Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robbin the blind with Chocha fine as wine

All most niggas know about Ray is the Pepsi Commercial and Jamie Foxx. Here's some more useless info about the world recordholder for smashin women he cant see. Can you imagine being his wingman and him pissing you off? Probably send him off with a crackhead with a herpes bump. LOL. Anyways....

According to something I read this morning from lauren minogue, Ray Charles Mistress was literally robbing him blind. Lol. Come on, that was at least worth a chuckle. My comments are in blue. So.....Not only did this scheming, conniving heifer rob the old boy Ray, she also aborted his baby without telling him, and is trying to write a memoir. Bitch, what have you done for music? Don't nobody wanna hear about a 60 year old groupie. A.) You don't deserve a memoir, and b.) Blowing the "skin flute" is not a musical talent.

Ray Charles alleged mistress Marci Soto, has penned a memoir entitled “Ray & Me,” where she dishes some very private secrets and even admits to robbing the blind soul star! Soto writes that even though the pair were both married to other people when they met in 1968, they carried on a steamy affair for years, only ending in 1997, when she grew tired of his womanizing, although they reconnected close to the end of Ray’s life in 2004. In the memoir, obtained by Globe Magazine, Soto writes of stealing money from Charles, substituting $1 bills for $100s that he brought home from one of his concerts. She writes, “I certainly didn’t feel like I was robbing the blind. I felt like he was ready to do something he should have done years earlier – pay off my house.”

Tako: Just like a black chick. It's cool, half my family's black.

Wja3: Paying off your mortgage = winning.

Well in her defense, I guess you can't ba a famous man and expect to have jumpoffs without them wanting something in return. As A result she should be forced to call the book "my life as Ray's personal prostitute." Why not? Thats what she was doing. I'm actually tired of women saying they're "using what they got", or taking advantage of their looks. Anything past opening a door and buying dinner is no longer chivalry...it's hookin!

Show: That girl was baddddddd though. I'd put her on a Pizza...Like right now I would.

Tako: Word. Fu*k the Peporoni.

And if that wasn’t enough to tell you what sort of a person Soto boasts of being, she also admits to aborting his baby, and never telling him. “I didn’t even tell Ray – there was no reason to know. I definitely wasn’t having a baby.” SMH! What a lovely woman. Not only did she carry on an affair with a married man, but she stole from him, expected him to pay her bills and aborted his child without telling him. And now she is trying to make more money off her association with him, even after his death, by selling private secrets. Classy.

I love this woman's commentary, as it is so spot on. Do i feel sorry for Ray? Fuck no, that blind nigga got more pussy than I ever will! Plus, our momma's warned us about women like this. The lesson to be learned, keeping that in mind, is always listen to your mama. She probably told you not to deal with your current baby's mama huh? Bet you wish you listened. LOL. Just had to drop some pop culture on you. It's been a minute. Call this my post vacation transition back to blogging.

I am curious as to what the female viewership will say about this though. Is the woman wrong for robbing Ray? Actually I know what yall are going to say...she was just "getting hers" from a womanizing married man...making the best of the situation....not getting the short end of the walking "stick". Lol. You believe that don't you? Well then you're a ho too.

Defend that .



Elliott said...

Not only a prostitute, but a thief and a liar...Classy Chick.

C 4 said...

How Tako gonna blame it on black chicks when the bitch is clearly Latina. "Soto"? Today she'd be in a reality show on Vh1 shaming minorities but she's too old and decrepit (not for LeFleur though, he a nasty nigga) so she's writing a book cuz chickenheads like to learn from other chickenheads how to be more efficient with their ho-baggery...in large type of course.

La Rubia said...

He didn't owe her a damn thing. She could argue that she didn't know what the fallout would be, but hell, she could see the cameras couldn't she? The famous married dude she's spreading her legs over for the money shot was BLIND! Whore it up, groupie-grandma! Make those grandkids proud!

Kingsmomma said...

She's using ho logic and that will never make sense. Yes she robbed him...blind (couldn't resist) and it's obvious her dumb ass didn't steal enough since she is trying to make money with this ho tell all. What she doesn't realize is that most of the people who could stomach hearing about rays antics have a fixed income which means she isn't about to make a dime on this ho tell all.