Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trickin: Revisited :)

105 official followers through Gmail / yahoo...That's a respectable number. I can rock with that.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been pulling a C4 lately, meaning I've been spreading myself thin with other writing related projects. Damn, I sound all important and shit. It's actually not that deep, but I have been working on my as of yet untitled novel. It's non-fiction and is basically my life during college and the 2 years after. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, celebrities (F**k Ludacris by the way) , transvestites, fights and the like...You'll really love it.

Anyways...working on a side project does not absolve me of my responsibilities as an irresponsible blogger. Today's topic...? Trickin. Revisited.

If you recall, we had a post a while back called Rap lies: It aint trickin if you got it. Click the link if you haven't read it, cause this sh*t right here nigga (kevin Hart voice), is like part 1.5 of that post.

The whole trickin dilemma comes down to two things...

1.) Anybody who is "trickin" justifies it by saying "I would've spent that money on a date just to eventually have sex with her anyway, why not just cut to the chase and buy her what she wants."

2.) Anybody who thinks they aren't trickin via the "oh, I aint never give her money" defense, is most likely doing it unknowingly, tricking dinners or lunches under the premise that "they're inexpensive so they don't count."

That's it. There's no more to it.

It is for that reason, that this post isn't about affirming or refuting the "aint trickin if you got it mantra." We've done that already. This is about why "trickin" is considered such a bad word in masculine circles (pause) across the country. I said country and not globe because niggas in India and shit still give Dowries...that's like trickin to the 10th power.

The reason trickin in considered bad is because a.) it requires spending money, thereby implying that your "game" of fluidity of pervasively flattering speech is inadequate by itself, and b.) it often leads to the one thing EVERY man fears...being played. The reason for this is not because women cognisantly take advantage of men, but rather single women, like their masculine counterparts, innocently think they can go out with as many members of the opposite sex as they want. Why shouldn't they? It's all in good, friendly fun , right?


The difference is that men are more often than not, PAYING. This sets up a problem as men invest money in something over which they do not have complete control. This is similar to buying gas. You wouldn't put gas in a car every week if it was a community car and you never knew if and when you'd get to drive it. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I see light bulbs going off in peoples heads now.

In the same way women often cannot separate casual sex from love, a lot of men cant separate the fine line between doing something nice / being a gentleman and "Trickin." Buy the girl dinner because you want to, and know full and well that whatever you're doing late night with another woman, she's probably doing with another man. Do it for the company, do it cause you don't like to eat alone, but don't do it because you think she owes you fidelity or exclusivity. If she asked that of you, you'd give her the "come on son" face.

I know America tends to teach us that everything should yield a decent return on investment, but just always assume that someone's investing more than you and you won't get hurt. Fellas, if you remember one thing and one thing only, remember this... tricking "time" always trumps tricking money.

That being said, a fool and his money are soon departed. You wouldn't, however, spend hours upon hours with a girl you couldn't stand, no matter how good the moo shu was.

Sure we'll still call you a trick, anytime you spend money or excessive amounts of time with a girl, but in the end, just know it's in jest...because let's face it...

Trickin's only bad when you get your feelings hurt. Sucker.


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"You wouldn't put gas in a car every week if it was a community car and you never knew if and when you'd get to drive it."


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