Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(Light Vs Dark) It's better to just be with a White Girl

Haven't Blogged in a while, but I also haven't had anything of particular importance to talk about.

Imagine that, what a novel idea, not saying anything when you have nothing of worth to say. Let me stop, if we followed that rule, Twitter and Facebook wouldn't exist and all the annoying and stupid women would be married to decent guys unaware of the adolescent and at times infantile workings of their inner brain.

That being said, i'm back like snap back Starter hats baby....and this time I've got an important question for all yall.

Why do people care about Lightskinned Vs. Darkskinned girls when there are all these beautiful White women to be wooed?

Tako: This nig*a!!!

C4: We may be reaching the point of No return.

Me personally, I have a soft spot for latinas. All this means is that if i walk in a room of attractive females, I will probably gravitate towards the latina girl the same way that black college freshman all gravitate towards the "ethnic dorm" named after W.E.B Dubois, MLK or some other non-threatening black leader. Maybe its because this is where I feel safe (Latina girls will view my terrible salsa dancing as cute while black women will clown me for my lack of rhythmic cadence) or maybe it's just that Latina's make my di*k hard...harder than most, but not all, black women.

This is personal preference, which is OK. Unlike yall stupid mutherfu*kas who claim "Light skin" is your preference over "dark skin," however, this personal preference make sense. Latinas have different FEATURES than black girls, as do white girls and Asians. Light skinned black girls and dark skinned black girls are essentially the same slice of toast, on different toaster settings.

"I like Dark meat chicken better than light meat." Makes sense...they TASTE Different.

"I like White Shirts in the summer and not black." Makes sense...they FEEL different.

I like light skinned girls because....Go ahead nigga....answer.....

Half the people making this claim cannot even articulate why they prefer lighter girls other than to offer the explanation of "Dark skinned girls are ugly." The same features, same bloodlines , same smell, same hair type yet you think they're ugly because of their degree of tint? Would you call a blue Benz ugly because you like Red? Would you feel the need to go online and vehemently oppose anyone driving a Blue benz spewing hatred towards "their kind?" I hope not.

I get it. You got a few RT's and some twitter laughs. You may have even gotten a few new followers and some pus*y from a few unintelligent lightskinned girls who like the praise and attention...but do you really believe it? I have much more respect for the guy with the white girl.

Tako: Sweet Baby Jesus (Frank Ocean Voice)

It's better to be with a white girl because its an indication of what features you like in a woman, rather than an arbitrary distinction between hues designed to solicit the affirmation of miscellaneous niggas you dont know. Yall would rather alienate yourselves from an entire class of pu**y just to seem "cool" for a bunch of dudes you don't know? Gay.

While it may be a joke to you, the light skinned debate has been going on since the days of slavery and still exists in other countries as well through caste systems. Luckily, our generation never had to endure the embarrassment of trying to hide their racial identity or be judged by the fairness of their skin during a "paper bag test." You dissed the hell out of a dark skinned girl? You made her re-live the pain of her ancestors? Cool story, douche.

Me personally, I'm just not into damaging young black girls self esteem regardless of whether or not I want to smash. I'll take a mixed girl, spanish girl with nigga lips or a white girl with a black girl ass any day over a regular black. I like variety, mutherfucka I'm worldly. I dont care about making other guys think I'm cool. Bitch I practically sweat icecubes and piss chilled vodka.

The fact of the matter is that judging solely on skin color and not even cultural features is exactly what MLK fought against....its an arbitrary distincton and essentially the stuff stereotype dreams are made of. If you really hate dark skinned girls and praise the almighty yellowbone, you're just hating yourself bruh. I could care less either way, I'm just letting you know that If you're gonna di*k ride twitter nig*as, you might as well put on some leopard jeggins, hop up on the di*k and do a full split.

Who knows. Maybe you wont...but then again, maybe you will.

-Black Kevin


akira said...

lol. really? lol. i was done at latinas have different features. wtf.

Jenartisin said...

But actually you make complete sense. Just because someone is light skinned does not automatically mean they are of mixed race. It would be different if they preferred girls of mixed race, as their features / personalities are USUALLY different from black women (regardless of their complexion) but for a guy to date ANY light skin girl, a girl that fits the stereotypical mold of ALL black women is back asswards. This is not to say that anyone should spare an available fuck on who someone chooses to date, I'm simply co-signing the fact that its stupid and makes no sense. @jenartisin

akira said...

I really need the bloggers and the commenter above to understand that features of black women vary. like seriously. i cant even comment on the "mixed" girls having different personalities (USUALLY) compared to "black women". Yes, my available fucks to give are at zero, but jesus lord almighty.

Rock said...

Akira, you know goddamnned well these "new ni**as" arent making the argument that Black women with these features are preferible. They're saying "I like her cause she's light....cause thats what im conditioned to like from the media." YES! black women have different features, but its not based on their skin tone. Light skinned women dont have different features than dark skinned women so what your saying is really a different argument.

All We are saying is, if you are going to hate a particular class of women, at least have a good reason.

akira said...

Im going to stop niggering up your blog, but basically, i dont understand how one preference of what is beautiful is different/less valid than another. you stated you prefer latinas because they have different features. I dont find that to be true given the ethnic background of latinas so very closely mirrors that of African-Americans, but thats my opinion.

I also dont think "new niggas" are any different from "old niggas", they just arent limited to expressing their opinions on airbrushed t-shirts and black planet "About Me" sections. The standards of beauty, as perpetuated by our media and anyone with a bit of power since the beginning of society, are typically in favor of white women and narrower facial features (or whatever they prefer).

My purpose of including tumblr's with black women features was not so much to debunk the light v dark features argument, but moreso that these features are found on black, white, latina, asian women. Classifying features according to race is all well in good in the Aryan Nation, but Im cool off that in 2011.

Imma get off my soapbox cause i got papers to write, but hating any class of women is about as un-straight as you can get. Hating on pussy is hating on life my friend.

Rock said...

Sucks to be the only black member in the Aryan Nation, but I guess personal preferiences are no longer valid in 2011. Classifying features by race may not be politically correct, but I think we're old enough to be adult and say we know what it means when someone says a "jewish nose" or "black girl lips."

"hating any class of women is about as un-straight as you can get. Hating on pussy is hating on life my friend.." --You

Same goes for di*k then, I assume. That being said, I will be sending a slew of ugly nig*as to holler at youand try to smash , since hating on any class of men would make you a lesbian.

My point: Preference is OK, discrimination and hatred is not. Problem is, you should know why you prefer a certain type. Also, saying "I dont like big noses and fat asses" makes you a picky dater, saying "I dont like dark skin" makes you SOUND like a racist...or at the very least, unintelligent.

akira said...

Im not arguing that people cant have personal preferences. Youre the one questioning the personal preferences of a group of men on twitter/facebook. Thats their preference. You disagree, cool. But I just dont understand the difference between your preference and theirs. I am old and adult enough to know what people mean with jewish nose and black girl lips and nappy headed - but the fact we associate features with races/complexions is likely the motivation of your writing this post to begin with. Its not only not PC, but its also just stupid, because the concepts all stem from a (negative) comparison to those narrower features. I dont ever hear that someone has "Native American/Indian cheekbones", cause that would be too much like right.

Me not liking ugly men (which is so untrue) is not comparable to me not liking a class of men - since attractiveness is subjective, and whats ugly to you could be (probably will be) attractive to me. I dont like dudes (or women) who lack confidence, but unfortunately that feature is a world-wide phenomenon.

Seriously, we can chop it up all day - but it wont matter. You think your rationale of latina preference is different from their rationale of preferring light skinned black women. I dont. Thats it.

For the record, I wasnt trying to imply you were in cahoots with the Aryans. But you did use nigga lips and black girl booty in your post. Those arent preferences my friend, thats just racist rhetoric.

But you know i say this with <3, so relax.

Rock said...

It's all love.

I see what you are saying and perhaps I'm disillusioned into thinking they fact that I can articulate the basis of my preference makes it any difference or less predjudicial than anyone else. You're point is valid.

I appreciate well thought out discourse, though I'd say that "black girl lips" or "ghetto booty" were once things with negative connotations, yet now seem to be all the rage. Go figure.

To each his own, to each her own.

***leaves to find big bootied latina.


akira said...

Nah, go get that big-bootied latina. Black people losing recipes cause women dont cook, but latina's still using the mortar and pestle like we dont have food processors.

**runs in the kitchen to drop brined chicken in re-used grease


La Rubia said...
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La Rubia said...

Oops messed that up, I meant, at the end: the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" came from somewhere.

The Notorious ZAG said...

i agree with akira. and as i was reading this, i was also thinking that latinas are as mixed up as black/african/regularnigga americans. have you not heard of the term "afro latina?" i know some nappy headed, big nosed, dark skinned puerto ricans... or latinos, and i'm positive that ricans aren't the only ones.
i think that writing off an entire race in lieu of skin tone preference is just as close-minded and ignorant as the dudes at whom you point the finger. it's the pot calling the kettle dark skinned.
people think my sister is indian or latina all the time. she has a thin nose, medium lips, olive toned skin... and she's 100% negro american.
i can't understand this logic in saying one is better than the other... its really not. not saying that people shouldn't have preferences, but how you gonna call someone else out on their bullshit just to justify your own? nah, son. come harder. pause.