Thursday, July 28, 2011

Show & C4: Social Networking -->Augmentation, Misrepresentation, and Idiots

Tako : (Plays Meek Mill Tupac's Back Instrumental on Macbook) ****

Showrock's Back..... Searchin my Hoe contacts.....and you know I'm reppin Charlotte, no bob cats...

Wja3: (Exhibits perplexed face. You're not from...)

I'm talkin Charlotte Rousse, Got fat chicks by the two's....they fuckin me not you....cause they heard that Show got snacks!! Ughhhh (Ross Grunt.)

Wja3: This nigga.

Morning ladies and gents. What today signifies is another day of me digging in the vault to get an opinion from one of my blog bros other than blogging solo. In honor of Tupac's greatest hits (released posthumously) going diamond yesterday, I am going to, yet again, resurrect C4 from the dead.

Here's a previously unreleased track, with me throwing a verse and some ad libs in .

Social Networking -- Inflation, Augmentation, Misrepresentation, and Idiots

10 years ago was a vastly different time. The 2000's are undoubtedly not the 2010's, but unlike every other consecutive decade in the last maybe hundred years, the two do not have their own distinct identity like say the 1980's or 90's. In a lot of ways 2011 looks no different from 2001. Jay-Z is still the most respected rapper, Tiger Woods is pretty much still the best golfer, the Lakers won the NBA Championship last year and Osama bin Laden is the biggest news story. The two biggest differences are the black president, and the emergence of social networking.

Show: My pop's siad it best: "If it's two things thats gonna killa niggas it'll be Facebook and crack."

Social Networking is as addictive, if not more, and leads to a HOST of women problems by allowing all of your women (familiar, unfamiliar, past and present) to co-habitate in one online community. Ever watch New Jack City? Social Networking is like Setting all your baby mamas, bootycalls, ex gfs and female acquaintances up with an apartment in the Carter. Better yet, it's like they turned the Apartment complex into a gossipy ass hair salon and demolished every other hair salon in the United states. Bitches are comin from all over to hate on each other. LOL.

Social Networking in the 2010's creates a host of problems including but not limited to those below, described by you friendly neighborhood Blogfaced Killa. :) (Bitches love smileys.)

False Sense of Intimacy

You post things for your friends, but now all those acquaintances, coworkers, and random ass people you met once have this unprecedented voyeuristic window into your life. They may have been peripheral acquaintances then, but now they really know you...kinda like your closest friends who've earned and gained your trust through years of dedication and service.

Why is this? Because you wanted them to. You told them all what your favorite movies are, who your favorite bands are, what you like to do for fun, and in a lot of cases, what's important to you. You tell them what's on your mind multiple times a day.

How couldn't they not know you? When someone asks the question of where you met this person with whom you share parenting secrets, marital problems and medical advice and your answer is "oh it's this nice lady I met one time in line at six flags" you know that Houston, we have a problem...and it aint the abuse of coedine syrup... (*looks at Rocka & Tako).

Inflated Sense of Importance

Hello hoodrat with a nixon or cell phone camera in a bathroom. Download instagram or any other of the photography apps on your iphone and poof!! You can now call yourself a model. Looks to me like you're modeling for Muffin-Top Maxim, but you are modeling nonetheless.

Gentlemen! Hood niggas with more than a couple grams and access to a Laptop. You may now proceed to mix everything you've learned from Gangsta movies like Baby Boy and Scarface, Rick Ross Rap Lyrics and advice from your drunk uncle into semi-coherent, 2 sentence parables. You are now a Philosopher...and if you rap, you're automatically that, plus CEO of your own company despite having no influx of cash flow, net worth or financials.

Augmented Awkward Experiences

Remember back when people were embarrassed about things? You'd skip school cause you got a pimple (if you're white)? Well nowadays, there's a fix for everything and a general ambiance of conceitedness to overshadow anything that can't be fixed. No one is "worried about their weight" because Victoria's secret started making bigger sizes and thirsty niggas will fuck anything leading big bitches to believe they can wear the same sexy shit as little bitches. This usually results in completely inappropriate outfit choices which give off a vibe of "easy to fuck" and since these females who dress like this usually are, the vicious cycle continues.

Adding to this decreased sense of awkwardness is the prevalence of social networks.

No longer do we have Kodaks and Polaroids which we can easily destroy or at least hide. Now, not only are your secret nude photos fair game once you piss off your ex, Mark Zuckerberg owns the rest of your embarrassing moments. You are now at the mercy of somebody's digital camera or smart phone. I guess the idea of "awkward" is out the window as a full disclosure of everything private and public has now been agreed upon. There are no more secrets.

Show: Worse than even putting Sonograms on Facebook I've seen a pic from the delivery room, one from hospice and one from a funeral. Smh.

Tako: After that pic of the thong girl, I cant!!! I'm pullin the plug. I think I'm gonna do some Facebook-Twitter fasting. Glad this was a Quickie. Pause.



adameliclem said...

Were you ever banned from FB? No?

Then shut the fuck up.

Clem, who was banned from Facebook for claiming that Mark Zuckerberg snorted blow off the asses of underage Dominican girls, among other things

Rock said...

What'd we miss here? Sounds interesting.