Monday, May 9, 2011

TS Presents...Happy Mothers day Ho

Wja3: At least they waited until a day after mothers day.

C4: I hate when they joint post. We always lose a few female followers.

Tako: Ahemmmm. We're trying to blog here.

If you're so poor that you dont have food, you'll grow up skinny. You are in essence, a product of our environment. Sure you can find ways to obtain food, but when the surrounding climate of low quality education and lack of job opportunities forces you into a downward spiral of economic depression, you are still stuck between the blades of a vicious cycle trying not to get chopped out of existence. You are a product of your environment.

If you listen to rap music call women hoes and bitches, you will call them the same, beat, rape and disrespect them. You are a product of your environment. Wait, no you aren't...this isnt true at all. Do you not have the option to listen to one of the other 1 million genres of music? Do you call your mother and sister whores and bitches on mothers day, or do you buy them flowers and thank them for raising you like everyone else? Exactly.

"Wash my spidey suit ho!!!" LoL

Here's the point.

As you may or may not know, depending on if you follow our twitter, I've been on a "Lil B" kick lately, listening to the various mixtapes he's been putting out. While Lil B the "Ex-robber" still occasionally drops an "I'll shoot you in the face" line (shit, he is from Killer Cali), he pretty much preaches positivity. Sounds good right? Except for one thing. EVERY song (at least recently) has been a misogynistic rant from start to finish. Tracks 1-15, theme: "I get head. I fuck bitches. I'll fuck your bitch. Fuck these Hoes. Suck my Dick. Fuck em in the Butt. If A Bitch wont fuck me shes a faggot."

The question becomes, is there really any harm in callin women bitches and hoes? I mean, it's undoubtedly better than advocating drug dealing and robberies...but is this a victimless pseudo-crime?

Tako's take:

I listen to hood chicks say it all the time. "I'm down for my bitches," "I'm a bad bitch", or "These bitches don't know who they fuckin with." Yes, women are undeniably being affected by this negative imagery. Would they still be acting in the same rachet, chickenheaded fashion had Rapper's not given them a new vocabulary entry in the form of the words 'bitch' and 'ho' ? you bet.

The classiness of a women will only be evident as it is in the influential women around them. That being said, if you are a classy female, say happy mother's day mom, and thank you for imparting upon me morals, values and ladylike values. If not, say, 'Thanks mom. you really fucked up.'

Blaming male chauvinist culture for your own "acting out", or labeling women as low self esteemed victims due to rap culture is some bullshit. Women have been selling pussy long before rap even existed, and have been using the power of the pussy for even longer. Calling women bitches and hoes is just another form of musical expression and indicator of a poor vocabulary. This would be akin to every black man blaming slavery for his feeling "unaccomplished" or like less of a person. Man up...get up, get out and get something.

Show's take:

As always, I agree with my brother form another mother, Tako. I don't call my mother a bitch cause it sounds rude and disrespectful, not because I think it'll cause the planets to shift and a black crowd of crime and prostitution to linger over all neighboring ghettoes. I call my dad "nigga.." Cause its acceptable. Now, at the risk of sounding like a complete chauvinist, I will say, I DO see the harm in little black boys and girls only hearing the "bitch-ho" nursery rhymes recited on TV without proper parental supervision.

This, once again, is a Bad Parenting problem. No one's up Andrew Dice Clay, Bob Sagat or Gay ass Eddie Murphy's ass about their raunchy language. Why might I ask? Because they never achieved the sort of main stream attention and fame as these rappers who have ingeniously made millions calling females garden tools. Ho.

Bitch suck my dick.

Is that really that bad of a line? Its what every guy wants. It's truly the guys who can word that the best who have the highest chance of success. Disguise this phrase as best you can and make it sound as sweet as honey in order to reap the oral copulatory benefits.

Rappers saying bitch hoe, suck my dick is their way of saying "I've made it. I have the money an appeal so I no longer have to disguise my intentions or try hard to get women. I'm gonna call you a bitch and you either accept it, or I'll get another bitch."

That my friends, is truly gangsta.

SO to all the mothers out there I say, happy mothers day ho.

Raise your kids well and they will never call you, or any other female a derogatory phrase...that is, until they become rich and famous rappers. :)

-TS Boys


La Rubia said...

"Raise your kids well and they will never call you, or any other female a derogatory phrase..." least not to their face!

This is a semi-respectful, disrespecful post. I am forced to agree, re: the parenting responsibility point. You can't dress your 2 year old like a prosti-tot, and blare masogynistic rap in her formative years and then scratch your head wondering why her only aspiration is to be the best ass shaker in a rap video.

The Notorious ZAG said...

Ehhh, I have to disagree... I was talking about this the other day, actually. While I wouldn't call my mom or Grama a bitch, my sister and I call each other bitches all the time, and it makes us neither classless, or ignorant. I allow my 9 year old to listen to Childish Gambino/Donald Glover, Jay-Z, Cee-Lo and eveen Ice Cube. Does he call me a bitch? Nope. He says please and thank you, and excuses himself if he has to butt into a conversation to ask me something. I've kept it real with him: he knows what sex is, pussy, condoms, gay and anything else he wants to ask me or my husband/his father. This is too much of a box for me, y'all niggas always tryna classify a bitch!!!

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