Thursday, June 30, 2011

Act your Race maaaaaaan!!!!

Pimpin Pab:

When u gonna do a blog about ppl that think they're a different race, I know if it gets to me its already gotten to u , chics that think they're rican or white boys that got the B.E.T syndrome (I'm a thug, the "so what I never actually been in the shit I seen BET" syndrome.)

Show: It's funny you should mention that.

White people, college educated blacks and the rest of the population of uppity negroes will be quick to say there is no such thing as "acting black." Fuck them, because there undoubtedly is, and as much as we hate to admit it to white folk , we know EXACTLY what acting black is. Unlike Puertoricans, who know and admit that acting puertorican consists of things like being loud for no reason and being fertile as a mofo, we do not embrace it. We fight to say "baggy clothes, ebonics and hip hop music dont constitute acting black." The latinos just throw an annual parade where they can all be loud in peace, drink coronas and not need a babysitter.

They seem to be winning and we appear to be lying.

Funny thing is, I'm not one to fight battles on principal. We all know its wrong to say speaking ignorantly = talking black, but if we said to someone " talk black" , we'd all recite some ebonical slang ridden phrase. It is what it is. We call buffalo wings buffalo wings even though they aren't buffalo, and the sauce is no longer made in NY...we just all understand what it means. Its implied.

Now what says acting black more than Tennis? LOL

Now, what about those people who pretend to act a certain way (black, for instance) when we all know damn well that they are nothing of the sort? What's to be said of these posers?

Tako: And who's to say you arent one of these posers. hmmmm.....Just playing devil's advocate.

Show: I like it. Ill roll with it.

We will start with my story. Single parent household. Section 8. Not in the hood, but on the fringe and not in the suburbs. Poor, but never actually went hungry. Latch key child since like age 7-8. Intelligent. Studied hard, went to the country's #1 prep school on academic scholarship, graduated from Ivy League cum laude, got an MBA with a 4.0 Gpa. Smart guy with hood tendencies. Had guns pulled on me, dealt with drugs, committed crimes, survived unscathed. Still hang with hood niggas.

Yep, thats me with the 2 jesus pieces and a do-rag at graduation. And that's C4 being normal.

Some people will say "you went to a good school" if you act hood you're a poser. This may be true if I had attended such school as a result of my own financial means. If I could afford a 30,000+ a year high school I obviously know nothing about the poor man's struggle. I agree. Do I feel comfortable in the hood? Yes. Why? Because it never seemed odd. I was always in the hood, and while I have been fortunate enough to live elsewhere at the moment, my friends and family are still there. I cant ignore their struggle just because my head is a little higher above water.

If you knew the struggle you can relate despite not having to live the struggle now. I was born at the bottom of hallway steps b. My 1st crib was a laundry basket with some towels in it.

The problem with posers, however, is that they have no identity. Claiming the hood isnt about gaining street credibility or respect. It's about the "like attracts like" mentality. I hang with people I feel are genuinely smart, whether formally educated or not...which is why i hang with people like Lefleur, C4 , Bari and PT. (Sidenote: you also have to hang with a few shooters in case shit pops off). I hang with people from the hood cause we all grew up with a "hunger " for certain things which we could never afford. There's solidarity in suffering.

Tako: Good tie in at the end. It was beginning to sound like an attempt to legitimize yourself.

Show: never that.

That being said, white girls with excessive hairspray who desperately want to be puertorican...stop it 5. You may dress and talk a certain way because you've grown up in a particular environment, which is ok. You may want to fuck a puertorican dude, thats ok too. You cannot, however, claim a struggle which is not yours. As much as the white civil rights leaders supported the black struggle during the MLK era, they COULD NOT relate. They played an important, DISTINCT part in the transformation of America...Equally important, but not the same.

Little white boys filled with teen angst and anger towards your parents. Blast rap music at ignorant levels, wear your hat backwards, sag your pants! Just know, however, that your struggle is uniquely different. Eminem didnt come out speaking of selling crack and project living. He detailed the struggles of a trailer park youth. tell us your struggle. be a fucking original not an African bootlegged copy.

In the end, thats what it comes down to. being yourself. A white man can never experience a black mans struggle. A poor man can never imagine a rich man's problems. A man can never experience life as a sexually harassed female. It is what it is. Pretending to be something that you aren't, however, only serves o exacerbate the problem. If we'd all just be ourselves we'd learn a lot more about different types of people and less about the glamorized "Either u slangin crack rock or you got a wicked jumpshot" life.

Real Talk.



La Rubia said...

Extremely well put. There's no shame in wanting more if you're truthful about your experience that made you who you are. You're experience is only invalidated when you misrepresent yourself. Excellent points. Insightful and poignant blog today. Love this side of Showrocka.

Piph said...

It's funny that I'm just reading this. I'm actually close to finishing this book titled "The Mis-Educated Negro". And it constantly talks about how the "educated Negro" tries to fit in with whites in corporate america. Very interesting read. (Although what I'm reading I've already had in my mind; it's just wild that it's in printed form.)