Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What It Means To Be 28...and Show Rocka BUSTIN' HIS ASS!

The very first time I blogged on this site it was about my 26th Birthday and the things I learned that day. A lot has changed/evolved since then. Today I blog about my 28th, what it means to be 28, what I have learned, and what I might NOT have learned.

Birthday Lessons of Ages 21-26 <--LINK

26: Always Have A White Friend

27: It's OK to pass out at your own birthday party if you're at home in your own bed.

28: My go-hard-in-the-muthaf###in-paint days are numbered.

Since I have a penchant for falling asleep after having too much to drink, and fully intending to have too much to drink, I had a Birthday Brunch at my favorite place where brunch comes with endless drank. It began classy enough. About 20 of my closest friends and associates eating brunch, being served good food and good drank, behaving like adults. The bill came and it was settled fairly quickly and without fanfare. At 23 this would have been a catastrophic event. People would be itemizing and all of a sudden forgetting their wallets, and 30 minutes later after all the momentum of fun has been ground to a halt, someone with significantly higher blood pressure than when they came in would have handed the check to the waitress.

After brunch we're down at the bar and A-Nice and Show Rocka are catching up for the first time since they were both skinny (both are now fairly brolic. pause.), until A-Nice challenges Show to a race. "There's a whole block outside right now," he says. Being the man he is, Show readily accepts this challenge, and C4 readies the iPhone camera. Then this happened.

LMAOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Yes, that's me laughing in the background. Show bust his ass so hard that part of a shoulder tat is now missing. No biggie he'll just use that as an excuse to get another one. The bartender came outside and told us to come back in, and shortly afterwards my entire party was refused the sale of alcohol so we went to the bar next door. Coincidence? I think not.
When I was 23, if the bartender said no more drinks for me or any of my friends, I might cuss him out, piss on the floor, get into a fight, maybe get arrested. This year, wiser and fully aware of the alcohol and delicious buffalo wings available next door I just said, "We out!!!" A few hours later only the true weekend warriors were still with me, and I was fading. At this point I declared that me and Jazzy Jen were taking a cab back to the crib, proceeded the daps and hugs, and dipped to my local bodega for sandwiches and a six pack. When I was 23...or 27 and 11 months, I might have tried to thug it out, keep partying, pass out and have to be escorted home somehow to be filled in on the ugly details later.

This whole thing in a nutshell is what I feel it means to be 28.

28 means I'm old enough to have a birthday brunch, but that brunch will turn into a party in which no less than four attendees have horror stories about trying to get home.

28 means niggas can afford cashmere sweaters, but they're drunk enough to race down the street in them in broad daylight.

28 means partying like you're 21 results in feeling like you're 35.

Real talk, I don't recover like I used to. Yeah I can go hard in the paint....once. Gone are the days of staying out til 7am, going to work at 9am then staying out again until 4am. Show me a 28 year old still pulling that off, I'll show you someone with a coke habit.

Last night in the Lakers-Hornets playoff game, Kobe Bryant posterized Emeka Okafor. Afterwards, Kobe was quoted as saying, "It looked like he was going to challenge me at the rim, and I decided to accept the challenge. ... It's a message for us that this was important. It's time to raise up and do what we've got to do. They're not saved dunks. I don't have much of those left."

That's how I feel about getting older and partying. I can still do it, but the cost to feel like a boss is much higher on the body. So with 28 year old knowledge that my hangovers are worse, I make sure that I take care of them better. Why? Cuz I don't wanna die early, or develop some shit I gotta take meds for. I understand that I need to take care of myself, so that at 33 I can still dunk on Emeka Okafor like Kobe (metaphorically speaking). And like Kobe, I'll only be able to pull it out of the reserves if I don't use them up now trying to be Blake Griffin.

-C4 2 Ya Door

To be continued...the mystery of what happened to Show and LeFleur after leaving the party.


mandy ;) said...

LMAO ay bendito show smh....I only wish i was there to see it first hand, and C4 your laugh is contagious! i love it

Anthea Jay Kamalnath said...

Happy birthday again! Thank god we darkies age gracefully, ;)