Monday, June 20, 2011

Roger Rabbit Luther King: A Theory

"Hoes on my Dick cause my ears real floppy..." -(Lil B the BasedGod Voice)

Oh, Black people know about Roger Rabbit.

Back in the 1990's we even had a dance called the roger rabbit which most of yall can probably still do. If you can't, click here ----> . What you probably don't know however, is that the creator of the film was somehow directly responsible for foreshadowing the behavior of generations of black folk and integrating their tastes into society long before segregation was actually ended. Roger Rabbit, as a film, was, in some respects, as important as Martin Luther King for the Civil Rights Struggle.

Wja3: Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

C4: Hear him out...I guess.

Tako: Shut the entire fuck up (Joe Budden voice).

I bet yall didn't know that the Director, Robert Zemekis, was Born 1950's Chicago...Same city as R-Kelly Yall. Lol. (The R-Kelly Reference will make sense in a little while.) More importantly, 1950's / 60's Chicago was segregated to the point of their actually being restrictive covenants (processes such as redlining which allowed banks to decline mortgages in black neighborhoods) thereby keeping blacks locked in the ghetto and tenement slums. Yep, he grew up amongst this...and while he could have easily continued the trend of segregation, he chose to take the high road, bringing black culture to the forefront without racist and unsuspecting whites being the wiser.

The Storyline: Toon star Roger is worried that his wife Jessica is knockin beef and Broc's (boots) with someone else, so the studio hires detective Eddie Valiant to snoop on her. Soon, a nigga named Marvin Acme (who couldve possibly been poppin off in Ms. Rabbit) is found dead and Roger is the prime suspect. FRAMED.

This is like R.Kelly's trapped in the closet mixed with Snoop's murder was the Case video.

The Title: Who "Framed" Roger Rabbit....Hmmmmm...Can we say the precursor to the "Stop Snitchin Movement." This becomes particularly applicable now that Dexter Issac has confessed (nearly 17 years later) to shooting Tupac despite others (Ahem...BIGGIE...cough, Cough) having been blamed and or framed for the act.

The Video Vixen: Long before rappers were making it rain, there was a cartoon dame making it rain in our pants. Jessica Rabbit. Red hair, redbone. Thicker than a snicker.
If you can't see the comparison here then you, my friend, are highly retarded...and not in an autistic idiot savant type way.

I'm saying. Wayyyyyy before "the new phenomenon of white women with ass" became popular and acceptable, Roger Rabbit had niggas beatin off to a cartoon white girl. Roger KNEW WHAT WE WANTED!!! Ass, cleavage and a RED Bone.

He even gave her Aliyah's haircut before she started rockin that shit....Actually the movie came out when she was only 9 and just a twinkle in R-kellys eye and a small erection in his pants...long before she married Kells at age 14. Illllk (Pusha T voice.) Nevertheless, I digress...

The Bad ass kid:

Before the name "baby" became synonomous with Bryan "Birdman" Williams the father of lil wayne and the face tattoo movement, there was a little bad ass baby smoking a cigar. Herman.

This little nigga.

Hangin with the old heads,'s sorta like when Kane from Menace II Society was drinkin brew on the back porch with Pernell...

Years later we have this scenario playing out in real life with a 2 year old in Indonesia smoking 40 cigs a day.

Bebe's Kid's in 1994? Same thing. A Black Baby Herman. No one even noticed the blatant ripoff.

Nevertheless, all these things are important.

It may all seem like coincidence at this point but sheiiiiiiit, I'm speaking to the same niggas who believe in the illuminati, so this really isnt that far fetched.

Tako: Martin Luther King tho my nigga? You reachin

Show: No I'm not, and here's why.

In the same way that seeing violence on a daily basis leads one to the point of becoming desensitized, seeing African American culture on display leads us to become more familiar and tolerant of it. While Martin Luther King's struggle was not in vain, we must truly realize that without people (explicitly and implicitly) phasing his methodology into society, it would've been worthless. Sure we had to bring in these images gradually, but the fact that 50 years later they are all playing out before our own eyes not only shows that Roger rabbit was ahead of its time but that the director "really KNEW niggas!!"

Think about it. How good would a theory of "Racial Harmony" be if you couldn't watch interracial porn? Kidding. But seriously...think about the first time you seen a black guy and white girl holding hands...or two were shocked! Now, its like "eh, whatever." And you know why? Because we've become accustomed to seeing it. We're used to it. It's cool.

Do we have to make the world familiar with black culture and hip hop style in 2011? Fuck no. Corporate America is already exploiting it and jockin us like athletic cups. Explain Black culture to you? in 2011?

Nah, Roger Rabbit did hopefully yall don't have to go through that. (Dave Chapelle imitating Jay-Z Voice.)



Curious Gemini said...

I still dont see how you tied roger rabbit to MLK...smh...someone was high when they wrote this

La Rubia said...

I caught the reference! LMAO. I do have to say that Robert Zemekis was able to, and is only respected as knowing by you (and other black folk, I guess) because he grew up in close enough circumference, and represents it in such a way that is deemed acceptable. I have no idea about Roger Rabbit though. It was considered too risqué for my sheltered ass to watch, and never had the desire to when I was old enough to. You can't rely enough on people to look beyond corporate america's spin, sometimes people need to be educated because that's all they see and want to see the truth, and are also tired of the biggotedness that suffocates their desire to see people respectfully for who they are and value their experience and perspective for what they actually are (no spin). Some people, like Zemekis, are exposed enough to it (and allowed to be exposed) that he was able to see, which makes him a more progressive and insightful person. Mainstream, political correctness, tells us that acceptance is the norm. But we all can watch any show on the Fox news network to see that there are plenty of people willing and happy sit with their bias just because, and perpetuate it to every mush mind that will listen. Your post today kind of supports what I'm trying to say is the reason for more Zemekis in everyone's life...not just media.