Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry 4 the Wait....Bitch.

I had a different post planned for today written by a blog reader explaining how Ass will never be the new face and the Bros, intentionally or unintentionally objectify women, but ehhhhh....I opted for this. Sorry sugar tits..... JK. That was a joke.

Anyways, this is what's hot in the streets, so this is what I'll blog about...maybe ill post the other tomorrow.

Soooooo, the media darling and leader of the Young Money camp, Mr. Dwayne Carter aka Lil Weezy aka Tunechi, has decided to release his "Sorry 4 the wait" mixtape as a prelude to his much pushed back album, the Carter 4, due in August. Download HERE and listen for yourself. gives the mixtape a 7/10 and offers a pretty accurate track by track review, asides from their thoughts on the Lil Wayne / Lil B collaboration, which I OBVIOUSLY am going to wholeheartedly support. This shit right here though nigga..? Track by track review? This will be nothing of the sort as I feel, having been a Lil Wayne Fan since the days of the Hot Boys and his peazy afro, that we owe him more than that.

Rather than give him a 7/10 rating and say you could've done x, y and z with this song and that song to make this a better album, I'm going to give him a 6 /10 rating and tell him "sir, this is not because we hold you to a higher because this was a 6/10 worthy album."

Some people record better while sober, take Gucci Man For instance who is incoherent when "whiteboy wasted" and cant even stay on beat or out of jail. Others record better completely inebriated such as Wiz Khalifa, or Tupac who said "I record this high and fucked up cause most of yall gonna be high and fucked up listening to it." Others still, a la Lil Weezy, need to find a special place somewhere between too drunk to drive, and not too drunk to stand. Get too fucked up off codeine and we have Weezy singin "Me and my Drank", "Prostitute" and creating autotuned Rock for a song, not an album. Do no drugs at all and we get this declaration of Find that perfect spot and we get The Carter series, and all the Dedication Mixtapes (Except the autotuned abortion cry that was pt. 3). Case in point, Weezy is best when coked up but not double cup syruped out.

That being said, I commend Lil Weezy for even putting out a mixtape. He's much bigger than this. You don't see Jay Z or Eminem, the only other artists moving these kinds of units doing this sort of stuff. He took a risk. Problem is, all this album did was solidify something we knew already. Weezy has clever wordplay and is lyrically nice. He didnt offer anything to make us say oooooooh, or "got damnnnn nigga...this nigga nice!!!" He just gave us shit to nod our heads to and basically, hold us over till the Carter 4. Mission accomplished.

Unfortunately, what Wanye neglected to notice, perhaps due to his NOT BEING IN TUNE WITH THE STREETS ANYMORE, is that the mixtape game is not what it used to be. With the availability of original beats and producers increasing exponentially, the word mixtape means :a collection of new original songs, possibly a few covers of popular hits and catchy, repeat worthy anthems. Fab's "You be Killin em" was a gold a mixtape. Mixtape is now the new medium to push new music without dealing with label politics and a quick way to earn extra cash. Wayne followed the 1990's jacking for beats mixtape model and while he's one of the best at it, times have changed and we demand more.

Keeping this in mind "Sorry for the wait", the title track is the best song as it best fits what we know, love and expect from an ACTUAL Tunechi song. Sure thing is the next best song, as it is his best cover of a popular radio song. Most of the other songs suffer from lack of a hook or a barrage of metaphors thrown into 1 verse which spans 60 bars and sounds like a run on sentence at a spelling b....and speaking of B, Lil B has the most entertaining moment of the album. He spits 16 nonsensical bars but you can tell he's having fun...he's so excited he eventually even gets off that's lil b for ya. Maybe this is what wayne thought he needed to bring out the energy and fervor he once had on the Dedication Mixtapes....but as his cookie cutter verse proved, the old Weezyana hotboy fire was simply smoldering like coals under a iced cold "grill." Its as if this was "fun" for Wayne when he was clearly intoxicated, but now that he's on drug and alcohol testing / sobriety monitoring, this is just "business."

I'm sure Wayne will put out a classic album in the Carter IV, as his lyrical ability is obviously still on point...perhaps though....just perhaps, he should leave the mixtapes to the Wiz Khalifas and Lil B's and hop his short ass back on top of Hip Hop's Throne.

Heres some better New, free stuff. Click the links for download:

Gucci Mane -Writings on the Wall 2

Wiz Khalifa --The Dream

Lil B--I'm Gay

--Show Vuitton.

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