Friday, April 15, 2011

White America made me like hood chicks

"Yes, I'll take her...Dark meat only though, and with a splash of Soul seasoning and a side order of hood. Oh? You don't serve that here? You suggest I check your harlem restaurant? SMH. "

Hang around weed heads all day and though you won't necessarily start smoking weed, you will undoubtedly be introduced to other weed heads. This is fact. Hang around hood niggas and you will, by default, be introduced to a variety of colorful hood niggas and females. This is cool...if that's what you're into. Me myself, I don't think I'm really into hood bitches, though I love hangin with hood niggas because...well, that's how we grew up.

The lack of bitch-ass-ness in hood niggas hearts usually allows for one to say what the fuck he feels without fear of someone crying, snitching or judging and facilitates free movement within the keep it 100 spectrum. This being said, I should like hood bitches for the same reason, right? wrong.

Here's the reason. A nigga can be wiz Khalifa tatted up and chicks will think its sexy, yet I highly doubt most chicks could get away with that Kat Von D tattoo shit. Sure, its a double standard, but that doesnt make it any less true. I've only seen 1 girl with a sexy face tattoo. This was in vegas, with Dezo as my witness. Her not knowing what facebook was (in 2010), however, was a dead "hood" giveaway. Not my type, but I still would smash in retrospect.

Dezo: the giveaway should've been that she was smoking a black and mild when u met her.

Show: fuck up.

Why am I bringing this up, might you ask? To prove a point. Hanging around hood bitches really only makes me realize that maybe they aren't my thing, in the same way that going to a Jamaican club makes me realize that I'd rather listen to regular hip hop. The problem is...i love the way Hood chicks look...(this does not mean I'm endorsing wearing headwraps in public, fake gucci or purple weaves...I'm talking about the person.)

Because of the fact that white America demands "corporate," "professional" or "successful" people to dress a certain way, women tend to conform to certain molds. Hair becomes shorter, skin becomes paler via foundation and makeup, and puertorican girls stop having the sexy blonde or dark Burgundy hair.

The cheek piercings come out, and the attitude is curtailed.

Wja3: And those Nike Eyebrows! LMAO

Tako: Perhaps you just aren't meant for a professional or secretary type chick. You do realize that even you wouldn't take a nurse seriously if she had an eyebrow ring or neck tattoo.

Show: I'm aware of that...but damn. White America has really screwed us on this one...

Tako: You sound like a Farrakhan with this the white man is keeping me down shit...

C4: If Show's gonna go at it with Tako, there's usually a good point to be made...or straight up ignorance.

Show: lemme break it down...just like Chris Brown, I'll break the bitch down..(French Montana voice).

White America gives minority women two choices in corporate America. Be a sexpot, or be a lighter-skinned version of yourself attempting to pass as white. Adapt the mannerisms, and this goes beyond professionalism,and the typical ignorant idea of "talking white." I'm talking about, assimilation to the point of denouncing your culture. Don't tell them you celebrate Kwanzaa, dont take offense to racist entendre, don't make rap references, eat what they eat, etc. Be a good house nigga.

Choose to go the other route and sell your image via embracing the hypersexualized notion of minority woman being sexual property, yet, now having "white features!" This puts most "thick women" out of the running, unless your junk in the trunk comes with a J-lo sized waist and is not intimidating to whites. Be a nice secretary Ms. Jackie-Robinson.


Maybe because I'm a so called intellectual and read into things, I dont find this attractive. Maybe its because i associate it with selling your soul. Sure I may be an Ivy educated scholar, holder of a double masters, and yada yada. On paper it'd look great for me to be with a lawyer or doctor, but in reality I hate the stupid "corporate bun", skirt-suit, skin lightening make-up and bullshit articulateness which is really a farse. Fuck Michelle O'bama, I want keisha cole. I don't want a Rican from "la isla" I want a Newyourican. Fuck a weekend weppaaaaaaa, i want that shit all week.

I guess it just took white people making the distinction so painfully obvious for me to notice this.

For that, I guess I owe them thanks. At this point it has nothing to do with personality, class, drive or ambition cause in actuality i HATE HOW HOOD BITCHES ACT.

Hopefully, I can change that though...

Cause I love how yall look...



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I couldn't agree more.

madg said...

I couldn't agree more.

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