Friday, April 8, 2011

Rap Ruined the Club.

Show: Yesterday's post was dope.

C4: Eh, It was average.

Show: You always say that, you're a fucking hater.

C4: You have the tendency to be 1-dimensional at times. Let's see...Black people vs white people, Black history with an asshole's twist & Crazy college stories. That's all you got...or at the very least, those are your fallbacks. Prove me wrong.

Here's my attempt to prove C4 wrong. I will not try to educate, not invoke sentiments of racism past. I will not talk about the time I skeeted on a musilm girls veil by accident or banged the security guard at my dorm sophomore year. Im just gonna speak about a growing problem in America today...the Nightclub. Girls often ask me why I don't frequent the club more often and my answer has typically been "I've outgrown it."

The requisite response usually involves them joking about me being an "old man" who "can't hang," but in reality, it's just the opposite. Sure I'm in my late twenties, bordering the "dreaded" 30 (no pun intended ), but I can and do hang all night...just not in the nightclub. Is it because I hate the club? No. I still frequent clubs about 3-4 times a year for various birthday celebrations. So why then, might you ask, do I see the club as a problem? I'll tell you why. It's those got damned rappers. They've ruined the club.

C4: I you think you've outgrown the "bang bang, shoot em up and make it rain on a stripper" message of rap played in heavy rotation?

Show: No. I love rap music. What I mean by rappers (and athletes too) ruined the club, is that they've made VIP the norm and priced the club beyond a regular persons means. Everything in rap has always been about exclusivity and excess...but not to this point...not to the point where rappers are actually fucking all the regular girls and basically telling them that "if a nigga aint in VIP or buying bottles, he aint shit."

Do these women ever ask where your bottle money comes from or if you have a 401K. No. Half don't even know what that is. Can I afford to buy a bottle? Yes. It is just my common sense that takes over and says paying 250-650 dollars plus 15% gratuity for one 29.99 dollar bottle of liquor (a between 9x and 23x markup)is absurd. This is essentially mortgage money being spent to woo girls who are only concerned with aesthetics and the idea of being "in the VIP."
Sure you'll get drunk and probably have sex with them, but at what cost...I'm sure a prostitute is much cheaper if that's your end goal. The problem becomes that there is no longer a place for a "regular guy" in the club. Spending 2,000 minimum in a club is the stuff drug dealers, rappers and athletes are made of.

The corporate types with this type of money to blow would probably rather blow it at Le bec fin on lunch, rather than surround themselves with reckless rapper, athletes, video hoes and D-boys. College kid's have their "1 dollar college nights"....Gay people have "gay bars"....and us regular people...? We just have Bufallo wild wings and Late night happy hour at TGI Fridays. The club belongs to the rappers :/

"Really guys? A million ones? Come on.....There's starving people in China." Don't worry though, Buffalo Wild Wings has like 12 different wing sauces and I got appetizer snacks on snacks on snacks. Guess I am getting old....too old to be wasteful. Churcccccch. -Es Roca


The Imperial WJA3 said...

Very good.

Pimpin Pab said...

I don't think it's cuz you out grew it, it's more like you now have a lot of responsibilities. Now the "real" man looks at it like either going out wasting this money to impress ppl 4 wutever reason and not have lights, gas,or food, ooorr call my ppl over and have the same good time with ppl I give a shit about for way less.

C 4 said...

There you go. See I'm no hater. Just as a fellow NHB I expect more from you (no mr cee). And here it is.

KJ said...

i can dig it man, the one time i found a (relatively) cheap bottle of champagne for my birthday, the amount of hassle, long lines, and crowdedness of the spot, wasn't even worth it...i left after finishing the bottle and partied at a free lounge..let the regular chick vie for vip

The Notorious ZAG said...

Interesting perspective... I'm not a club head either, and I don't HATE the club, I just don't like what's there for me. As a fat chick, I'm often targeted as an all else has failed, end of the night jumpoff, when it will never ever EVER go down like that. Another thing is, I like to dance, like...really dance, and its either, "DAAAAMN, THAT FAT BITCH IS GETTING IT IN!!!" or some nasty pervert coming up trying to stick his boner between my buttcheeks. To that, I say, "No Thank You." But I don't mind going to the occasional birthday party or what have you. I'm too old for that other dumb shit...

Vineeth G. Zillah said...

I tend to disagree with those who suggest this is a case of responsibilities outweighing club prices. This is a case of club prices having no value. I am able to pay cover AND my electric bill. I'm still not willing to pay cover. There simply is no value in having your ears blasted for three hours and getting drunk to snag a bitch, when you can just put on a t-shirt and show up outside the club at 3:45 and still snag a bitch.

Excellent post, Imma tweet that shit.