Thursday, April 21, 2011

Animal Crackers

Ok, So a particular image comes to mind when we say the words "Animal crackers", no? I mean, we all know exactly what an animal cracker is, right? Right.

Funny thing is, it's kind of misleading...I mean, imagine if you weren't from the western world and had to interpret the phrase "Animal Crackers." They aren't made from Animals, nor are they fucking crackers. They're small baked cookies which doubled as Xmas ornaments and that became popular during the early 1900's in England as PT Barnum's Circus served as a catalyst for entrepreneurs who developed the idea of making the cookies in animal shapes.


C4: Wierdo.

I say all that to say this.

Even though we all know what an animal cracker is, we call it something else...we call it something which is vaguely discriptory at best, simply because its the term that is familiar to other people.

Tako: I suppose we should then, following your logic, call a garage a car hole and a plate, a food holder? Lol.

No. What I am trying to bring to light is the fact that people often fool themselves into believing things simply because they constantly hear them and they are generally recognizable. Us saying animal cracker doesn't make it any less of a cookie.

Peep game.

"Oh, I know that all black people aren't lazy, but that's what people understand, sooooo, if I say, 'Lazy as a black person' it'll get my point across. "

That's how stereotypes are reinforced and retained.

"She is the mother of my child so I'll just call her my baby's mother...everybody can relate to that."

Terms like Wife, girlfriend or even one night stand would be more applicable as it does not do the damage from separating the intimate relationship from the end product. Because loving (or unloving) relationships are now so detached from the idea of having babies, Kids now think its cool to have a baby mama or 2, ON PURPOSE, regardless of how they feel about the girl or woman. Basically, we've been calling cookies crackers for so long that they're starting to put cheese on them, only to realize they're left with a funny taste in their mouth. No homo.

Here's my favorite instance of the animal "cracker" theory.

Girl (with bags under eyes from lack of sleep): How are things with your hubby?

Girl 2: They're normal. We been fighting lately but what else is new. He's been sleeping on the couch, mad cause I called up and spazzed on some chickenhead hoe callin his phone.

Girl 1: I hear that. Things are normal on my end too. Both my baby daddies are picking up their kids so we can Finlay have some girl time this weekend.

Show: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah. Catch my drift?

Since when did fighting, arguing, no sleeping together and having multiple baby daddies become normal? Oh that's right, it became normal when we started calling it "normal" so much that people started believing it. Maybe if when asked that question you answered with the truth each time, you would look in the mirror and say "well damn...did i just answer the question of 'how are things with my bf' by saying 'it's fuckin awful. We hate each other, have mediocre sex and would rather be elsewhere except that we share a lease."

Yea. Try saying that once a week to co-workers and friends and see how quick you change your situation and start calling cookies cookies.

Girl #1: What you doing girl?

Girl #2: Eating some Sugar coated Animal shaped cookies made from shortbread and cheap flour. And loving it.

Girl #2: I're learning. :)

Tako: You know you could've just said "call a spade a spade" and we would've understood your point slime.



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