Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why do people love weed?

Snoop Dogg....

Wiz Khalifa...

And for you older cat's, Cypress Hill...

Oh don't act brand new like you dont remember them or they aren't popular. These mutherfuckas were on the Simpsons!

All these performers, and a host of other's I'm not even going to bother naming because the list is so extensive, all have one thing in common...their fondness of a particular drug called Cannabis Sativa....reefer....weed...pot.

Am I about to chastise them or rant about the evils of drug use? Nope. I could care less...just leaves more women for the rest of us non-stoners who can have a conversation without falling asleep. Quite frankly, if you're gonna risk doing time or failing a drug test, there are much better drugs out there, but that's another story for another day. Today's post is more of a question and desire to ascertain why exactly people have such a fondness for the ghanj (weed).

Tako: Conspiracy theory on deck.

C4: OK, I'ma do my best Showrocka impersonation. Back in the biblical garden of Eden, fig leaves, similar in color and comparison to Marijuana, were used to cover the nether regions of a one female, Eve's , anatomy. Having already associated the plant with sexual arousal and (hopefully) pleasnt smell, yet not wanting to anger God by burning the pristine landscape, the original man and woman searched for their sensual herb on the outskirts or peripheral, finding nothing more than "weeds." Hahahaha.

Wja3: That was good son, you sounded like him.

Show: Eat three simultaneous salmonella chicken dicks you cornballs.

Back to the post.

Why is it that Rapper's, entertainers and even athletes (which seems even more strange, seeing as how its not exactly "healthy") feel the need to glorify a drug which seems like, for lack of a better term, some "old people shit." Think about it. It's the most widely used drug but has the side effects of drinking warm milk (pause) get sleepy as hell. It also induces what I call "stereotypical Black man" syndrome (I.e. you spend your money and sit around eating and being lazy) and "facebook syndrome" (I.e. you pretend to be intelligent to other dumb people by saying dumb shit and passing it off as introspective.

Wja3: A weed hater are we?

Why not coke? Charlie sheen has shown how much fun that can be. Is it because it's a "rich man's drug"? Nope. Half the people promoting weed are millionaires (at least in this example); and for the poor people, with all these hybrid and exotic types people are now paying cocaine prices for an ounce anyway!

Could it be the illegality of the substance and the much lighter sentencing laws for weed as opposed to harsher drugs? Could be.

Could it be the lack of highly addictive properties? Could be, but I doubt it as most true potheads smoke multiple times a day.

Could it be the mainstream and the media's acceptance of the drug mixed with carryover from the 1970's free love, free weed revolution aka Woodstock? If this is the case, why couldn't the free love part have survived instead...oh yeah that's mama's, basketball wives and AIDS.

Funny thing is, we can't blame this one on the actors and entertainers. People have been smoking weed long before being black was acceptable and cool, and long before weed was made illegal thereby giving it the bad boy stigma. Weed is and has been, a religion like drug, designed to placate the masses and keep its devout little following content.

The real reason, in my mind, that people promote and accept Cannabis is two fold.

1.) Non smokers realize that there is no harm done by allowing others to burn grass freely. No one has ever done anything crazy or dangerous simply because they smoked UN-Laced Weed. As a matter of fact, the side effects of laziness, sluggishness and relaxation are the very things that we, competitive capitalists love to see in our competition. Go ahead, sleep the day away and smoke all night...the early bird gets his worm sucked while you wait for your unemployment check and watch dirty movies.

"Fuck you. I hope you never become anything and you have Lazy babies, leaving more money and services for the rest of us. Ha!"

2.) Smokers realize that they are taking their life into the own hands, free to indulge in the subculture of their choosing, re-affirming the belief that America is the home of the free. They are able to associate themselves with peacefulness, relaxation and a carefree life. They are connoisseurs of their greenery, carefully controlling what they shall choose to ingest. There's a sense of freedom in actively choosing to alter ones mind state using drugs which may alter the chemical composition, but will not make one act "out of character." It's essentially a way of letting loose and enjoying Americas' freedoms, all the while maintaining American. Lol.

Perhaps there are other theories you can propose, and perhaps they may be better thought out. In the end I believe it comes down to this, the fundamental, non-Agape invoking, American, every man for himself mentality.

Smoker's aren't hurting anyone but fuck it. Leave em be.




Tyler420 said...

Honestly, really where did you get your information? Because as far as I can see is more and more people smokeing pot. And i dont know what city you are from but cocaine prices for bud? NO WAY!! medical grade hydroponics are only running about 20dollars a gram in STL, So go do some research and then come make another post about it. BTW IM BAKED RIGHT NOW AND OBVISLEY IM NOT ASLEEP YOU JACK ASS

Jeff Jones said...

Weed is pretty much the perfect "drug". Feels good but doesn't turn you into a degenerate addict like heroin or meth does. Not too expensive. And it's a pleasure to consume unlike alcohol which tastes nasty. Really the only bad thing about it is that it's illegal.

Jeff | HerbTool

Bong-Master said...

I agree with Jeff, bongs and weed do not make a person dangerous or dirty, it is proven safer than alcohol. Just my two cents, H T

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Sarah Throlson said...

It's not really a difficult question - because it feels good, man. And also smoking stuff is fun. I like it better than alcohol because alcohol tastes terrible unless you mix it with tons of sugar, while weed has 0 calories and actually tastes good. And there's no hangover. There are just so many good things about it...

Sarah | Visit Site

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