Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We chose 30 Tattoos Over CitiGroup

"I could've been a Lawyer, could've ran a city too....but chose 30 Tattoos over CitiGroup..."


As a non hypocrite I'll be the first to admit that I often fall victim to "baby mama thinking." What I mean by this is not, "thinking about having a baby mama and doing hoodrat things", but rather falling into a pattern of rationalization after the fact designed to make my decision seem valid.


Baby Mama: I live for my kids...you folks without children just wouldnt understand.

Me: Bitch you live for your kids because you had nothing else going for you so you decided to get pregnant. Now you feel accomplished? Congrats...you've brought a child into the world that you can buy jordans, initiate into a cycle of check to check living and not educate properly.

Baby Mama: My baby daddy aint shit.

Me: And his lack of employment history, drug related income, and track record of leaving his other baby mama's led you to believe he was a stand up citizen? Or was your pussy just throbbing at the thought of reduced rate section 8 housing?

Baby Mama: Ummmmmm... ***reverts back to original defense mechanism*** I live for my Kids!!!

I can admit to saying things like "I like the freedom my job affords me and value my free time over a six figure salary and grueling work hours," but maybe, just maybe I'm saying these things because I DON'T HAVE A SIX FIGURE SALARY and am an Ivy League Grad with a double masters making minimum wage, slaving over a hot desk.

I'm grinding, but its OK and I accept that. I make do with what I have and find ways to pay the bills on time, save for retirement and bag bitches. What's odd, however, is that all my friends that I see on a daily basis look up to me. They see me as someone who has made it simply because I have a steady job, house and travel a lot. Most of my friends from school, however, are Doctors and Lawyers and look at me like "oh, so you slumming it these days?"

What's the difference? Socioeconomic status....race.....quality of education? Nope. I know Penn Grads "slumming it " as well. One thing I have noticed, however, is that it is us MINORITIES who tend to have this problem.

Tako: Nigga that's race.

Show: No its not.

Back at the University of Penn being a person of color did not make you a minority...being a "regular black " person did. Everybody was Caribbean, Nigerian, Haitian or somethin! All these niggas left their native countries years ago, or left their immigrant parents houses years ago, and headed on the path towards Doctordom, Lawyerdom or Investmentbankerism. I didnt even know what the fuck an investment banker did until i graduated (don't laugh, you probably still don't know. Lol.)

So what does this mean? Blacks are lazy? People from other countries are smarter? Africans traded spears and bones for Bar exams and Scapula while we were trading our Books for tattoos and basketballs....microphones and strippers? Yep. Pretty much.

I can wholeheartedly say it is a result of a combination of factors starting with America's emphasis on rewarding the non-academic with worldly pleasures and making the words intelligent, nerd and loser all synonymous. Our Richest heroes, Kobe Bryant and Bill Gates never went to college. Our value systems have changed. People look up to rappers and get tattoos on their face and neck before learning that in a job interview these are automatic dis qualifiers.

People want to get rich quick rather than put in the hard work, and in the end, find themselves having to work twice as hard just to make ends meet.

Perhaps its the extreme poverty in many of these foreign nations which make the offspring of this cultures tend to be more focused and hardworking, similar to the way our ancestors worked to buy their own freedom. Maybe we "regular blacks " are too comfortable. Repeat that word...comfortable...It's as dangerous as AIDS.

Me myself, I made a conscious decision to remain loyal to my urban upbringing, and experience which many immigrants and descendants may not understand. I am smart, I received 1 of 13 National scholarships to attend the Best HighSchool in the U.S., I graduated cum Laude (pause) from an Ivy League School, I graduated a Double Masters with a 4.o...but, I did not want the life of boring bitches, and corny friends who could only talk about school and work. I wanted the bitches that tattoos and dreadlocks bring, yet needed the salary to buy them bottles at the club.

I have 30 something tat's all of which can be hidden by a suit...I'm no fool....

But yeah....

I chose 30 tattoos over Citigroup and would do it all again rather than be a financially stable African wearing sandals and lacking an edge-up.

Guess its the city slicker in me.



The Notorious ZAG said...

This was such a good read, and you hit several nails with this one. "Regular" Blacks are indeed comfortable with our situations, and that is the reason for a lot more than a lackluster passion in the job field. Its also the reason behind our (collectively) warped world views and social standing. It's the reason behind not caring about grammar, spelling and punctuation... niggas are too comfortable and dependent on the instant gratification way of things and believing that it's actually going to happen that way. Crazy.

Robert said...

I gotta defend regular blacks...even though I'm only first generation American and my parents still sound fresh off the boat.

Immigrants that come to America are a self-selecting group. The best and brightest people in the West Indies end up working hard and leaving. You have to in order to make the trip to America...hell for a while, America was only taking people who were useful (educated, in the sciences, etc.) So when they get to America, it seems like "Oh ALL west indians are hard working! Awesome!"

But you can't just compare the best West Indians to ALL regular blacks. Throw them lazy ass bumbaclots in the mix too.

Basically, the pool of black americans is alrger and more diverse (the lazy people are still in the pool) while the black immigrant pool is already loaded with people that had to pass an aptitutde test (getting the fuck outta dodge before you get split with a machete).

Robert said...

Drunk addendum: also most immigrants that can get out of their home country already have resources/wealth/family support systems in the states that give them an advantage.

Rock said...

Agreed sir.