Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Propoganda: Thick Latina Girls, Deebo, Hitler & Diddy

"Hide your wives, hide your kids....(Antione Dodson Voice.)" No homo

"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise." --World leader

One of the important things about propoganda is that it can make even the most intelligent person forget that whatever it is they are seeing defies both logic, common sense or emperical proof. Take me for example. I take everything I read from with a grain of salt, yet i continually read it and oftentimes forget that it's really just paparazzi propoganda. Last week, for instance, I saw the site say 50 cent has a new playboy model girlfriend. I'm thinking, "damn, that's a good look, shes fine." Then , the same day on Twitter, 50 Cent basically says "I dont know that bitch, i just took a pic with her." Propoganda...and the end result? Mediatakeout is the most popular and visited Urban website in the world.

Now. Let's bring this itherenon (idea + Theory +phenomenon --Coined by showrock) into real life terms. Niggas can't distinguish between thick and fat anymore because big tittied and fat assed women have effectively used propganda to their advantage thereby tricking us into believing it is the norm for fat asses and titties to come with the cooresponding gut. Raises Huey P. Newton Fist. Congratulations, you girls are winning, because no sane man who doenst like it in the poop chute is gonna turn down this...

Hallelejuah sweet baby Jesus.

I know I wouldnt.

Also, Girls who fuck Aspiring Talent agents, Musicians and the like.... you have also been fooled by propoganda. You are not, I repeat, not a legitimate CEO of a record label if you are unsigned and have no mechanism for distribution, shows, etc. If you have a dayjob working as a rent-a-cop, you AREN'T A RECORD LABEL CEO. 'Career at a Standstill, how you gonna start a movement" (Joe Budden Voice.) You can , however, make people believe you with a whole lot of swag, a nice website and some cheap business cards. Propoganda my friends.

Now...why do I bring up the power of propoganda today? Well, for two reasons.

1.) Lil B is naming his album "I'm gay." A questionable move seing as how his sexuality has already been questioned and he does in fact look like a homo. Saying "If Kanye don't give me a beat, I'ma fuck him in the ass" is beyond questionable, tho he says it was a joke. "Well name one person in the Hood that play like that" (Craig from Friday voice.)

Nevertheless, Lil B has one of the biggest internet movements/ followings since Soljaboy (the grandfather of that internet rappin shit.) Lil B's followers are KNOWN to say "He can fuck my girl anyday. Swag." and mean that shit. Wow. Propoganda. Powerful. Ladies, can you imagine your boyfriend saying that shit with a straight face? If so, you and your man are both groupies. Swag.

2.) Today is the birthday of one of the world's greatest leaders/ biggest assholes ever. I can relate because despite my being an asshole, I'm the leader of this blog and I too, use the purvasive power of prose to disseminate my oftentimes crude and off the wall theories or messages. That being said, happy birthday Adolf Hitler. Yep. Hitler nigga. He's the "World Leader" quoted in the blog's 1st sentence. Yall were fuckin with me until I bigged up Hitler huh? Lemme finish tho slime...

By the time he died at age 56, Hitler had accomplished more than most people ever will, despite the fact that he off'd himself like a lil bitch. In a way that his white power contemporaries could NEVER emmulate, Hitler, for lack of a better phrase, "had the whole country going HAM." I'm talking EXTERMINATING an entire population of people simply by virtue of his words, propganda and faithfull following.

Hitler led with the charisma of Obama, and the swag of diddy. I am by no means glorifying his Holocaust nor making light of it, but I am saying that his power as a leader CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be ignored. Would genocie in parts of the world like Kosovo or Darfur have been prevented had we not learned the power of propganda and made the mistake of not believing P-hitler when he "told us that [he] wont stop?" Fuck no.

The crazy part about all this, is that Hitler never even denied his method, motives or use of propganda. He told us he was gonna take our gold chain, then took it...then made us believe it was "like both of our chain." He basically pulled a deebo. Yea, when he was alive we was quiet....but now he dead....we be talkin again. LOL.

Hitler was a smart mofo. He knew that playing on peoples emotions was more powerful than relying on the power of reason. Old boy Adolf was even quoted as saying "I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few." He knew exactly what the fuck he was doing. Was he aware that some of his teachings may have been wrong? Of course. But in the grand scheme of things, he knew that in order to further his means he had to make people BELIVEVE. He was on that yes we can shit way before Baracka Flocka.

"As soon as by one's own propaganda even a glimpse of right on the other side is admitted, the cause for doubting one's own right is laid." --Hitler

Never let em see the flaws of your logic and never let em see you sweat.

"Great liars are also great magicians." --Hitler

The mutherfucka worked dopeboy magic on the masses.

We say that to say this. Never forget that be it a rap song, news report, or poweful oration or speech...words are powerful. You may doubt the methods and motives of those chosen to lead, but in the end only one thing matters. In a world where words are weapons and propganda is ammo, The best leaders have the streetsweepers cocked ready to let em go (Nelly voice.)



adameliclem said...

Every time you misspelled propaganda, God sent a dead MC to the back of the bus.

Rock said...

Eh. i gave up on spell check. I need an intern.

mandy ;) said...

good shit

adameliclem said...

No, what you need is a paid employee, not some chump who's desperate to have something to tack onto their CV.,

La Rubia said...

"One of the important things about propoganda is that it can make even the most intelligent person forget that whatever it is they are seeing defies both logic, common sense or emperical proof."


I remember when I was living in Spain, I'd be in my apartment and hear the bell from below buzzing all through the building with the guy announcing that he wanted in our building to shove a bunch of ads and shit we didn't want or need into our mailbox, but he only said one word: "propaganda!"  In the U.S. we've become masters at camouflaging it... we don't call it propaganda, because we all know that propaganda infers that, at least part of it, is bullshit.  So here instead, the man at the door says: "How are you, you look nice, I was just wondering, could I take a moment of your time just to tell you about a great deal..." still bullshit, but camoflauged, essentially, he wants to come in and smooth you into buying a $100 vacuum for only $19 a month for the rest of your fucking life.  And people buy it, because you let down your guard and get your pants charmed off you and somehow remain smiling in blissful ignorance without realizing you're getting ass fucked until three months later when your vacuum stops working, and you still owe $3000 on the thing.  No one ever calls it what it is.  Propaganda = bullshit put out there to make an asshole look like a saint, or a piece of shit look like a piece of gold.  But, you're right, it is genius, we're the dumb asses that buy into it.  It's worked long before Hitler, and clearly still going strong today.  

Pretty profound one here....really good.