Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Show to Kid Rock: Fly that Confederate Flag!!!

So, Someone thought yesterday's post was corny eh? Eat a dick.

Kidding. I guess that really just proved my point altogether. My heart wasn't in the post because (Insert epic music)...Dunn dun dun duhhhh...I DON"T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BIN LADEN BEING DEAD. The Fox News Headline typo of "OBAMA Bin Laden Dead" was hilarious though. If I was the prez I'd fire whoever was supposed to be proofreading.

Anyways, on to more pressing news. I'm sure you've seen this on the newsfeeds lately, but for those who haven't, Country Rockin ass Kid Rock just once a NAACP (you know, the National Association for the advancement of COLORED people) award. o___0. Or better yet -___- . Can you tell we've been tweeting a lot lately? Lol.

Here's the report from www.Newser.com. The funniest part? 63% voted this story as Hilarious, while only 3% voted it as intriguing. Hence me figuring that you guys would like it.

Despite his frequent use of Confederate flag imagery onstage, Kid Rock was presented with an award from the NAACP yesterday. The rocker accepted the Detroit NAACP's Great Expectations Award as 50 NAACP members picketed outside the awards dinner, Rolling Stone reports. Angry members urged a boycott and protest in March, with one calling Kid Rock's use of the flag "a slap in the face of anyone who fought for civil rights in this country."

The rocker has defended his use of the flag as a traditional part of Southern rock. As he accepted the award, which honors his support for Detroit, he said, "I love America, I love Detroit, and I love black people."

--Evann Gastaldo (Newser Staff)

Hmmmmmm. This is really the battle we want to fight black people? Really?

Let me get this clear...in 1947, a brawl between a black and white citizen erupted into a 24 hour riot where 25 blacks were killed by police, and 9 white s killed by angry birds...I mean blacks... This was, I believe, the largest U.S. Riot ever...

And now we're mad at a white man getting an NAACP Award?

Exactly 20 Years later, police brutality, housing discrimination and the like came to a fever pitch resulting in the 1967 Detroit Race Riot, one of the most violent in modern history.Over 40 people were killed, over 1100 people were injured and over 7,000 people were arrested in 5 days.

But we are mad at a white man getting an NAACP Award...Seems ass backwards to me. Pause.

Tako: I think the issue at hand is that he's a white rocker synonymous with displaying the Confederate flag.

Show: I'm not gonna lie, those things still make me nervous...but they make me nervous in the same way a bunch of black folk screaming "nigga this, nigga that" makes white people nervous. His excuse was "he's paying homage to traditional southern rock." I buy that. So what if he wants to take an oppressive sign and use it as a symbol of empowerment. Sounds familiar eh?

C4: Well, mutherfuckin played Mr. Rocka.

Me saying that using the confederate flag is racist and still continuing to support the free use of the N-word would make me the worst kind of hypocrite. At least a confederate flag, if brandished by a black person, would just look silly and not ignite racial tensions. You can't say the same about white people using the N-word.

It's a double standard and while I can't say I support Caucasian usage of the word, I can say that there is some good that comes with the waiving of a rebel flag. While it is an Confederate flag, associated with Good ol' boy racists, it is still an American Flag and represents a part of America's History that we cannot and should not forget. Sure a lot of supporters of the "Confederacy" are racist bigots and the like, but judging all southern rockers by this would be like judging all black people based on Flava Flav. Lol.

Wja3: Slippery slope. What about when people try to "bring back the Swastika" using the same argument.

Show: Eh...that wasn't part of America, let's let the German NappyheadedBros fight that fight. This is a bit different as well, being as how Kid Rock is From Detroit!!! He's never used the N-word...and he was a poor white rapper. How could he not like niggas...ahem...black people. He was bangin Pamela Lee (Most black guys white girl fantasy) rather than some skinny Kate Winslet broad. Kid Rock is as much of a nigga as you !! He wear's his "long hair don't care" just like Weezy F. Baby, and they're friends!! He wear's hoodies as a show of solidarity and response to the hoods once worn by the KKK to oppress!!!

C4: Shut the fuck up...You are completely off track now.

Moral of the story is, I applaud Kid Rock for refusing to be punked by a bunch of uppity Niggas. I applaud his use of the Rebel Flag to take back a sybol once used to oppress the oppressed all the while invoking the Spirits of rockers past. I applaud the NAACP for saying, "fuck it...this nigga's from Detroit, and half the people complaining wouldn't bring their bougie brown asses down through these slums" so we are gonna Rock with Kid Rock.

They made an important step towards not only supporting an artist who has decided to give back to his impoverished city, but also towards ailing racial tensions and bringing people of all races back together in a city notorious for tearing them apart.

Kudos Detroit NAACP...

And to Kid Rock I say, Waive that Rebel Flag Nigga. You deserve to.



Hadiyyah said...

Articulate brother...although very green to racial reality and in love with the innate unnatural in Western and European ideals and institutions...

Rock said...

Well...umm....thanks? Kidding. An accurate assessment of myself. I need some work, but thanks for reading.