Monday, March 7, 2011

Rooting for the black guy...or the white supremacist..same thing.

So I was watching a new shoe called America's Next Restaurateur or some shit like that and immediately noticed the show creator's intent within the first 5 minutes of watching. The competition focused on people cooking and pitching their restaurant ideas to Bobby Flay (who I didn't realize looked so wild homo) and some other investors, as they fought for a spot in the top 10. The cast of characters couldn't have been more fabricated for reality TV show drama. Short haired lesbian...check. Ditsy blonde who can't even cook soup, check. Asians, Indians and even the stereotypical Italian thug with Brooklyn Accent cooking , you guessed it, Pasta...

Last but not least, we have the black Chicken & waffles. (Makes "Come on son" face.)

Normally I'd rip the show producers a new asshole (PAUSE) for this one and go onto a rant about this dude setting us back 100 years, but I won't...because he didn't...and in the end, I was rooting for him. He was not the non-threatening Obama type, as he had a large Neck tattoo and a beard. He also had on a nice tailored suit and spoke articulately, yet not Uncle Tomish. This is what I've waited to see on TV all my homo. That, however, isnt what this is about. This is about rooting for the black guy.

About halfway through the program I found myself just waiting for the others to get eliminated and the black man to prosper. Did it matter what the other people were cooking or how good their idea was? No, it didn't. This was a hood dude from Detroit, we wanted him to win. In the same way that our ancestors...well, white people's ancestors, showed a sense of pride at their grandparents stepping off the boat at Ellis Island, I felt a swelling of pride ( ExtenZ) as I rooted for some dude who lived thousands of miles away and whom I'd never met. Has the African American Dream become the new American dream simply because non-minorities have transitioned, for the most part into 2 classes, the "well to do" , and those "trailer parkers who are happy living their own double wide dream?"

Most importantly, is this racist?

We'd call a white person racist if they said something like this, wouldn't we?

That being said I've come to realize that there is something inherent in our DNA which binds us to similar people, and race is the most common identifier, not because it's the strongest tie, but because its directly correlated with "the experience", let me explain.

If you put a Choate and University of Pennsylvania grad from the same City as me on the show and a Black guy from Minnesota, I'd probably identify more with the black guy. Why? Because I know that based on his skin color, he has been treated similarly to me...he has seen and undergone certain things. Sure I share experiences with the UPenn grad, but i know that even in those similar situations, the "experience" was different for us both. It's really only when the black guy looks like the one below that we won't root for him, and that's because we know we've had a similar experience, but his is as a result of looking like a walking stereotype i.e a hot mess.

I know that it takes a lot of balls to say this, and I'm sure a lot of people wont appreciate it, but it makes me reevaluate my stance on a lot of things including white supremacists. They really aren't doing anything Blacks haven't been doing for years. They're rooting for the "white guy", and there's nothing wrong with that.

Tako: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat???

C4: He's got a point.

The problem is that the KKK, Aryan nation and other white separatist groups, like typical white people, got too Extreme, and took the concept wayyyyy too far. Subtract the violence & intimidation, and ignorance of other races and you really have nothing fundamentally different than Marcus Garvey, or Halle Sellassie and the Rastafarians Back to Ethiopia movements. That still doesn't excuse these fuckhead neo Nazi's from acting like white coons, and meth head tweekers.

All I'm saying is that we often forget that no matter how hard we try, certain things will always exist, and the importance is not disassociating ourselves with them, but rather , seeing them for what they are. It's OK to root for the black guy, or the white guy. Just know why your doing it, and be respectful to others as human beings...unless you're talking about Latinos, in which case just do it in english and they won't understand. Kidding, no really. Look I'll tell a black joke too to make it even...What's the difference between a Large Pizza and a Black Man? A large pizza can feed a family of four. Chuckle.

-Rooting for the black guy (Unless it requires leaving my wallet unattended)

-The Bros


La Rubia said...

Good points. White pride? Maybe the same thing. White supremacy? mehhhh. Are you rooting for the black guy because you feel a kinship with him? That’s not the same thing. Are you rooting for the black guy because you feel fundamentally at the heart of it all Blacks are superior to every other race? Then it’s the same thing. However, if that were the case, you probably wouldn’t watch the show anyway because you’d be disgusted that he would appear on a show with other races. Whites in this country are mutts from Europe, with the exception of many New Englanders, we have no idea where we come from or what our ancestors went through to get us here, so we have no common culture to bond based on race as minorities generally do. Many (most) of us are ignorant, and might go with the sole white person if there were only one to choose from, which you wouldn’t see in America because “whites” are the predominate race. Only a true “foodie” would watch to see who made the most original dish. I understand your point: not to be ignorant, nor proud of being ignorant…that’s the only way you’d really have anything in common with a white supremacist. I’m not going to watch the show, but I’ll root for the black guy…because damn, he’s HOT!

The Notorious ZAG said...

aint too much for me to say, because la rubia said it all. haile sailessie, garvey, etc. did what they did because black people had been treated like less than humans and we needed to voice our pride to remind ourselves of who we are. white pride and white supremacy are completely different things...

Rock said...

How often do people differentiate? Can you name a "white power" group? The point is that they will all claim to be merely "white power groups" , most of which in contemporary times, are rooted in jail, where whites need to band together for necessity. The evil comes only in the acts if violence and culture of ignorance. I guess I couldve elaborated more, but I'd rather incite a discussion.

I know that the reason I'm proud to be black is because I believe my experience is somewhat better than other races even if I don't consider them inferior. Is this not a form of supremacy?

La Rubia said...

Okay...educate me on the points where I am mistaken, please:

A central part of the 'black pride' black Americans feel is a sense of prevailing and rising above oppression, right? Focusing on that ONE part: I know a little about where I came from, more than most I would guess, some of my ancestors came over and came through Ellis came for religion, the brits came when they were ordered to by the queen way before him, some came for the promise of landownership, one was even told he had to go back with his 5 children and pregnant wife or leave his wife to go back alone because his wife had a limp, after sailing for months in uncomfortable cramped quarters. I respect the hardships they had to endure to provide a "better" life for themselves (and me, by extension). Yet that pride I feel(it's really more just admiration that they weren't afraid to pick up and leave life as they knew it, because I don't know that they had it so bad where they were) is not the same because NONE of them were taken from their homeland involunarily, chained, claimed as property, enslaved, and abused. Their right to freedom is not what, in part, started a civil war in this ancestors chose to come here.

I just think that in an effort to understand your own logic you can't take away the significant difference in black pride versus mythological 'white pride'...really the 'white pride' movement(s) all condone some element of that oppression that white american ancestors imposed on african americans, american indians, the japanese americans. That mentality is disgusting, really, and it's based only in a fabricated sense of superiority and entitlement that there is no validation for. NONE.

You're thinking outside the box, but you just can't say it's the same thing, at ALL!

...Or Maybe you just really do like chicken and waffles?!

Rock said... much as you read this blog you should know me better than that.

"A central part of the 'black pride' black Americans feel is a sense of prevailing and rising above oppression, right?"

Hell no. Now I can't speak for every Black person, just the handsome tattooed ones with locs, but I could give a shit about who rose over opression yada yada. Cry me a river. Yes our ancestors had it fucked up, I respect what they went through and realizes slavery & the jim crow era for the atrocity that it was, but black pride?

I'm proud to be black because it means I have a certain bounce to my step (no homo). Being black means I have a certain inflection in my voice, melanin in my skin and an inherant coolness that I dont see in anyone else. It's sorta how puertorican's feel when they're at the PR Day parade. What's the first thing people usually say about Obama? "He seems like such a cool dude."

Im not saying white supremacy is the same as white power, I'm saying that all those "supremesist" movements will call themselves "white power" movements, and in their most base form, thats what they are. Same with the black Panther was a "black power" movement, but didnt give them the right to murder cops. Supremacy = these theories run amok.

The real "white power" is the Jewish girl in college who wont date a black guy because her parents wouldn't approve.

La Rubia said...

We could go rounds and rounds about this....but supremecists of anykind, black, white, whatever invoke the experience of their ancestors to justify their acts of violence to demonstrate their superiority... So you're proud of your black culture, the ancestry isn't a fundamental part of that for you, then you missed the mark in this comparison. So compare a Black Panther a supremecist, they're both an extreme subculture based on a perceived conspiracy against their "race."

You like being who you are, you're proud of your culture the way many people (who have a common culture) are. You still have a core respect for others as humans, despite whether or not you think you've got it better. You're a snob, not a supremecist.

But I would still argue that you can't say "black culture" isn't the same as "white culture", because there isn't a central white culture in this country. We've got varied subcultures based on nationality, heritage, religion, whatever, but even that is not the same as "black culture" whites are too divided into subcultures. Maybe your Dad listens to R&B and you Rap, but that's generational, both still co-exist in black culture. In "white culture" you'd have to look at individual ethnicity/religion/regional traits to say where stereotypes exist. Paris hilton and Snookie might both love a spray tan, and they're both Caucausion, they're both uneducated spoiled brats, but what else do they have in common? Is Paris Hilton going to root for Snookie or vice versa, because they're both "caucasion"? No, it's not the same.

You rooting for the black guy on a cooking show and saying that's the same thing is too extreme. You might have a kernal of a point about where the mentality starts for a supremecist, but then I gotta say you're using the same blanket mentality that you hated on in yesterday's's like saying a CNA is the same as a RN. Aren't you? You're not a're the CNA version of a supremecist. You have to dedicate a lot more hate and anger toward it if you want to consider yourself, or anyone who roots for the black guy because their also black, a supremecist.

Rock said...

Well, It's apparent you know a bit more about white culture than that of black culture. No offense...Sounds funny for me to say that since I offend peopel all day without giving a fuck. Nevertheless, this isnt a jab, but rather an observastion about us having a debate when we are both saying the same thing.

I channel the experience of the regular black person. In the same way that whites come from varous segments of Europe or what have you, creating divisions of subcultures, the same exists amongst blacks. Jamaicans, Hatians and all types of people from carribbean ancestory don't even like us regular black folk. There is a divide.

We both agree that supremacy is fundamentally different from pride, and perhaps my statement that "thinking your race is a little cooler than the rest" = a form of supremacy" was a bit misplaced.

I dont think white pride is any different than black pride except that, as a result of history and its after-effects, our experiences are different.

Now ask yourself a question...would Snookie and P-Hilt both vote for the white girl if a.) They didnt want to fu*k the black guy, and b.) there was only 1 white girl?

All I'm saying is that having a natural afinity for your own race is not inherantly racist. Turning that afinity to an exclusivity contract enforced by puntitve punishments is.

La Rubia said...

Agreed. I defintely know less about black culture, I would never try to engage you in a debate about who knows more about that. I'll gladly concede that now.

But to clarify: I was refering to American culture...please don't think that I'm ignorant about the varied cultures within black the race. I was referring ONLY to those that are part of the american experience. Haitians, Jamaicans, all the countries within Africa are not American, hence I would never loop them into the "african american culture" Nor would I include any European, Australian, Russian, Canadian person into the "white american" loop either.

Not because their experience is irrelevent, but it has very little to do with American Culture, which was what your posts are predominately based within. To include all of those other countries I'd have to try to speak about global supremecy issues which aren't always based in race, they hate based on nationality, sometimes within their own race and nationality. The entire middle east Somalia, Korea...I am not opening up that can of worms, it doesn't even apply to your original post.

Regarding Paris and Snookie. That's a hard question, and one that you would never see in America (which was part of my original point, by the way). Maybe I should have thought of two white (tan) girls that had brains in their head. I can't speculate with those two because I hate Paris and because Snookie is all about getting it in with Juiceheads. There is a pretty high probability that given only one white person scenario, that a white viewer would feel the same as you do, of course, and root for them based only on that commonality. But you did point out that if the black guy looked like the mess in your post, you wouldn't have rooted for him either, because he's perpetuating a stereotype that you reject, you had ENOUGH in common with the black guy beyond being black, but he was your only choice. If you had to choose between the U Penn grad and the hot mess in your post, who would you root for? For me, if the blonde ditz truly was a ditz, or even playing into that stereotype to maximize her 15 minutes, I'd want her to be the first off the show for perpetuating that sterotype.

Rock said...

Keep this up and I'm gonna make you start contributing blogs. My fingers hurt!! JK.

Thanks for the insight. If you are hot, message me for more info on blacke culture. Hahahahahaha.

Keep the comments commin rubiacita