Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All them Rubbers in my Luggage....

Insert a tumultuous Din and background of catastrophic noise: Bang, Bang....Crash.....Bang Bang...bang...bang

Wja3: What the entire fu*k!! Thats why I hate these Nappyheaded retreats. What the hell is that godawful noise. I was trying to get some sleep.

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, bang, bang.....Crack.......

C4: That would be Show & Tako building a soap box. They both couldn't fit on the last one at the same time. We should've hid the power tools and boombox.

Wja3: Oh Lord.

Show: Get ya popcorn ready (T.O Voice.)

At the risk of sounding like a pseudo racist black militant, I'm about to say some things which only a pseudo black militant would say. LOL. The Radio conglomerate media is all white despite the fact that it is the ever pervasive hip hop culture which shapes and influences the cityscape. I'm cool with that.

Sure white people may have had a bit of a head start (not having to deal with the hundreds of years of slavery and shit), but we cant deny that they've worked hard at keeping and maintaining this lead they stole from our booty scratching African ancestors.

C4: Chillllllllllllllll

Their alabaster ancestors came over on the boat too (with the exception of the wealthy old money aristocrats) and dealt with oppression and language barriers too. Sorry Latino's you aren't special. They Also had a Holocaust...(At least the Negroes didnt get gassed.) In all fairness, the whites didnt have the reigns of the world handed to them, they were just prepped for leadership and given the test questions in advance. Lol.

I say that to say this.

Whites run the radio stations that dictate what black youth culture should be, and this is not inherently unfair. What is unfair, however, is their misuse of the medium. Dejame explicar (let me explain) See, I like the latinos.

11/1/11...That was yesterday....and it was also the day that Wale's debut album on Maybach Music (aka the 1st Wale Album mainstream media will acknowledge due to a Rick Ross Co-sign and not so deep subject matter) was released. It's getting favorable reviews and most importantly, madddddd radio spins. Insert the infectious single "That way" with Jerimiah and Rick Ross.

"TSA be laughing, all them _______ in your luggage." -Wale

Wait....did the radio just censor the word rubbers? The same radio station that just played "By Any means " and let the same rappers talk about how to make and distribute crack while referencing the Qua'aran and Bible. They didn't blank out "no pork on my fork, but there's white in the pot...", but we can't say rubbers?

1.) They didnt say Trojans, Magnums or its not an advertising problem.

2.) It obviously had nothing to do with the time of day because it was late enough for them to feel "crack slanging banter" was appropriate.

Thoughts? Actually, fuc*k your thoughts. I'll articulate for you.

Biggest problems in the black community are pregnancy and HIV, guns and drugs. Allowing black entertainers to promote drugs, alcohol and gangsta rap puts us either dead or in jail...population control. With more people in jail, more taxpayers money is spent, soooooo the affluent have to make sure that their tax brackets arent the ones paying for our Family reunions in jail. Done, and done. This is passively facilitating the self destruction of blacks, but hey...the Rappers are the ones who said it, we cant blame radio.

We CAN BLAME RADIO, however, when a rapper says something about condoms and gets the word bleeped out. Fu*k your being responsible, we'd rather say "we dont want sexual innuendo on the air" which basically leads to more minority teenage pregnancies, more HIV and more population control. Lack of knowledge is no excuse for reckless behavior, but it certainly upholds stereotypes and perpetuates the cycle of poverty and...............

Crash, boom.....Bang.................

Wja3: Did the soapbox just break?! Oh man, this is too much

(Tako helps Show up off the ground)

In the end, Im no better than anyone else...I have the power to reach a lot of people and sometimes just use it to spread coonery, forgetting that I'm intelligent enough to see the tongue and cheek nature of the blog and recognize the ridiculousness of certain stereotypes we indirectly promote. For that I apologize, but only because I'm gonna keep doing it. I will do this though:


-Most student Health centers give out free condoms so....wait, yall niggas aint in college....

-If shes on top, sperm cant fight gravity so she cant get pregnant. KIDDING. THAT'S A LIE.

-She cant get pregnant from Anal....BUT its considered "High Risk Behavior" making it MUCH more likely to catch a UTI, STD or the dreaded HIV...but at least you wont have to buy baby Jordans.

-Abortions cost more than a pair of foams (especially if you have no insurance) and condoms are roughly a dollar a nut.

-If shes letting you hit it raw, assume that maybe thats her "typical" behavior.

-Read NappyheadedBros Daily and learn that laughter is the only medicine you need...then check her house for Cipro, Zythromax and penicillin. If you see it, she's burninnnnnnn.

Wja3: I can't with you.

Show: Pow.

-The End

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ms.Vixin said...

I can't with you either lol. LOVED this post. LOVED it. Been thinking this for a while; you hit the nail on the head.