Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just cause youre a mom doesnt mean you can't be fit Damnit!!

I don't normally promote things other than myself, but.....

Today I'm promoting white women!!! Yay. Grab yourself a nice blonde and...kidding.

Wja3: That's not you, that's a white lady.

Tako: Well, its not too far off if you ask me.


Show: Shut the hell up. It's my friend Jen who's in a contest.

Now I may not be the fastest marathon runner, nor the most physically fit specimen you've ever seen. (Sidenote: at least i don't look like a scrawny bitch, as do most hardcore runners...I still drink beer and sleep with puertorican girls who feed me rice and beans.)

This being said, all my friends, family and acquaintances look up to me as a sort of "working man's runner." I don't do this full time, but I still take no days off and prove that hey, you can be fit and drink beer. You can run a marathon while listening to Biggie or Lil wayne. You can stare at the girl in front of you's booty for 2 1/2 hour and not miss a stride.

(I snapped that while running the Hartford Marathon, ask Jen's Husband Clint...he saw me. LOL.)

Most importantly, people fuck with me because they actually see me. People don't hear of my exploits by looking at Facebook Statuses and Check-ins, they actually see me running through the hood. Grand Av, Ferry St, Goffe St, Whalley Av. In setting my typical runs from all throughout the City which I grew up in, and which is only dangerous when you "stop running" , I run into people who realize this is real shit, and who respect my grind.

I'm kinda like a hood hero in that respect.

(Shout's to the Tre Bloods & 5's. Not my hood but this pic was too perfect. What up drizzy.)

That being said, I want you all to vote for my friend who finds time to not only raise 3 beautiful daughters, competitively body build, work and run both marathons and triathlons. If you're Active and in CT, you've seen her. While she may not actually be in the hood, she's a hero for the moms, suburbanites and weekend warriors out there. Truth be told, she'd probably also kick your ass in a footrace, look good while doing it and still find time to throw up a "rock n roll hand sign" instead of a corny ass miss America wave.

Click below to vote:

Vote for my girl Jen, for the Fitness magazine cover.

It's one click, you don't have to fill shit out, and you'll be doing it for all the moms. Without them you wouldn't be here, there would be no Milfs and babies would have to drink 40's instead of breast milk...and puppies would die of AIDS. OK, made that last part up.

If you vote for this as corny you're probably a hater and haven't done any exercise that didnt involve fellatio within the last 5 years. I'll see you at Planet Fitness Pizza Night. :)


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mandy ;) said...

I voted for her, because i am not a hater and because i can respect another womans hustle! do it do it lol