Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Julisca has AIDS...I'm just putting it out there.

Random Chickenhead: Boy, I just flew in from Miami and boy is my jaw tired.

Insert crowd sound effect: Ooooooooohhhhhh.

What up slimes and slimettes?

Wja3: Did You Really just say that? Don't give me the look like you're about to throw a hood cliche at me. Say "Stop it 5" and I'll throw this fucking Corona bottle at you.

C4: Smh.

It's your Boy Tako Tsou-Woooooo taking over the blog in the absence of my brother from another Showrockafloca. He's been off the grid for a few days but I'm sure he'll surface.

C4: Oh so you blooding now? This nigga Tako is a fuckin anomaly. Tako Tsou-Woo. Oh my fucking god.

Wja3: It's kinda clever. Lol.

Anyways, I just figured I'd offer my off brand expertise on the dangers of sex as a precursor to your wonderful Tuesday morning...aka the morning before the first time you see your "girlfriend" after her memorial day trip with her "girls." In case you can't see me, I'm making air quotes with my hands and doing the hand to mouth cock sucking gesture when I say "trip with her girls." Just thought you should know.

Now that that is out of the way, I've got a few questions for the blog readers.

How many of you would willingly sleep with a girl you KNEW had full blown AIDS? (A few years ago the answer would've been zero, but due to the recent epidemic of thirsty niggas, an approval rate of 25% wouldn't surprise me.) Yes I am aware that condoms are designed to protect against this sort of thing, but how many would willingly enter into this situation?

OK. Next question. How many of you would buy an expensive piece of jewelry from a man in the street with no credentials? You may never see this man again and he man run off with thousands of your dollars in the event that a refund or exchange may be needed.

A lot of you are saying "fuck that, how can I trust that nigga...I dont know him....shit might be fake," yet are willing to trust girls with fake tits that they've just met with something more valuable than a few hundred dollars...your life.

I'm not getting preachy, I'm just putting things in perspective...and giving you some reading material for that post Miami waiting room in the clinic. Think about it.

WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT THAT SEXY GIRL YOU BANGED THIS WEEKEND? Last name? Probably not. Mom and dad's name? Doubtful. If I'm talking to females, or guys dealing with strippers, you may not even have more than a "street name / nickname." Hmmmmm.

C4: Show's not here, but I'll be him and say what he would. "Why the fuck does any of that matter if its a one night stand? (Rocka Voice).

I'll tell you why you little high yellow pretentious bastard.

C4: I'm supposed to be showrock!

Oh, Ok then...I'ma break it down for you like this my slime.

By not knowing any of this pertinent information you are breaking the google rule.

Wja3: Google Rule?

Yes, the Google Rule. Show and I instituted this rule back in 2003. Why do you think we're always googling ourselves.

C4: Vanity.

Wja3: Child support warrants? Lol.

If you dont have certain information you can't properly follow step 2 in the 3 step google test.

1.) Ask your boys if she is a known Ho, slore or morally loose girl.

2.) Gain pertinent information to Google her to make sure.

3.) If said woman is Burning, theiving or has AIDS, post it online and let it go....viral. Lol.

Wja3: Wowwwwwwwwww.

If you don't take the 10 seconds it takes to google her, then its your fault for not seeing the #7 search result for Julisca ******* from ******* street. Here's a hint. The Subject says Julisca has AIDS.

Would you still sleep with her?

Wja3: Didn't think you'd pull it off but well put Taka flocka. Are guys really airing out females like that though?

C4: It's actually doing them a favor. If they don't disclose and willingly transmit they can be charged with a Felony. And I never thought about it. You do research online for 30 minutes before you make a purchase but cant take 10 minutes to google a girl? I'm agreeing with Tak...for once.

Tako: And this is where I begin my assent to the throne. Eventually you know I'll be replacing Show as the resident voice of recklessness.

Wja3: Yeah ok....

To be continued...................


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good point, good point lol

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