Friday, February 11, 2011

Why successful women are scared to get married.

If I actually had an answer to this question I'd be rich from selling my secrets, but alas, all I have are theories. Feel free to praise my insightful wit or shoot down my crazy theories. Do it topless and you get a Gold star.

Hmmmm...OK, where to start....

The goals in life, for most people, are to be successful, happy and most importantly, stable.

When a man is successful, his next step is, obviously, to seek out the hottest wife possible, thereby making him happy. Does this apply to all men? Of course not. Many men are unsuccessful bums, but even they realize that as a man, the only back up plan to being successful is being supported by a woman. This is Ok, mainly because there are two types of men. Those who strive to make their own way and achieve success, or those who strive to get by with minimal effort and have no shame living off of a woman...usually a fat one with money.

Women, on the other hand, are exempt from having to make the "Successful person-Dependant Bum" choice that men are forced with by age 13. Women have a third option...that of loving mother / caring wife...pick one.

By choosing to have a child, or give up ones career in favor of marriage or being a stay at home mom, one is often revered and held on a pedestal as a family orientated or "good wife." Let a nigga stay home and quit his job and see what you say about him.

The problem with this, is that successful women (or those that strive to be), are usually smart enough to realize these three options and often see the "loving mother/ caring wife" as a cop-out, which oftentimes it is. Scared about how significant your life will be? Worried about making something of yourself? Think you dont have what it takes to be anything more than a walmart cashier? Have a baby. Get married. You are now a member of the only other club with successful white women that you can get into...other than Sam's, Cosco's or BJ's.

What about a woman who is successful, might you ask..?

Well, she often, for fear of "giving up", views her success as a stepping stone for more success. Having a baby, or getting married and having to share that success or stagnate it is like putting a temporary glass ceiling over ones head.

In the end, who really wants to limit their unlimited potential...even if this potential is imaginary and they're destined to be an ass wiping CNA forever (No disrespect to the CNA's ...your butt looks good in scrubs....but not better than the LPN or RN's. LOL)

That being said, maybe I should've charged you for this gem of advice as I've actually figured it out.

Successful women aren't afraid of marriage...

They aren't afraid to have a man they can use for sex, make fix things and easily distract with boobs, the Internet or football...

They're afraid that your educated, uneducated, bossy or passive ass is gonna hold them back. They're afraid of being lumped in the group with submissive wives and ignorant baby mothers who can't spell but can recite Jordan Release dates from memory....

they're afraid that.....

There's only one showrocka.

Tako: You vain son of a bitch.

But relax ladies...there's plenty of men that are your equal and who knows, maybe when you give one a chance, you're realize that a harmonious whole is often greater than the sum of its parts....if not, divorce his ass.

--Showrocka the Love Dr.


Alovelydai said...

Damn I read this with the sole purpose of disagreeing with you. Alas, I can not. *hangs head in shame* Oh, but u forgot one thing. It's there also an educated successful sane male shortage?

Rock said...

Yes! Point for Rocka.

La Rubia said...

No respect for women who just want to be a housewife...they make that decision it's because they have had that as their only goal/measurement of their success-that is a cop-out, no other way to look at that. But the "mother" part is a forth option, that's a commitment, there's no taking that back and there's no guarantees that you'll love it or be good at it...or that your man will love you for being good at it. Ultimately, dai is right, there's a huge deficit in those three male qualifiers...refer back to your post about how women lose their minds when they get some good d* can stay lost for a can "come to" years later with a couple kids and the realization that you don't have the option to plead insanity to get you out of that contract... I'm just sayin' smart, successful, women realize that shortcoming up front, and keep their wits about them even when Showrocka turns on the charm!