Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where Brook(Lynn) at???

So slime.... You really gonna tell me that Legendary Hot 97 DJ and hip hop personality Mr. Cee didn't know this was a man?

Like puertoricans say to condoms...I'm not buying it. Jk. Let's be honest though fam...this nigga looks like, well...a nigga!! Doesnt surprise me though. Mr Cee always had that "Big Tigger-bald headed nigga who's smile is too sweet" look to him. Sheiiiiiit. "You look so good, I'd suck on your Daddy's dick." One of the legendary Gay lines off Biggie's Ready to die. Yep. Mr. Cee produced that album. I'm sure he was like "yea, yeah. thatt's that fire boy....leave that in." B.I.G. was probably suckin him off to. Niggas did anything for a deal back then.

Tako: Good lord my dude. DO NOT DISRESPECT THE DEAD!!

Show: I'm just keepin it 100. I don't trust Diddy-relationships. I was sure he was bangin Ma$e. Two grown rich men living together not for rent reasons? And now THIS!!! My man's DJ was gettin neck from a Miss J alexzander look alike.

C4: Nah, that nigga look more like Choppa young City.

Wja3: Or a black Doug Funny with that "blossom" nose.

Show: Whoa. (Joey voice.)

Tako: Bamboo earrings, at least to pair. LMAOOOOOO

Show: Give me twooooooooooo pairrrrrrrrrr (nelly voice).

C4: Turns on ipod to play B.I.G.'s "Dead Wrong."

Wja3: Catch phrases and slang you can no longer use on the radio: "Go hard", "Gettin it in", and my personal favorite "It's goin down!!!!!!!!!"

Peek-a-boo....the NYPD see's you.

And get this, the He-she's street name is "Brook-Lynn". Where Brooklyn at ?? (Mr Cee voice...literally." Funny thing is, dude gets on the radio and tries to go on with business as usual. Then he denies the allegations on twitter despite having been arrested 2x last year for loitering with the intention of soliciting prostitutes on the TRANSEXUAL stroll. To make things worse, he's blaming the NYPD as crooked. Here's what the police report says the tranny was doing... verbatium....

"manipulating defendant Lebrun’s exposed, naked, erect penis with defendant Campbell’s mouth and lips and an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex."

Can't fight that one Slime. My advice, of course if I were Mr. Cee's PR guy, would be this:

"You know you done fucked up right? (Menace voice). There's absolutely, positively only one way to go about this. You gotta say you appologize for frequenting a prostitute stroll in a moment of lust and passion, but you WILL NOT appologize for being gay. Now you're covered from being fired (you can sue for discrimination). Next, start screamin "Yea nigga, it's the hottest gay DJ outa BK....Mr. Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....fuck DJ Khaled, when it comes to smokin pole and blowin out backs, We the besssssssssssssssssst!!!" Then proceed to tell the truth about your buddy Funkmasterflex and your homosexual relationship with B.I.G. You'll be a gay legend. "

Good advice?



Alovelydai said...

Yeah Dude doesn't even look like a lady. And WTH is that wet shyt on him/her lips...never mind. F*cking gross!!

mandy ;) said...

i mean what confuses me is how he felt he was not gonna get found out....i agree he should just go balls out (very homo) and be honest "i like to get fucked in and around my ass, also njoy my penis in a man's mouth, its the strong jawline that gets me off" in a culture that is supposed to pride themselves on "being real" or to quote show "keepin it 100" that nigga is deep in the closet (not that there is anything wrong with that jerry seinfeld voice)
and that whole line about diddy and ma$e is funny shit but also true....

The Cardigan Villain said...

Live from parent's basement

I do not know what was worse. The nasty act this DJ did or the fact that I was eating a tomatoe, banana pepper, and chesse sammich with mayo while reading and looking at the pictures of that naughty transsexual.

Did I mention, I had pesto sauce drippin from the bread and my lips, which I thought nothing of til I read Alovelydai's comment about said transexual's lips.


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