Friday, June 10, 2011

What's up with these New Ninjas? (Drake Voice)

"What's up with these new niggas....? And Why they think it all comes so easy?" -Drake

I'm sure you've all heard that line in the new DJ Khaled song, which is arguably already poised to be the summer banger, and thought...word, what IS up with these quote unquote "new niggas."

At the risk of sounding like a disgruntled curmudgeon, a hater of sorts, I'm going to put it out there and say it, as cliched as it may sound. Times have changed bruh. Times have changed. While Drake is obviously referring to the desire of some to have instant fame success and riches without the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve such, I'm talkin bout some other shit. Niggas have always been lazy and have been looking for "get rich quick schemes" since the late 1800's gold rush, 1920's bootlegging during prohibition..take your pick. Bitches even sell their eggs these days or serve as surrogate mothers just for a dollar. This is not a "NEW NIGGA" phenomenon.

I'd expect such statements from a pseudo gay like Drake. You should not expect such from me. Nonetheless, what you can expect is a synopsis of the 3 largest ACTUAL problems created by these recent ebb and flow of thirsty dudes, skinny jean homos and mohawked hotheads with easy access to guns...the "New Niggas."

The Rise in Murder Rates:

Increases in murder rates are Directly Correlated With These New Niggas.

Back in the days a fight was simply a fight. You won some, you lost some. Nowadays, however, something in the atmosphere has created an influx of machismo which no longer allows for a man's pride and ego to be crushed without Gunplay being involved. I may be able to form a statistically significant argument that the rise in the latino population is also an independent variable affecting crime as they are undoubtedly spreading the machismo culture.

Think about it. 10 years ago, a girl declined your advances and you'd get clowned by your boys. It'd be funny. You'd make fake gun sounds to signify you got shot down, then move to the next. Now, a girl rejects you and shes a "Bitch, Slut, Whore" and your boys will cosign all types of violent and derogatory responses. New Niggas. Smh.

Lowered Self Esteem and Glorified self Prostitution by Women:

"You put your heart in the part of a part that spreads apart"

- Treach from Naughty by Nature

Remember back when a lap dance seemed like a whole lot of money? Back when spending 50 bucks including drinks seemed like a LOT for a night at the titty bar? When you bitched and complained about that 5 dollar ATM surcharge? Yeah. Well now these "New Niggas" are spending anywhere between 10,000 and 1 million dollars in 1 night at the strip club. Smh.

Back in the days, the "pimp" mentality prevailed. The "Yeah, I got her number simply because I have a slick tongue." Nowadays, the New niggas have allowed "John" mentality to re-surface. Yea, I'll buy a bitch. That's not cool Mr. New Nigga Sir.

Women further exacerbate this problem by ACTING BRAND NEW and falling into the belief that their "dancing, sucking and fucking" expertise is worth this increased price premium. Strippers and video hoes are becoming the new trophy wives that "hot secretaries and Top women executives" used to be. Once again, these NEW NIGGAS (Athletes, rappers, etc.) are falling for it too! Sponsoring these hoes. Smh. It's to the point where strippers and professional hoes (see: Kat Stacks, Superhead) are losing their humility and discreetness. They will tell a nigga with a 9-5, 401K and 3,000 sq ft house to "fuck off and get his money up." Blame it on these new niggas.....

The Demise of the Institution of Marriage:

Tako: Slime? You gonna blame this on them though?

Wja3: This Should be Good.

Check me out right here yo (Diddy voice.) Back in the days niggas were doing just as much dirt as they are now. I cannot officially blame the rise in dirt doing on the New Niggas. I can say, however, that there was a.) an honor amongst thieves and b.) a man code which was followed back in the days (Pre 1990's New Niggas) which has been all but thrown out the window in Contemporary America.


--Married men cheated with married women. It was a mutual agreement for sex and noone planned on ruining each other's life.

--Women could get away with doing things like wearing fake engagement rings because guys RESPECTED that a woman was engaged.

--People didn't cheat in their own Homes.

--Men did not speak ill about their mistresses husband or committed boyfriend. It was as though he didnt exist.

--Women didnt tell anyone that they were cheating. Not even a best friend.


Everything I just said, but the opposite. Everyone will know your girl is cheating but you. Niggas are speaking other niggas names freely, sleepin in married women's houses and giving the all out "Fuck You" to your relationship.

Befriending girls, being their shoulder to lean on and eventually smashing? Oh that's some new nigga shit. Sneaky, conniving, New nigga shit. Women have always been more susceptible to emotional manipulation whereas men have typically been more rational. It has ALWAYS made sense that a rational man would realize this and manipulate the hell out of women in emotionally deprived relationships, but we NEVER did it...and you know why? Because unlike these New Niggas who have no shame, the 80's babies and prior actually had a code. We stood for something...we could handle the embarrassment of getting beaten up...we respected the sanctity of marriage....but now.....all that shits out the window b.

That being said, if you want the crime rate to decrease, divorce rates to decrease and morally sound women to once again re-populate Facebook and us all a favor. If you see a new nigga....slap him.



NightFall914 said...

Great points all around although I personal consider Drake a new Ni**a as well. But yeah I glad that I simply dont affiliate with this breed of character and pray when I have a child I can do ALL in my power to steer them clear of such "bitchassness"

lucy said...

Loved it! I'll be sure to slap a "new breed nigga" (as we say down here lol) every day when I see one!

Piph said...

Soooooo True!!

Anonymous said...

lmaooo @ the razor ramon pic. hilarious.