Thursday, December 8, 2011


ShowPac's Back.

Sooooooo.... my girlfriend is a social worker and ad hoc psychologyst while my best friend is a bleeding heart, leading the two of them to often label me as "unsympathetic" or "insensitive to REAL disorders." I'm a student of the school of "Man the fu*k up and stop bi*ching," who also happens to hold an undergraduate degree in "Please stop making up disorders for every little thing and demand that people have some accountability." You can see how this would pose a problem with their ideology.

Nevertheless, this isnt about how I'm right and they're wrong; This is an exercise in the expulsion of the evil spirit of pigheaded hubris, designed to execute an emergency evacuation from the perils of an overly inflated ego. In layman's terms, this is about how life involes compromise and the ability to "agree to disagree." How well you can do this determines how well you do in life.

Let's get into it. Pause.

C4: That statement...not pauseworthy. This picture... PAUSE your entire life and re-evaluate it. LMAO!

Tako: Hood nig*a terms please. I have a headache already from all those school words.

Wja3: Reminder Mr. Tako, you went to an Ivy League school.

Tako: (Hangs head in shame and slyly tucks red bandana back in his right pocket.)

Lets say for example that you are an only child and always get what you want. You take initiative, set goals and plans, and execute them to the best of your ability ensuring that you achieve your desired outcome. This works for you...until the moment it doesnt. Then what? Yes, it is true that the more money you make the less this applies, but the fact of the matter is YES, it still ALWAYS applies.

Tako: Prove it. If Im rich I'll do whatever I want.

Show: You can't buy a Dinosaur....Keep slaves (without going to jail)...commit giraffe meat or sex underage girls. Try'll get locked up...and I've tried...You aint gettin no giraffe meat.

C4: He's got a point...and why would you want giraffe.....nevermind.

Because there are norms and more importantly rules and laws in society life becomes centered around compromising for the sake of survival. Aside from our basic need to eat, sleep and make gwop, interpersonal relationships are also just as important, meaning we have to compromise in the bedroom as homo.

Wja3: SUPER no homo.

Here's where this gets the Nappyheaded twist (no dreadlock.)

In the hood, compromise is usually seen as a weak or undesirable trait. If you assimilate to so-called white America's version of corporate dress and speech you're called an "Uncle Tom"..."acting white", if you move out of the projects where your own people have burglarized your home multiple times you're called a "sell out", if you let your woman make more money than you people say you're a "bi*ch" and "she wears the pants." You use condoms? You must be having sex with dirty bi*ches. You exercise regularly? Oh you're one of them pretty boy ass nig*as....I bet I'll still knock you out. YOU'VE HEARD ALL THESE THINGS BEFORE.

Its no wonder that minorities refuse to compromise in relationships and consequently have higher rates of divorce, domestic violence and Babymama-dom. We criminalize any form of compromise designed to get us out of the crab bucket. I guess we just said "fu*k the Jeffersons" and the whole movin on up to the eastside...we want you right here. Don't compromise and be successful. Don't value your girl's opinion and be happy....stay here in the bucket and kick it with the crabs arguing over who has the dopest crabback hat and Nike Crabposites.

Sounds like a Defense mechanism to me.

Wait....did I just reference a Psychology term... Guess I wasn't completely right about psychosocial theory being hogwash tomfoolery. Shit. I guess in compromising I actually learned something.

Take this advice fellas. Being successful is about more than just working hard. Dress to impress, cut those braids and tailor that suit jacket. Listen to your woman, wear condoms and compromise.

Wja3: A Modern day version of Hulk Hogan's "Say your prayers and eat your vitamins" speech. I like it.

Tako: Nah son...You hollering this "compromise stuff"...well then cut your dreads and go corporate.

Show: Nah. I havent gotten any face tattoos....that's compromise enough. Lol.

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T said...

This was cool, but you have them individuals who think they know everything and what they say goes so their never going to compromise cause there never wrong. You have nigga's who think they no more than you, smart but wanna be hood. Its their way or no way, and god forbid you do the opposite and your every name in the book. And its fuck you....#imjustsayin

Caramel-Sundae2.0 said...

I really loved this article- like everything else on the blog. You guys bring a unique perspective to things that I enjoy. Not dick riding- just been reading for a while but never commented. LOL