Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why Weezy's Jeggins were Dope

C4: No. Absolutely Not. No Justification.

Tako: Wild Homo Mcnuggets with a side of flaming Homo-que sauce.

Wja3: We know that you're a borderline Wayne "Stan" and that you're going to support anything he does, including the recent collection of mediocrity known as the Carter IV. This, however, is a crime against humanity and even a man with superior wordplay and out of this world justificatory logic cannot possibly make a favorable argument for.

Tako: You just sounded like a lawyer...and you meat hopped showrock on the low.

C4: The Downlow. Lol.

I wouldn't wear them, BUT, there's nothing wrong with Weezy's Pants, there's something wrong with you. I will say that again, theres nothing wrong with a multi millionaire gang bangin blood wearing tiny womens jeans, if thats what he wants to do...there is , however, something wrong with a society that chastises him, because they haven't instilled enough individuality in its children to stop them from emulating his royal hip hop wierdo.

Tako: Wow. He's actually got a point....

Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we? Back to the days before the New Boyz made it acceptable for people to dress like 1980's cross colors models and gender neutral emo skateboarders.

The decade is that of the 1990's and Nig*as are rockin cyberteck coats, stocking caps and braids. Coolio was poppin, Pac was still alive... we had made it past the colorful jeans era and everybody was rockin baggy hood clothing. Lugz, Sir Benny Miles, Army suits & bandanas were commonplace as were baseball jerseys and starter looked like men, and even the girls...hell, they started rockin baggy ass hilfiger shirts and doing the Aliyah thing looking like Men too!!!

Everyone except three little kids named Immature who decided it'd be cool to dress like girls, 2 guys named outkast who thought it was ok to wear Kilts, womens wigs and turbans, and Tupac
who decided he'd wear a leather Bra on an album cover. Good thing no one decided to base their identity on that of a celebrity! What a crazy Idea that wouldve seemed....back then. -___-

I focus on Immature partly because they are the worst offenders, but more so because they appealed to the most impressionable demographic...pre-teens and teenagers. Immature had the shawtys goin crazy back in the day, and I cant think of a girl who didnt have an old Word up or Sista 2 Sista Batman poster on her wall. What I can think of, however, is a million niggas who respected their music but wouldn't dare emulate their strange, homosexual sense of style. We knew we weren't jordan, so why stick our tongues out while playing ball.

When everyone rocked clothes 2 sizes too big, Immature rocked clothes that were 10 x too big. They had silky perms, girl cut bobs, dreads, braids, spaghetti rigatoni twists, jheri curls and even a slicked down cut with the alfalfa piece sticking up. Out of control.

"Son, Peep Marques Houston's Bob and comb over. He got the Halle Berry-Cassie. LMAO"

All this and NOONE gave them shit about it!! Why? Because people had more respect for individuality those days. Do you feel the need to belittle someone because they eat salmon and you don't ? No....because it doesn't mean YOU have to eat it (or pronounce it correctly. lol) People, in this day and age, however, care what celebrities do because they know for a fact that it will influence the youth. We chastise them for feminizing style or glorifying gang violence.

In the 1990's you were allowed to have guns in music videos!! Snoop and Dre made it ok to call girls bitches and hoes!!! Did violence increase as a result? No. Did we run around calling our moms and sisters hoes? No. Because we had our own minds to think with and were conscious of our own decision making ability.

Enter 2011. Weezy tattoos face...Gang members tattoo face. Weezy rocks skinny jeans and pierces cheek....entire highschool follows suit. Weezy sips codeine...little suburban white kids sip codeine. The problem is that we have undergone metamorphosis into a generation of followers and not leaders. I feel sorry for you 90's babies. You'll never have a Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. All celebs do crazy things and are emulated. Weezy is just so much of a far reaching megastar that it puts the problem at the forefront.

This being said, Rock those women's jeggins my nigga and soo woo all you want. Just another way of saying "fuck your establishment, I'll do what I want. I make money, get pu**y , tat my face and rock womens jeans. If your kids want to cross dress and get fu*ked in the butt cause they erroneously assume thats what Im doing rather than getting head from models and actresses, or tat their face not realizing I'll never have to go to a job interview in MY ENTIRE LIFE, that's there problem. Matter fact, that's your problem. Raise your fuckin kids and stop lettin MTV do it."

Drops Mic.

Puts on Purple Skinnys. Cause I do what I want. Thats my frat color and I rep my shit hard.

-Showrock Obama

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