Thursday, May 19, 2011

Judgement day: Tako's Confession

A few of my childhood friends don't really fuck with me at the moment and C4 and Show always ask me why. I never really told the story because i'm not the type to make my business public, nor am i the type to put actual hood shit on the Internet. At the moment tho,

I feel like the world is gonna end anyway, so fuck it.

Dear Show & C4,

The reason those 2 cats don't fuck with me is not because I snitched or signed any kind of statement like you guys like to joke around and say. Actually, say that shit one more time and one of yall is gonna get 2 black eyes like a raccoon.

Show: Whatever nigga, you must be talkin to C4.

C4: I will not let this turn into a "Nigga moment."

Now you both know normally I never keep anything from yall, but this was some street shit...and it was something which, I couldnt believe my boys would ever do, not in a million years. Just think. How would you feel if your best friends of 20+ years told you they raped a girl and scared her into secrecy by threatening her elderly grandma. No that's not what happened, but i saw your faces so you know...that's how i felt.

Wja3: I think i may have walked in at a bad time...Errrrr...Wja3 will be an accomplice to no pre-meditated crime.

C4: Nah, Tako's just having a true life confessions moment.

So while I was at Penn my dudes were home doing their thing as usual... buying jewelry, selling dope, repeating the vicious cycle of depreciating assets, poverty and financial and moral irresponsibility. I dont judge, Im just sayin , thats what was goin on. Every time I'd leave campus to go back around the way I'd kick it with them, careful not to judge, but also making sure everybody was "clean" before they got in the whip. I catch a drug conviction, my financial aid goes bye bye. Gun charges? Those are OK.

When i did catch the stupid gun charge and they gave me probation, since it was technically a registered gun, just from a non-reciprocal state, I had to reevaluate my situation. I loved my niggas and we've been down since like 5 years old, but it was time to buckle down and hit the books hard. I fell back and sorta layed low for almost a year. Mind you, niggas knew I was in school, yet somehow the peanut gallery came up with some rumor that I had quit school and started doing drugs. Like, niggas thought I was smoked out for real.

Not thinking much of it, I thought the stupid rumor was when C4 was pledging and everybody thought he was smoking crack cause he couldnt shave or cut his hair and got caught sleepin in a park. I, however, being the fuckface that I am, decided to take it a step further. I was gonna run with the rumor and come back to the hood to see if my niggas would serve me (sell me crack). I had 3 main homies. Now I have one. I think you can see how that story goes.

Now. For the introspective part.

What the fuck would you do if your lifelong friend facilitated the chance of you blowing a once in a lifetime opportunity at an Ivy league education? What if your friend showed reckless disregard for your life, well being and general health. These 2 motherfuckas sold me crack. Like rocks! Not cocaine, not weed, but crack!

My so called friends were essentially willing to sell me into a painful, AIDS infected, strung out early grave for 50 dollars...and these are niggas I've shot with, been shot at with and the like.

Sidenote: The entire room is somber and silent at this point.


Sidenote: Except for Tako yelling.

The end of the world on 5/21/11? Nah nigga, that right there was the end of the world for me. They say crack destroys communities, bullshit. Niggas like this destroy communities. Money destroys communities. When 9/10 niggas would sell their family and soul for a price, you know judgement day is coming. The end of the world was like 6 years ago for me b. To me, 2 of my friends died and a piece of me died with them.

That's why I don't fuck with them...and that was when i finally realized that judgment day wasn't already passed. We're just living amidst the painful aftermath.

*****, and ****** ....FUCK BOTH YOUR MOTHERS.

Bones, You my dude and I'd die for you.

-Taka Flaka Flame NHBBG (NappyheadedBros Blogger Gang)


Piph said...

Wow.... That was pretty messed up of them to do something like that; whether the rumor was real or fake.

The Cardigan Villain said...

"That's why they shouldn't let n***** go shoppin."- Uncle Ruckus, no relation

Sorry, that is what came to mind when I saw the pic from The Boondocks.

That will be a 40 dollar copay

Dr Gan, Pharm.D.
The Cardigan Villain

Justin said...

shit you gna get it somewhere

mandy ;) said...

at least now u kno they aint about shit...fucked up way to find out but its better to know then walk around thinkin those niggas are real...