Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girl Pin # 2034

Sooooooooo, thats how we want to play it ladies?

We're really going to act like men are the scum of the earth just because the Bros said so? Just because we've given you the raunchy tales of adolescence and the fraternity parties of yesteryear?

Well what if we were to tell you that we're wholeheartedly offended? It's like the way that a woman can act like a bitch and call another woman a bitch but flips out if a man does it. Yep. We can act like dogs and call each other heartless pieces of mierda, but yall have no right to judge us with all the fu*ked up shit yall women do.

Tako: List, List, List!!

Wja3: Let men raise children that aren't theirs and tell them on Maury when the kid is like 10!

C4: Fake periods to avoid sex.

Show: Fake abortions and spend the abortion money.

That being said, I'm going to pass along a pin number post that a female reader submitted to me. I personally think its funny and am not all that shocked because I understand deviant behavior and human may be shocked because you're naive and havent heard the Showrockism "bi*ches aint shit and fella's ain't worth a wipe."


"There's nothing I hate more than sexism...well actually that's a lie. The one thing I hate more than sexism and male cheuvenistic behavior is an overly inflated male ego. I know you're all thinking right now, 'she sounds like a feminist lezbo,' which is not the case. I just relish the idea of putting a man in his place....starting with you.

I triumphantly emerged from a barroom storage area only to be greeted with a cheesy patron induced grin as I attempted to make my way to the ladies room. I had carved another notch in my belt and made another man my bitch and nothing could blow my high. I watched as you flirted with at least 2 girls in the 15 steps it took you to walk over to me and not even offer a drink; I wasn't offended by this gesture of frugality though, as my thirst had already been well quenched many times over.

What I was offended by, however, was your obnoxious friend (be this a lesson about the company you keep) and a comment that he made to another male standing at the bar" "Haha, you should've bagged her when you got a chance but not my Boy's about to hit that...lost your chance." Did he just say chance, as though I was a target to be acquired? And did you just nod in tipsy affirmation like I would give you sex because you successfully wooed me and not just because I like to fuck? Bad judgement fellas.

I play the dumb blonde role as you caress the nape of my neck and begin to devour my face like a sex starved teenager...all within 5 minutes of me attempting to walk to the bathroom...yes, within five minutes of me attempting to go to the bathroom and wash the thick load of semen out of my mouth from the guy I had just blown in the storage area, who might I add was much hotter than you. I let you passionately kiss me and think that you were gonna get some, all the while swishing another man's still warm semen and my own saliva back in forth like a Listerine gargle. I enjoyed this. You see, the guy with the girlfriend who I blew in the storage area and left stuck paying my bar tab....I made him my bitch...but this was something even better...this was making you call me daddy.



Show: And that, my female friends, is how you write a Pin # post! Yo go girl.

Tako: Swag.

Wja3: Smh.

C4: Loss for words.



Robyn Latice said...

For some reason this shocked me.
Guess I'm in the naive crowd.
Sheisty shit if you ask me.
But, I guess all is fair in this game.
So, kudos to her.

Elle Carabina said...

Yes! Two thumbs WAY up! :)