Thursday, June 2, 2011

Racks on Racks or a President that's Black?

My parents and Grandparents can tell you all about pre and post war japan and the leader that led them through it, Hirioto better known as Emperor Showa...Not to be confused with my brother Showrocka, though I'm sure he's vain and intelligent enough to have already tried to claim linkage. The Emperor Showa period was important and my ancestors knew what his royal majesty stood for...even if half of his reign was overshadowed by his gangsta ass hoodlum tactics such as gassing the Chinese prisoners.

Yes, It's like Dominicans and Ricans...Chinese and Japanese people have beef, yet we'll still unify to mob on non-asians.

In all honesty, I kinda wish I was around to see all this majestic Gangstaery.

What I was alive for, however, was the Twin Towers 9-11 tragedy and the electing of Barak Obama in 2008 as the first African American President. My Kids one day will ask me, "Pop, what was in like in those days when we only had white presidents? What was Obama like? What did he do?"

Me, being the honest and awesome father that I am will be able to look at my smiling kids and tell them in a nonchalant and sincere tone, "Barak Obama was a cool dude...he had people over for beers at the whitehouse, he played ball, liked Mike Vick and even helped the CIA find the world's biggest terrorist...a guy named Osama Bin Laden...but in terms of what he actually did, and his policies....I have no fuckin idea guys. Sorry. Go google it."

Wja3: He really said go google it.

C4: Sheesh. I see where he's going with this.

We are all quick to claim the importance of a black president and throw VIP club parties in honor of Decision 08, but it's been almost 3 full years and uhhhhhhh....we havent even bothered to do a google search on any of his policies or anything. We've lived through, arguably, one of the most important times in the History of the world and have witnesses something that may never happen a nigga version of Halley's comet...and we can't even give an accurate retelling of the story. It's like going to a Jennifer Lopez concert and wearing a blindfold (Since earplugs would be an improvement.) I'm ashamed.

But we can change that as long as you read the NHB site....I'ma gonna reconstruct, cliff notes of such so we can all be educated and build off our knowledge base.

Common Nigga Knowledge:

He was a Senator from Illinois.

He is Black for all important purposes (Sheeeit, his dad left his white mom, AND he's Muslim, how much blacker can u

He has 2 daughters and a mediocre looking wife with a donk.

That's pretty much it, correct me if I wrong.

Common NHB Responses to people attempting to call us out on being black & not knowing shit about our black president:

Yea, well if he's so important and black, name one thing your soul brotha president has done!

Empowered Blog Followers
: It's funny that you should mention that bitch.

1.) Obama has Kept it 100: Ended "media blackouts" of war and war we see errrrrythang. The truth.

2.) He's decreased the anti American sentiment world wide by treating people like human know, being nice and shit...Oh yea, he also WON THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!

3.) He kept it gangsta: Better body armour for troops, bigger guns, more troops... he also also moved the troops from Iraq to Afghanistan to attack the root of the terrorist problem rather than prune the leaves....oh yea, he also kinda KILLED BIN LADEN.

4.) He looked out for his people: He elected the 1st Latina to the Supreme court. Now I know she was no J-Lo, but it was a start.

5.) He introduced a 789 billion dollar stimulus plan and saved the American economy amidst a modern day depression. The Bailouts. Remember those? Well Obama made sure they came with rules, like "Ok nigga, we're gonna give you all this free money so you dont go out of business and all these people lose jobs....however, you are gonna fix all the problems that caused you to go broke in the first place."

Obama really has done a lot of good. He lowered drug costs for seniors, limited white house salaries and even increased military pay. He's brought the unemployment rate down (in a recession mind you!), gave small businesses loans and even fought somali pirates. He's a modern day Superman...a supernigga of sorts. Now I'm sure he fucked up a lot of things too, but I'll let one of my republican followers blog a response to that. I'm lookin at Cuban Eddie, since I heard he hates Obama.

In the end, it doesnt really matter what your belief is, just so long as you know why you believe that. Hopefully the bros were able to actually spread some knowledge today before we go back to acting like coons tomorrow. Oh what the hell, I'll add this for good measure.

Let's remember the 2000's for Obama and his legendary presidency, not for shit like this and songs like "racks on racks on racks."

-Taka Flaka Flame one hood ass nigga.

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