Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Pat's from Showrock & Shamrock from the White Rapper Show

In honor of St Patty's Day, we here at NHB are painting the MF'n Blog Green and who better to help us than the big homie $hamrock aka Yung Irish from Egotrip's "The White rapper show."

You do follow that logic right? Assholes + someone actually Irish and famous = licence to be bigger assholes on St Patrick's day.

Now if you know one thing about the bros you know we keep it 100 and say whatever's on our mind. Since we know $ham is known to reach out to his fans, and keep it as Trill as us, we thought he'd be a perfect fit (pause), for the blog. Plus...its St Patty's day bitch! Showrock and Shamrock. Now he told us no question is off limits, so....Leggo!!!

Wait...first I want to remind you what not to do on St Patty's day, a la Lil Flip's first Album. Pause-able moment of the decade.

He definitely should've added a "no-bosh" right next to the parental advisory sticker.

Now, onto the interview...cause $ham probably gotta hit the studio, do in-stores for his new album or fu*k bitches he can later pass to us. No-Std, no-STD.

Show: Everybody knows you as the White Trapper...So do you fuck more white girls, black girls or Ricans? Be Honest?

$ham: I'm not gonna offend the girls who buy my records. But I will say, all colors of women are beautiful and you left out Asian women and Spanish women in your list.

Show: Did you smash that fine ass white girl on the White rapper show? I know it was a while ago and Ill keep the rest of the questions to new shit... Don't lie, We're friends w/ Persia too!! She'll tell us the deal.

$ham: Nah, me and Misfit kicked it a bunch in ATL gettin tats and workin on music but we never hooked up. She was dating somebody in ATL at the time, she's a cool ass chick though.

Show: Aiiight. Biggie or Pac? Why?

$ham: Biggie was always my favorite. His punchlines and voice always got me crunk. Plus "Juicy" is my favorite hip-hop record ever.

Show: Best strip club in ATL? Im votin for Magic City all day.

$ham: Magic City is def legendary, Onyx is dope, Oasis is dope, but prob Strokers showed me the most love before.

Show: You think Whyte or one of them 3-6 boys can get me a hookup on some lean....? Its a drought out this mutherfucka. Do they even sip that in ATL?

$ham: Oh yea, ATL is up on that dirty sprite to. People saying that's whats making Yung LA act so crazy.

(For reference, Young LA, formerly signed to T.I's record label got a giant pink duck tattooed on his face to represent a gang and record label he's not even signed to, then covered the tattoo up after the Label's CEO basically said "Fuck Yung LA.")

Show: You got an album that just dropped on Tuesday and now you're fuckin with Lil Wyte...Whats it like hangin with them wild ass 3-6 Mafia dudes in Memphis?

$ham: It's a trip man, Mtown is a real ass city and these boys are wild! But at the same time, they are OGs out here so I'm cool because I'm with them.

Show: Baddest R& B or Rap Chick in the game? Since Amber Rose doesn't count, I personally like Kid Sister. No Pedo.

$ham: If Christina Milian is still in the game, hands down.

Show:I got beef with Ludacris cause he was talking shit in Cancun...If that nigga came in here right now, I'd have to snuff him. Would you have my back?

$ham: No

Wja3 & Tako: Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha. That's Luda whoopin your ass Showrock.

Show: Aight, Aight....everybody's always talkin about Trappin. How many grams in an ounce? an 8 Ball? Just testin your knowledge bruh Bruh.

$ham: 28 to an oz, 3 and a half to a ball

Show: I bet we were the only two people in this room that could answer that. (looks at Tako & C4)

Show: So.... Any orgies since this rap shit poppin? If so put me on with some bitches in CT...Ima just be like, "Oh $ham, yea, that's my can meet him afterwards" you dont even gotta be in the same state. Lol.

$ham: Plenty of propositions, I've had my fun, but I don't really get down like that because these broads will give ya something that burns or go through your pockets if you not watching em!

Show: If you could punch one person in the face who would it be?

$ham: I remember when I was little, some dumb motherfucker flicked off my mom when she was driving and I still think about it to this day that I let him get away with it. ever since i was grown, if I wanted to punch someone I would.

Show: What rich nigga looks like he'd be the most fun to hang with?

$ham: Charlie Sheen

Show: You think Paul Wall looks like you now that he got that Gastric Bypass?

$ham: A lot of people keep telling me that. I just want to have my own identity because I have been compared to Paul Wall ever since he really blew up big nationwide back in 2005 and I wasn't even famous then. I bought the People's Champ album and it's still a classic to me. He's a huge success and I wish him the best. I just wish he didn't look like me now!!

Show: I got crucified last week for putting Peoples Champ as the #10 Hiphop Album of all time. I stand by that though.

C4: You ever hang on college campuses and have a crazy ass story?

$ham: I mean, I went to UGA for 4 years and left that school somethin like a legend. Getting arrested, stealin things when you're wasted, rapping at parties, it's just all a part of college life I guess. My craziest story is that I won the first talent show I ever entered and my second time being on stage ever was when I opened for The Roots and Sleepy Brown in 2004.

C4: if theres 1 thing you want a bunch of smart ass, sarcastic blog readers to know about you, what would it be?

$ham:That the internet is not the real world or real streets. If you can't back what you say in real life or in the streets, don't put it in print.

Show: Thats real. Plus you'd wanna say BUY MY NEW ALBUM right? That shit is dope.

C4: You vs. Asher Roth in a rap battle. Who wins? And how would you beat him in a real fight?

$ham: In a rap battle live on the spot no prep, I'll prob give to Asher b/c he can freestyle better. If we are makin diss songs back and forth, it's def 50/50, I would let the people judge.

I met Asher at my gym in ATL and gave him props for everything he was doing, so there is no beef. But he is a lot shorter and skinnier than me and doesn't seem like he fights much so I'ma have to pick me no question if a real fight broke out.

C4: Would you get a shamrock tattooed on your face like Gucci did with that ice cream cone? And if so, what word you put there instead of "burrr"?

$ham: Ha! No I wouldn't get the shamrock tattooed on my face but if I got stupid wasted on St.Patty's Day and got it done, it would prob say "Irish" on it.

C4: What's the craziest shit you ever did on St. Patty's Day, or in the name of Irishness?

$ham: Painted my body green, partied with no shirt, drank green beer til I threw-up green- that's a Irish St.Patty's day.

C4: Would you smash any of ATL's Real Housewives? If so, which one and why?

$ham: Kandi, Kim, and the model housewife are all fine to me. I would wife Kandi though, she's got a great mind, body, and real talent.

Show: Both yall niggas watch that show?!! Shm.

$ham: Who's the nicest ATL rapper right now other than yourself? You really can't respond with Ludacris though.

If we are talkin current I'd have to say prob Tity Boi. If we are talking legendary, Id say either Andre 3000 or Luda.

(Showrocka makes the little kid pouting face. he really needs to get over that Ludacris thing.)

- The NappyheadedBros

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good job...happy hes not tryin to get the face tatt..feelin like im the only person who does not watch that real housewives shit...