Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden is Dead? Eh. When's the New Lil B Album Comin out?

Bin Laden is dead eh? (Come on Son Face).

I'm a natural skeptic, as I'm sure you all know. I'm not gonna say some shit to get me labelled as a USA Hater or terrorist and shit though. I'll just put it like this. Bin Laden is probably about as dead as Tupac. Both have met an unfortunate demise, and authorities have yet to produce a body. Once again, insert "come on son face." I mean, yall not even gonna photoshop some shit for us?!

More importantly, The military and U.S. Government KNOW FOR A FACT that American citizens were going to demand empirical evidence, especially in today's cell phone video age. You know one of them niggas woulda had a camera. True story tho, if Mediatakeout don't show it, I doubt the existence of said tape. You mean to tell me NOBODY was tryin to get paid? Yea, aiiiiight.

Fuck all that though, here's the important part.

You know dead rappers get better promotion.

Tako: I saw Pac Last Week.

C4: Nigga that aint Pac!

That being said, this nigga Bin Laden bout to sell hella albums...sheiiit, I'm waiting for people to start playin that peety Pablo Song Again (Take the flag, wave it round ur head like a helicopter.)

Even if Bin Laden is dead, his movement isn't. Glorifying his death not only gives his supporters cause to view him as a Martyr, but also symbolizes an "end" which is symbolic at best. It was like the signing of the emancipation proclamation that "freed" the slaves. Slavery still existed for years after and the remnants of said institutionalized racism still exist.

Nevertheless, I never saw Hitler's body, but I'm sure he's dead today.

I never saw Jesus's body, but I'm sure he's not still alive.

Bin Laden was a freak of nature (a 6' 6" inch arab) with declining health. If he's not dead, he'd probably be dead in 5-10 years anyway. I hear cave life is rough.

This being said, we now have a newfound wave of patriotism to ride. Hopefully this is not the U.S. governments plan to prep us for another war, etc. Bin Laden is dead so I'ma need all my rapper friends to pop a bottle of rose'. Wait, what do you mean you wont? You did it for Charlie sheen.

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No there is no clever underlying conspiracy theory here, just an observation on what it means for Bin Laden to have bit the bullet. I honestly cared more when Saddam died. We grew up on Saddam. He was like a cartoon character, or the bogeyman...when I heard he died, I was like "Sadam Hussein?!! Word my nigga?!!" It was like Captain crunch caught AIDS or something. :(

I heard Bin Laden died and was like "eh." It took us 10 years to find him, I lost interest. Yes I'm a full blooded patriotic American proud to scream all that ramparts gallantly screaming shit, but I'm an A.D.D. 28 year old first. I'm sorry. Hearing Bin Laden is dead is like hearing that Ja Rule made a new album. Eh. I woulda cared 8 years ago, but now.....not so much.

Just my thoughts.

-Show Ow Owww

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Piph said...

I'm with you on this... I couldn't care any less about his ass being dead. I forgot dude even existed!