Thursday, October 13, 2011

The exploitation of the 3 temp wifeys

The NappyheadedBros Blogging team consists of myself, Tako, C4 and Wja3. Aside from that, we have affiliates such as Lefleur, Shanga, Buc Dinero, Caveman and my cousins Dezo & Chain, who tend to always be privy to the wild stories and outrageous happenings as they take place. In addition to this, they share in speaking a special vocabulary created by the Bros, from which one term in particular shall be discussed today:

The "Temp Wifey."

Short for temporary wifey, this is usually a girl whom you like to some degree, or whos services (whatever they may be) are valued to the point where you dont mind spending time with her. She is basically the fill in until you a.) find a girlfriend, b.) can afford a girlfriend or c.) get the results back from your DNA test saying that you're free and clear.

The problems with Temp wifeys, is that we never view them as a potiental mate, and by virtue of their discription, we are simply using them. Don't mistake me for going soft...the problem lies not in us using them, but in the fact that it often backfires...

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The exploitation of the 3 temp wifeys

Some women feel the need for a relationship to "validate" their sense of self worth. Some women just like the idea of being cared for, catered to and paid excessive amounts of attention. Others still, fear being alone.

Niggas will exploit all that shit for their own sexual, social and monetary gain...and it will always backfire!

1.) The "Validate me" Hoes.

Yall are the 1 week payday loans of bi*ches.

You are an ends to a mean. We know that there's potiental for disaster here and have seen it happen 1,000,000 times, yet we feel that we are strong and mature enough to handle the situation successfully. This is the same logic that has allowed crack to remain around after 30 years despite the fact that we know NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM CRACK.

We just need some pus*y for a week or two. All my back-ups are on their period, or perhaps I'm out of town in your city. I'll lease you for a week and give you right back with a tad bit of excess money spent on interest (maybe the purchase of chineese take out and 7.99 moscatto). Next thing you know, a week turns into two and the intrest rate has quintuppled from "cheap moscatto range" to "oh my fuck, I have to pay this bitch chils support payments." She needed to have her self worth validated, you needed ass. You attempted to exploit her and she in turn exploited you. Be careful...because those who need themselves validated by others will often turn to the next logical step in obtaining an everpresent and always affirming cheerleader...they will have a baby. They exploiter has become the exploited...the hunter the hunted...the fat girl, the unguarded whopper.

2.) The "Care for me, cater to me, caress me" hoes.

You are the "upside down mortgages" of females. It's much cheaper to keep you than it is to sever ties and suffer an extreme financial loss.

Thanks to your artificial boo-lovin with this type of women with dependency issues, you have done far worse than waste money on meaningless dates manufactured with the end goal of getting ass. You have esentially created a monster. When a woman needs to be cared for, she will hop from one man to another all the while looking for the suggar daddy type male to pay her way, kill her spiders and be by her side at all times. Even if she wasn't your side ho, making money to support a dependent woman requires being out of the house to make money. She will inevitibly become upset about this and you will fight like 2 brooklyn niggas over the last Pelle Pelle Leather on earth. This situation is set up for failure.

You wanted a quick smash from a dimepiece, and you got stopped on the you're stuck satisfying your quarterlife crisis by paying a pretty penny for alimony and having nothing left but a nickel for your thoughts.

Tako: Oh, this nigga's good.

3.) The "I'm not ready to be alone" hoes

These are the hoes that will let u beat em, cheat on em and curse em out daily... Trust me tho, u don't want those "problems." while all that shit may seem fun, it'll get played out easily... Like getting on the same ride at six flags while listening to a Paris Hilton single and watching soul plane on repeat.

Fuck her and you're stuck. She'll be up your butt like a cheap thong, or a slightly aggressive jailhouse crush. Lmao.


Take heed fellas, take heed


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