Friday, February 4, 2011

Showrocka P. Newton Presents: Rappers That Know their Black History

Showrocka P. Newton here to Kick off Black History month with a Bang (no Gang reference)!For as much as I give rappers shit about spending money frivolously and preaching outright ignorance, I have to admit, they are clever at times.

This being said, for this Black History month I'm going to be a little less militant and actually acknowledge those rappers who indeed KNOW THEIR BLACK HISTORY. Shout outs to for hooking me up with backup data on my facts....

Kudos. Gold Star for you guys.

Rappers who know their Black History :)

1.) Nelly: Country Grammar
"I'm goin down down baby, yo' street in a Range Rover ...Street sweeper baby, cocked ready to let it go"

C.B. Brooks invented the street sweeper in 1896. So what if the "Streetsweepers" nelly was referring to were actually Ak-47 Assult Rifles.

2.) Dorrough: Ice Cream Paint Job
"Clean on the outside, cream on the inside... ice cream paint job"

In 1897, African-American inventor Alfred Cralle patented the first ice cream scoop. His original design remains in wide use, even today. Its funny, given the amount of niggas who are lactose intolerant.

Weezy: No Love

"It's Weezy Mutherf**ka, Blood Gang and I'm in Bleed Mode."

African-American surgeon Charles R. Drew is often credited with the invention of the first large-scale blood bank

Outkast: So Fresh, So Clean

"Aint nobody dope as me, I'm just so fresh and clean"

Thomas L. Jennings was the first African-American to receive a patent in 1821. It was for a dry-cleaning process in 1821. He used the money earned from the patent to purchase relatives out of slavery and support abolitionist causes.

Showrocka & Lefleur: Drink my Bread

"This is for the honeys, that wanna drink my bread, and Waka Flocka my money"

Joseph Lee invented a bread-making machine that mixed the ingredients and kneaded the dough in 1895.

Birdman: Fire Flame

"Fire flame, Fire-fi fire flame spitter...bitch we the business, hundred million dollars"

Thomas J. Martin patented a fire extinguisher in 1872.

Joseph Winters invented a fire escape ladder in 1878.

Jadakiss: Recognize

"Too Black for BET, no Black enough for MTV...Just let me be"

BET was the first African-American controlled company to sell shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

Robert Johnson, the owner of Black Entertainment Television, became the first black billionaire in America in 2001.

Diddy & Ma$e:Can't Nobody Hold me Down

"Or they got a PHD, Player Hater Degree..."

In 1988, while at Temple University, scholar Molefi Asante founded the first Ph.D. program in African-American studies.

Civil Rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois was the first African-American to receive a Ph.D from Harvard University

Big Pun: It's so Hard

"Strip bars in Miami, almost came home with the Grammy...Next year, bringin home three for the family"

In 1959, Ella Fitzgerald became the first African-American woman to earn a Grammy Award. She won five awards that year, including an award for best jazz soloist and one for best female pop vocalist.

Jay-Z: 99 Problems

"Aren't you sharp as a tack, you some type of lawyer or something'?"
"Or somebody important or somethin'?"

John Mercer Langston, was the first black man to become a lawyer in Ohio when he passed the Bar Exam in 1854. His great-nephew was renowned African-American poet Langston Hughes.
Consider yourself enlightened.


MW said...

This is utterly absurd! Thank you for a BHM post NHB-style, one that made me laugh rather than fill me with a lingering sense of white-guilty solemnity.

And you even mapped your own small star in the constellation of rappers. This is the kind of ridiculousness and narcissism I crave.

P.S. You should remember take a moment to honor the Rutgers University women's basketball team, upon whose nappyheaded ho-ishness your site was monikered. Follow your dream, ladies!

Abhi said...

Where's our black history video? LOL

Q Double said...
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Q Double said...

Realest. Shit. Ever!

Rock said...

"If you ain't see this movie and you're over the age of knowing the difference between herpes and a hair bump. You deserve to be taken for everything you have by some trailer trash hillbilly."

-Q Double, speaking on Higher Learning.

THAT'S the realist shit ever!

adameliclem said...

I believe that the real "street sweepers" were automatic shotguns favored by apartheid South African security forces. Irony!