Thursday, April 7, 2011

B.E.C.K.Y.S --A Mr. Mulatto Post

So I was talking to my Caribbean homeboy "The Tragic Mulatto" the other day and he basically encouraged me to find a rescue my alter ego, Mr. Mulatto from the depths of obscurity for a triumphant return to my blog kingdom. Too much? As the only black man I know, besides my cousin Chain, who has never slept with a white women I think I can use him as a sounding board for my theories on why the stigma of interracial dating still exists. SO here goes hoes.

B.E.C.K.Y.S ---A Mr. Mulatto Post

For all of you members of the persuasion (Caucasian, not Asian) and non-hood black folk I will preface this post by saying the "not so new, but recently re-newed" term of endearment for white women is the word 'becky.' Why becky?'s the quintessential white, valley girl name and was further popularized by Plies song "Becky" which synonymously re-named the term becky as a term for white women, and a term for oral sex (since white girls are known to blow both lines and cock.)

Now that this is out of the way, let's get to it. Every other article on (a site the bros love as it is an expose on celebrity and real life coonery) seems to be about some famous black person dating a "becky", liking to only date "beckys" or being seen cheating on his wife with a "becky." Why is this? Because for some reason, the stigma of interracial dating and the stereotype of white women as vixen-black man stealing home wreckers still runs rampant. Alicia Keys actually wrecked Swizz Beats and wife Mashonda's happy marriage. Anyone say anything about that? Nope. It flew under the radar cause she was only half becky. Lol. "A little lighter-skinned, but a LOT cuter..." You still wrong though Swizz. So why all the hate? I'll tell you why. It boils down to two things.




Here's what I mean. After years of conditioning, evident by slavery's caste system putting lighter skin above darker skin via things such as the "paper bag test," chocolate skinned mutherfuckas have been discriminated against. As the forbidden fruit, white women were idolized like the fillet Mignon of the Jim Crow era, while black women were"slave girl homies."

There's no sex appeal about a bitch in a do-rag with bunyons picking cotton...especially when her twat is already loose as a Lohan from getting raped by "Master" and all his sick twisted "good ol boy" homies.

Having to watch black men, especially successful ones, equate their growing success with the need for a "passable" fair skinned, white women, pleasing to the Caucasian masses, not only hurts black women but kills their self esteem.

Tako: Had to pick an uber-ugly nigga eh?

Wja3: Those scars are from some civil war apartheid genocide shit in Africa.

Tako: Fuck the scars, he's ugly without them!

Show: Anyways......

"What does she have that I don't?" Is the common thought process inside her head, though her bubble gum poppin, neck snapping exterior may scream otherwise via a slew of "fuck that nigga-isms." Funny thing is, even those black men who do conform to white Americans standards do not realize that by picking a white woman and doing what they think is "assimilating," they are actually only further ostracizing themselves. White folk don't want to see you with one of their own...they want you to have a light skinned, non-ghetto black a good contemporary slave negro boy. Lol. Sad but true. Here's the kicker. As much as many of my homies agree on this point, we are still guilty of an even more heinous offense. We, praise the almighty "redbone" or mulatto girl as the baddest on the planet. Think about how many beautiful biracial girls you know and where they fell on the spectrum of girls you liked. Think of how many times your parents say "oh, what a beautiful mixed baby" or upon hearing you describe your girlfriend's ethnicity hear them say "oh, that baby would be a beautiful mix." This serves as an added bonus for more black men to procreate with white women, and as black women strive to become more successful and rise up the ladder of corporate America, then begin to feel like by the time they have time for a family, there may be no good black men left. Just a thought. Think about it....even fat, nasty, ugly white girls have beautiful babies once they mix some chocolate milk in their Vaj jay jay. Add that tho the phenomenon of and desire for "good hair" an you have a self-miscegenation disaster!!!

Tako: Good work.

Wja3: Word.

We've identified the let's work on the solution. I nominate C4 to conquer the task. B.E.C.K.Y.S pt 2 coming soon.

-Mr. Mulatto


mandy ;) said...

i almost didnt read the post today just off the title alone...but i am a true nappyheaded fan so i read anyway....what about Hispanic women?

Rock said...

Every post cant be about you guys.

La Rubia said...

Mandy Refer back to his post on why black men love Latinas (not too long ago) it's basically an extention of this one. At the risk of enflating his ego his perspective! So on point...with a fucked up dynamic.