Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wealth, Timing & Exchange Rates: CASEY ANTHONY

Tako: Oh what yall thought yall wasn't gonna see me??!!!! I'm the Osiris of this shit!

Show: Ya mean!!! We shit on your doctrine of "its too soon to make light of recent tragedies" and wipe our ass with your sympathetic overtones.

Wja3: And here goes another episode of Tako & Show Pissing everyone off, causing us to lose a few followers and making me leave the room.

C4: Nah, they're good. I've heard their arguments and plus, over 90% of Show's newfound twitter followers are bigger assholes than him...well, at least tied.

For those of you who live that Charles Dutton life (aka under a "roc"...come on, you can laugh, it was funny)...

a 25 year old white mother was recently acquitted of first degree murder after "allegedly" killing her 2 year old daughter so that she could go partying and clubbing, which she did a few hours after said deed was done. Rockstar lifestyle might not make it (Gucci Voice)...welll, she made it, the kid just didnt.

Show (Looking at above picture): If you play your cardsssssss right. You'll get acquitted if you're whiteeeeeee. Kidding. No really I am.

Tako: Damn, shorty can get it...I don't know about the smoking in a household with a todler thing....oh wait, that's right....nevermind. Shakes head.

So i guess this is the part where you expect race warrior Showrock, champion of all injustice and upholder of the conspiracy theories directed at Caucasian America to scream "This only happened cause she was white!" Well boys and girls, not a chance.

Casey got off because she had a good lawyer and watched enough CSI and SVU to hide all the important evidence. Maybe if she'd watched more Love and HipHop like you do she wouldn't have been so savvy.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do realize that there are a disporportionate amount of minorities railroaded into the prison system each day for offenses any lawyer worth a sack of shit could whittle down to probation, but this is something different. This is about wealth, timing and exchange rates.

Wealth: Casey's money afforded her the opportunity to hire good lawyers. She beat a murder rap.

Timing: America's not particularly infatuated with baby killers right now. It's more of a Anti-terrorism and anti-home invasion era. Thank Al-queda and those Cheshire slaying niggas. Had it been during an "anti-baby killer" decade, they would have made an example out of her. Case in point, Mike Vick...crucified because he fought pitbulls during the wrong era. Charles ********, the gentleman from whom i just bought 8 lbs of African Lion meat was only sentenced to 6 months for killing and selling illegal endangered Tigers and Snow leopards. Case in point? Timing.

Exchange Rates: You know how Russian spies get caught trying to gain intel that will allow their country to take over or blow ours up, yet we send them back unscathed so that we can get back one of ours? Yep. Same shit. Black person gets off the hook for some shit they shouldn't have, we let a white person off in return...just like spies. Did you think the spy vs. spy cartoon had one black one and one white one as a coincidence?

Nah Bruh Bruh, this been goin on for years. The rate of exchange of Cross cultural criminals fluctuates but we're about even now.

OJ was guilty as a slave in a sweating contest and is only in jail now because he was released on his own re-coon-isence and decided to do some more fucked up shit. He took their "get out of jail free card and wiped his ass with it.

Same goes with T.I. A convicted felon who gets caught with a TRUNK FULL of automatic machine guns and he gets 1 year house arrest? Come on son!!

(These are the actual weapons...Weezy did a year in Rikers for 1 did Plaxico...Timing.)

Then what does T.I do? He wipes his sweaty nutsack with white America's "get outa jail free" card and is, you guessed it, back in Jail for some more dumb shit.

I call this Gucci Mane syndrome. You know he did beat a murder before he began going back to jail for dumb shit, right?

All in all I'm not saying I agree with the jury's verdict. What I am saying is, this isn't a whites against blacks thing. It's a whites and blacks working together to ensure the natural balance of guilty people getting acquitted stays at an equal ratio. This protects America from an inevitable race war, riots and the like.

Sounds fucked up, but as that guy in that Tupac song that white people love would say...

"thats just the way it issssssssssssssssssssss."

Love it, embrace it, or shut the fuck up and move to dubai.


ADDENDUM: This just in from the NY Daily News.

A Chicago-area mother suffocated her 3-month-old baby to death and then strapped him into a BabyBjorn carrier and went shopping, prosecutors said.

Toyrianna Smith, 20, was drinking vodka with friends at a home in Harvey, Ill., south of Chicago, last Wednesday when she beat and suffocated Ken Blackman Jr. because he wouldn't stop crying, prosecutors said in a bond hearing on Monday.

Smith had allegedly crashed in a guest room at the friend's house with the baby by her side when his crying woke her up, authorities said.

She told cops that she put a blanket over his head, hit him in the face and then smothered him until he stopped flailing and went quiet, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

On Thursday morning, when Blackman's father arrived to pick the boy up, Smith put the tot's lifeless body in a BabyBjorn and slipped out to go shopping for several hours, prosecutors said.

She then went to a neighbor's house to hang out. The neighbor called 911 after spotting blood on his blanket and noticing that the boy wasn't breathing.

Blackman was taken to Memorial Hospital in Harvey, where he was pronounced dead at 11:40 a.m. An autopsy report showed he died from suffocation and had been dead for 14 hours.

Bros: Well, here's your chance people. Let's see if the black girl gets off.

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