/waiter to say "I told you so, black folk don't tip well," and continue to discriminate against other patrons.

b.) Leave a tip despite the terrible service with the hopes the waiter does not see you as an outlier or exception to the norm. Worse case scenario you're out a few extra bucks in the name of the race, and the waiter still continues to stereotype.

You choose between option A and B and the waiter responds accordingly. Sounds simple right? Wrong.

By making the choice you are deciding much more than whether or not your wallet will be 10 bucks lighter and the waitress may have the extra funds needed to pay her babysitter or take that Coach bag off are deciding how you want to live your life. Do you want to continue to tip under any circumstances because you are dedicated to the "cause" of educating the ignorant, with hopes that you'll touch a life? This represents conformity. It is like cutting your hair and shaving your face in order to show Caucasian America that Black men are not all dreadlocked, philly bearded thugs. What good is a Phd if your cornrows and tattoos scare everyone away before you get to show the resume?

What if everyone were to adopt this would basically be the same as saying we are all going to look like Steve Urkel to show "them" that we all don't look like Allen Iverson. Hmmmm. At some point you have realize that yes, this works, but only if you're ok with giving up your Iverson-ness. This is not to say that you have to "keep it real at all costs," but there is a point where you have to say I'm black, I'm educated and I'm keeping this mutherfucking do-rag on because it keeps my waves tight.

In the same realm of things, you at some point have to realize that you dont care what people think other black people do, you are going to tip based on what you feel is right and just. You dont see all white people walking around with washcloths because we think they dont use them, nor did we see all white men trying to Dunk on us when White men Can't Jump came out.

Shout out to Rosie Perez.

Tip if you want to, not cause you feel like you have to prove a point.

**Also, Don't be a cheap bastard. What's the difference between seeing 38.00 vs 40.00 on that credit card statement anyway...not like you ever pay more than the 20.00 minimum. It will, however, make the difference between the waiter having a shitty night and maybe, just maybe, not regretting coming in.


-TakaFlocka & Rockaflocka

Feel free to comment or let us know your experience on either side of this coin....swag

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