Thursday, December 29, 2011

Express yo'self: All I needed to know about how to survive in 2011 I learned from NWA

***Enter Tako & Show singing 'Express Yourself" ****

Remember that NWA song by the same title, or am I simply showing my age?

Well there it is, despite my own hatred for "Video Blogs." We stay true to the blogging art form around here and know you're reading this from your work computer and probably shouldn't be watching youtube anyway. Yea I said it, now keep reading before I call all your employers and start snitchin like R-kelly when he said that was "his brother" in that little video.

Moral of the story is this... The Nwa song and video is a perfect microcosm of today's society where social media gives us every available opportunity to "express ourselves" and tie our own noose.

Think about it. At what other point in history have we as Americans been able to reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people within seconds? With the simple gesture of typing on a keyboard?

I mean, seriously....At what other point in history have people been in such close proximity to a "red button" , allowing them to willingly and unwillingly bring imminent death upon their careers and public image and with a simple push. Oh this shit is bad...and it's real. I'm sure you've heard the expression "give them just enough rope to hang themselves"...well this is like giving away Jordan 11's on the honor system and then offering six figure jobs at Nike whereupon the first interview question is "have you ever taken anything without justly paying for it." Damn. You know ni**as aint passing on no Jordans for free-99 just like we can't pass up on the opportunity to "express ourselves."

(Aint one nig*a in the hood that would let this pass)

Tako: That's cold.

Wja3: Brilliant tho. Show, you shouldve been an old white man.

Show: Why do you think sagging pants, dreadlocks, Wiz Khalifa blonde spots, mo-hawks and dances like the Cat Daddy and Dougie still exst? Its not because theyre beneficial to mankind...its cause black people are born with the "showoff" gene...its genetic....stuntin like our daddies. Pause.

C4: Well, we've identified the problem....I'm just not so sure that listening to the most ignorant rap group of all time, the leader of which had 10 kids from 9 baby mamas and died of AIDS is the remedy.

In dissecting the NWA song and video I noticed three things in 1 minute that led me to believe that "these nig*as actually get it". It doesnt surprise me given the fact that NWA member Ice cube aka mr. "Fu*k the police" now makes a career making family movies and Dr. Dre aka Mr. "Straght outa Compton" is now pushing headphones that cost more than the average Compton living expense. They've manipulated the system, as should you.


1.) The opening scene shows a slave being whipped and picking up a rock....

This rock is the "tweet" or "update facebook status" button. Do you honestly think that the establishment smart enough to design a system of free labor dependent on the enslavement of Africans and violations of human rights was not smart enough to realize the slaves were working in the fields with dangerous objects which could be used as rocks? Hell no. Give them the rope....let them hang guilt on your conscience when they rebel and you put them down like wild coyotes attacking white babies.

Salvation is attained, however, when, in the same scene, the slave's homeboy makes him drop the rock in favor of running. At least with nig*as being naturally faster than fat overseers, they had a chance. NWA gave you the hint. Just cause the rock is there doesn't mean you have to pick it up.

2.) The opening line by Dr. "Beats by Dre" who holds no medical degree or Phd is "Im expressing with my full capabilities...and now I'm living in correctional facilities." He's letting you know in plain English that self expression will often lead to yo ass getting in trouble! There's no cryptic's there...plain as day.

3.) The rest of the song offers insightful tidbits and stories about people who say one thing in private, yet act completely different when in the public eye. With lines like "Some say no to drugs and take a stand, But after the show they go lookin' for the dopeman" it's no wonder that listeners internalized this "keep it real" or "keep it 100" mantra and let it get out of hand. People now facebook pictures of themselves smoking blunts and tweet about their visits to the OB-GYN. This is when keepin it real goes wrong. There's a reason some things are private and others public.

Dr. Beats's intention wasn't that people broadcast their own ignorance, but rather that they begin to live the righteousness they preach about. You notice he's not singin about "fu*k the police" once he got money and moved out of Compton, right? His last Big hit was "keep their heads ringin"...and now, he's selling headphones and doing just that.

Don't be a hypocrite, but also rise above the, as Andre 300 would say, "the [lowest] common denominator...the Nig*a numerator."

Make use of social media. Network. Look at pictures of fine ex-girlfriends who are doing much worse than you. Flirt with random girls on twitter based on a 3 millimeter headshot.

Take the rope...but dont let it end up around your neck.

Use it as a makeshift belt to pull up your pants and as laces for your new Jordan 11's and foams. Stay fly and express yourself bi*ches.


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USMaleSF said...

Re "the enslavement of Africans".

Westerners bought them, but who put them up for sale in the first place?

Without the massive and continuing efforts of other Africans to capture them, bring them to the coast of Africa --which the Europeans and Americans rarely left-- and sell them, the system could not have worked.

Sad and shameful.