Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pros and prose.

Pros and prose, Two words which are spelled differently yet sound the same, all the while having different meanings. Some of you already knew that, while others don't even know the difference between "Know and no."

Know (Verb) (1) : to perceive directly : have direct cognition of (2) : to have understanding of (3) : to recognize the nature of : discern

No (Adverb): used as a function word to express the negative of an alternative choice or possibility.

Thanks Merriam Webster if even one chickenhead learned how to text better.

Anyway, What's the linkage between Pros and prose, might you ask?

Prose, or written and spoken word, is guaranteed by the U.S constitution as a certain inalienable right. We have freedom of speech and press, meaning just so long as we aren't screaming Fire in a crowded building or slandering someone unjustly, we can say what we feel. Pros, as in professionals performing a service are usually bound by implicit, explicit and sexplicit contractual agreements which they often cannot walk away from without repercussions. In essence, pros, or prostitutes for the purpose of today's blog, represent the opposite of our free and inalienable rights, as women are essentially being told what they can and cant do with their bodies.

Unlike the hot button topic of abortion, prostitution involves the additional variable of the possibility of readily spreading infectious disease. Nonetheless, women are told "look bitch, I don't care if this is the world's oldest profession. You can't sell ass. Only trade it for things like dates, jewelry and payment of bills. We barter in America because appearances are more important than the truth."

That being said, I often wonder. Spread of infectious diseases aside, should a woman be allowed and afforded the opportunity to gain monetary compensation from selling tail? I mean it's her body. America, outside of Vegas, strip clubs and the music industry seems to think no. I guess its the one "gangsta alpha male, get your barefoot ass back in the kitchen" card we as a society can still pull amongst a culture which demands equal rights and treatment for women in all cases, unless its domestic violence or an alleged rape in which case the male is always assumed wrong until proven otherwise. Is this a fair trade off for us putting the clink clink on females selling pussy? Perhaps. Either way, I salute Melissa redman for being a true American. She took control of her pussy and made it CLEAR that not only smokers can make use of allotted 15 minute breaks. Read below. A win for Women, a fail for Jersey.

ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J.— Police say there was more on the menu than Munchkins and lattes during the late shift at a Dunkin’ Donuts in northern New Jersey.

A 29-year-old female is facing prostitution charges after police say she took breaks to provide sex in exchange for money.

Rockaway Township police launched an investigation known as “extra sugar” after getting a tip about the workers activities at the shop.

Detective Sgt. Kyle Schwarzmann told The Daily Record of Parsippany he noticed that 29-year-old Melissa Redmond of Mine Hill would go out to cars and would spend 10 to 15 minutes in the vehicles.

Schwarzmann says Redmond was arrested after soliciting sex from an undercover officer.

No one at the Dunkin’ Donuts wanted to comment.

Tako: If I was Dunkin CEO I'd have hella jokes. Check it out. I'd just like to say that what happened at our franchise was a tragedy but it really is proof that America runs on Dunkin. Or, 'I guess he liked more than his coffee hot!! No wonder we sell so many coolattas. LOL.



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