Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Problem with black men...and Women

Haven't blogged in a few days, mostly because I'm nursing a 4 day hangover post C4's 28th bday celebration. For those of you who aren't my FB friends I'll tell you yes the rumors are true that a drunken foot-race ensued down 79th St, someone nearly cracked their skull open and C4 managed to get it all on film. He will take the liberty of embarrassing me tomorrow.

And now...onto more pressing matters.

Black men...Pause.

The problem with Black men is simple. We love white women. the end.


The problem with black and Latino men is a culture of braggadocio and Machismo which leads to us always trying to out-do, one-up or out stunt each other. How do we do this? Money, material items and the baddest available bitches. In 2011 it has even gotten so out of hand that having money and hoes isnt enough, as those truly "hood rich" homies choose to combine these two for a synergistic effect seeing who can buy the most hoes (trickin) or bestow upon them the most miscellaneous single dollar bills (makin it rain.)

That's our problem.

Gucci, Louie Vuitton and Prada dont give a fuck about us, nor do the white people who think we are bastardizing their brand. Can you blame them though? I don't think a white person would do this, nor would Mr. Vuitton endorse it.

The problem then, when broken down into its basest element is nothing more than a failure to prioritize. We are spending beyond our means in order to impress others doing the same. It we all decided to do away with this crab in a bucket mentality, or all just keep it 100 about our bank accounts, we'd be able to save for mortgages instead of buying bottles. BLACK MEN: STOP LISTENING TO RAPPERS.

Black women...your problem is a little different.

Black women, rather than judge themselves based on how fine their man is, tend to rely on more concrete measures. Whereas a man blowing dough on miscellaneous hoes classifies him as a "baller", a woman doing the same would be classified by her friends as a "damn fool." It is somehow more acceptable to bankroll a man in jail...I never understood that one, but that's a different blog for a different day.

Women, like their penis packing counterparts (pause) tend to gauge their successes based on their material possessions as compared with their peers. The only difference is, black women have always been more thrifty and over the top than their male counterparts leading them dangerously into the realm of fake coach bags and gucci foolery. Businesswomen: Fake Coach Bags. Hoodrats: Fake gucci. WOMEN, LISTEN TO CAM'RON: "Get rid of that coach bag...cause you aint got no swag."

Hmmmmmm. So rather than spending beyond their means, black women are attempting to "stunt" by creating a false sense of superiority over a woman, who for instance, may have spent the same amount of money on a Nine West or Guess handbag. This phenomenon, in its basest element, then becomes a reflection of overcompensation for diminished feelings of self worth attached to material items.

Niggas want to fit in and feel important by following the norm set by celebrities and drug dealers with money. Chicks want to feel better about themselves by making other chicks feel worse. This makes perfect sense given the tendency of women to be harsher judges of physical appearance, which, in a world filled with glass ceilings and sexual discrimination, FORCES them to worry about appearance.

Either way, it seems like the idea of "stuntin" is indirectly a product of the "powers that be" but eventually becomes another problem for black men and black women. Don't shoot me as the messenger, I just diagnosed the problem and articulated it.

You now have 2 choices....

1.) Take my message and use it for good, deciding to rebel against materialistic mentality and living check to check.

2.) Or say sheeeeiiiit, I knew it was the white man's fault for instituting racist rhetoric in the media, why should I let him dictate how I have fun.

I don't know bout yall, but I'm going to pop a bottle. Jk.


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