Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Women as Sex Objects...LOL

Male chauvinist, Dickhead, purveyor of pure unabashed fuckery. Yep. I've been called them all. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna do some bitch ass nigga backpedaling, however I will say, I'm only what you've made me. You did this.

"I'm a product of your feedback, which in essence is my environment...."

Remember the day's when I blogged epicurean recipes and showed pics of Rachel Ray's tits? Ok, wait...bad example. Remember when I did posts on the origin of the projects? The Holocaust? No, you dont. Cause yall got bored reading and demanded more tits, more ass, more Showrock airing bitches out.

Sooooo, this being said, what or who is Showrocka? An Ivy League scholar intent on educating the masses all the while disguising the proverbial gem of knowledge as a pair of sexy redbottom heels and pulsating cleavage? Or an actual dickhead who believes his own hype and actually views women as sex objects?

Answer: It doesn't matter. What does matter, is that I'm fair. I appreciate good writing , big tits and valid opinions. ...and yes, i said valid opinions. All opinions are not intelligent, well thought out, unbiased, or valid. The following, however, was posted by a follower and i thought it met all of the criteria. SO I'm choosing to re-post if for your viewing enjoyment...then I'll talk shit and dismantle it.

The Notorious Zag:

Women are much more than ass, pretty faces, long hair, big titties and cum buckets. After the ass gets flabby (a la J. Lo), the hair turns gray and starts thinning, the biddies sag and droop (unless she has implants), and when nutting on an old wrinkly face just doesn't do it for you any more, what's left?

Ass will never be the new face. Hopefully in the very near future INTELLIGENCE will be the new ass. I know nobody wants an aesthetically rough chick on their arm, but is a little extra weight or perhaps a crooked nose, or pancake ass so bad? What will happen when you guys, who all seem pretty intelligent, are tired of sexing the superficial? What will you talk and laugh about with that big ol' ass? Those perfect breasts? That beautiful face? None of that means anything if there's nothing but air between her ears.

Women are so much more than our physical attributes. Well, the smart ones are. And I think we deserve a chance outside of what we weigh, what our asses look like, and how beautiful we are!! You guys do tend to talk about women as nothing more than playthings and scutter buckets. Which are out there, I'm not denying. But how about showing the smart girls some love, no matter what we look like?!

Tako: Gay.

C4: Well Put.

Wja3: (Looks at Show)

Show: I love Zag.

Everyone: (looks at show perplexed)

Show: But......

Being attracted to the intelligence in a woman as opposed to the aesthetic beauty is something which sounds perfect in a perfect world of colorblindness, lack of personal preferences and cornucopias of flat chested ambiguous women- fruit. In the real world errrrry thing comes down to one thing. Attraction. You can't spot intelligence from across the room. There are just as many ugly smart girls as there are pretty ones, but you wouldnt know because who the fuck talks to the ugly ones, baring the 10% pity rule. 10% of girls are ugly or homely enough to illicit pity, and if u talk to one and find out you are attracted to her mentally, Bravo...you've got yourself a little ugly diamond in the rough. You'll die happy and no one will try to steal your facially challenged queen.

Sounds fucked up eh? I for one love smart girls...but you have to be pretty. Now this is OK, because everyone is pretty in their own way. There is not one girl who Every man on earth would find hideously ugly. The girls I think are hot, white people think are fat...it's OK, it's subjective. But why this emphasis on the physical more than the mental. Because. Marriage, in the end is really just a partnership with one small caveat...you must remain loyal and not cheat. Say what you will about men's carnal nature which demands he have more than 1 partner per lifetime, the fact of the matter is this: Men don't cheat because they reach the point where they realize it is NOT WORTH losing what they have. The easy way to ease the temptation, which will ALWAYS be there, is to marry a woman so attractive to you, that you wont want to cheat. Simple.

That being said, as far as women being sex objects....when it comes to sex, you are just that. The objects of our desire. Think its fucked up, well try this one on for size....think women don't objectify us? Tall dark and handsome ? Niggas didnt make that sweet ass saying up. Worse still....what do yall use, when we arent around? DILDOS. Dick personified and objectified. You just detached what you needed like an ivory Elephant tusk and left the carcass for dead. Yall women aint shit. Hahahah.

Zag, Good commentary.

Love ya like a play cousin...but only cause you got big titties. Jk.



Robert said...
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Robert said...

"You just detached what you needed like an ivory Elephant tusk and left the carcass for dead."

It's hard to find good prose like this...

La Rubia said...

LMAO....I love ZAG too! Agree with what she said. Basically though, i have to assume, when you had to think of a rebuttal for my comment, it just got too hard because it was too good...even you couldn't disagree!

Your tongue in cheek style and infusion of irreverent logic into touchy subjects is why we all love your perspective. And also why we love to challenge it as well. Initial attraction is based on everything Show said, and sustained on everything ZAG said.

I would rather that you would have let my comment speak for itself, because that's what's FAIR, and was your idea. But it is your blog...if you don't want to honor your own word....you're prerogative. Not really fair to say it was not valid though....Especially when you didn't put it out there for measurement....just sayin'....

The Notorious ZAG said...

La Rubia... I DIE, I DIE, I DIIIEEE!! I want to know what you said, sooo badly!! Please Show, post it! POST IT! Thanks for the love guys! I appreciate it, and I laughed when reading it, and can appreciate your point of view.
Put Rubia's post somewhere, I need to seeeeeeee it!

"Initial attraction is based on everything Show said, and sustained on everything ZAG said." TRUTH.

But I'd still slit a wrist to see what Rubia had to say. Just sayin'.

mandy ;) said...

Bottom line is so many men will miss out on some great women because of these superficial views, but at the end of the day there has to be something that physically attracts you to that person. It’s because of society, men are told what they should and should not be attracted to. Often time’s men can find a woman attractive but are afraid to admit it because it’s not what society deems as attractive. However we women play into all of society’s rules we pluck, wax, tuck, and try to cover up all our flaws. We put the pressure on ourselves worse than men do, come on bitches are injecting their faces with embalming fluid!!! Maybe if we relax and take some of the pressure off ourselves they will too...confidence is key that much I know for sure, but as far as intelligence being the new ass Zag mama don’t hold your breath because there will always be some bitches willing to shake their ass for cash and bring us right back where we started...

La Rubia said...
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Show said...

I really lost interest in this blog once I moved onto something new. Dont like to beat a dead horse, BUT Since I happen to have a copy of La Rubia's initial thoughts, here goes:

La Rubia:

Well, you know me well enough to know you opened up a can of worms there.

First off, let me first say the original post that dealt with T&A: those are the two ways that women are most objectified...I'm sure that I left off with saying that the standards are impossible. Genetically, you really can't control where your body stores fat....if you have both T&A, chances are your body will store fat in other places as well...you'll have a nice layer over those rock hard abs, because you can't spot reduce. Women who have one or the other are generally top or bottom heavy. Show pointed that out too. Men have a larger muscle mass, which makes it harder for them store fat....so a fat laden man deserves much more criticism. It's just science.

T&A is not terrible, the objectification of it is. Women who feel that they have to surgically enhance one or the other to meet the standard is sad. Women agree to cut off their nerve endings to areolas and lose all sensation…who in the hell wants that?! If a man is going to enjoy them, she should enjoy him enjoying them!

Women are meant to have extra fat = curves for the curvy. I do agree that this is not to be taken to an extreme. No one is meant to have fat rolls. No one. A curve is not a roll, if you have a crease that has made itself into a roll....there's your indication that you're carrying too much junk somewhere. However the problem is an overweight women sees the media and hears men and these impossible standards and it's enough to make you want to self-medicate in some way. I’m saying it is what it is, and ridiculous standards don’t help. Size >18 maybe unhealthy, but most sizes <6 are just as unhealthy (height matters here too), and shouldn't been seen as the standard. I give it to many minority men, and the bros (except WAJ3) they seem to get that more than white men.

Hair...ugh! I hate what beauty image this concept translates into for little black girls. If we truly are moving toward a more natural look, I hope that we start to get what it does to them to make them feel like their own hair isn’t good enough. Everybody has their own unique beauty, and I know it seems ignorant of me to say, their hair is a pain to deal with, but it’s still beautiful. And they are beautiful. Just like Show can rock the dreads....blonde boy down the street? No, no, no, AND no! Rock what you've got....and as Show pointed out...even with all the fake hair and coloring in the world, men will criticize.

Now, the cum shot…picture aside, T&A (not to the extreme) celebrates something that should be natural. A girl has a pretty face. Okay. You can objectify that. Sure. People dismissing "pretty faces" as nothing more has gone one forever. A pretty face is a pretty face....use it to overlook all her other sub-par attributes. Facials though, Show? I get that men love to mark their territory with their ejaculate...it's how the animal kingdon stakes their claim to which asses belong to them, I'll let men have that primal urge and leave it uncriticized....but her face? Come on?! ULTIMATE OBJECTIFICATION! Print out a picture of her face, skeet on that if you must, and don't tell her. Do you not see what women have to deal with? Let me just say T&A obsession…women can get pleasure out of men enjoying those too. Facial? Okay, maybe if it were 1960 and all that mattered was pleasing your man….nope, even then, still don’t see it. No, no, no, and NO!
Let's hope a trend toward more natural beauty leads to acceptance of all natural attributes on every woman...without having to skeet to appreciate.

The Notorious ZAG said...

Thank you Show for posting Rubia's comment. And I don't care that much about horses, so I'm gonna beat the shit outta this bitch...

I agree with MOST of what Rubia had to say. Women are naturally more padded than men, society has a great deal to do with what people find attractive (just the other day, an African gentleman [who didn't say where he was from] told me, "In my country, you would be a QUEEN!), and many of the Euro-centric countries, America included, covet a certain type of female. I'm with all that. As far as hair goes, I'm like this: No chemical alterations and I'm fine. Weave it, wig it, rock the afro. At one point I was stuck on the whole natural hair "movement" thing, but I've now deemed this as nonsense. If my hair is presentable and clean looking, yet something about it will stop you from talking to me, then we don't need to be associating with each other anyway. Hair is hair, and as long as nothing is crawling out of it and it doesn't smell like last week's garbage, I'm good.

NOW, the cumshot on a pretty face. Well, let me just say this.
I don't think anything is wrong with a facial every now and then.
Not some strange a-hole busting on the face, but if you're in a relationship and you're both with it... shoot away.

La Rubia said...
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La Rubia said...

ZAG- I love you. You f-ing get it! To each their own, in a committed relationship, where the respect level is established, do whatever the F you want, go for it, get your freak on. I believe with all things sexual: the sky's the limit once trust/respect is established....which would be my key point, and I'll align myself with Mandi's logic, that there will always be women who are willing to demean themselves for whatever reason. I, for one, have never been in a relationship where I've felt respected enough to allow a facial. So....I'll just shut up about that now. :). Thanks Show, I forgot what I had said, actually (y'all know rubia means blonde, right? LOL). And thanks ZAG, you are a Queen in any country!