Thursday, February 24, 2011

Showrock & C4 Present....Stereotypes

Let's talk about some of my favorite stereo types.

Sony, Bose, Teac, Panasonic, Alpine...

Oh, that wasn't funny? Good. Neither was everybody being too chicken to comment on yesterday's post. Guess Khaki will be the only one getting a gift. I was thinking a trip for 2 to a nudist colony. No, seriously.

Tako: Who the fuck thinks of that ??!

Show: Guess that's why they were scared.

Tako: I was gonna do a Louie Bag tagged up with Nappyheaded Graffiti Logos. I took it back from my ex and it's been sitting in the closet for like 2 years. I paid like a stack and a half for that mutherfu*ka but fu*k her.

Wja3: Bitter are we?

Anyway, today's post is about those nasty little things which we all try to ignore (and no, I don't mean the ones which make it burn and itch during urination.) We shall call them stereotypes.

Now is it inherently wrong that every time i see a black girl in scrubs I think CNA and every time I see an Indian Girl (the non-deodorant kind, because saying "dot or feather" is rude) in scrubs I think Doctor? Ponder it really wrong? Even if Its true.

Let me answer that for you before the peanut gallery starts chiming in with their "all stereotypes are rooted in some truth but that doesn't give one the right to characterize an entire group based on an individual" shit. Shut the fuck up. We're Americans. It's what we do. We simplify things to save the time and effort of analyzing each and every individual, thereby leaving us more time to maximize profit in this society we call capitalistic.

That being said, let me introduce to you a concept coined by your nappyheaded friend Showrocka. The 20 year rule.

If a stereotype has existed since the times of slavery, be it the Kunte Kinte Roots kind or the Chinese Railroad workers with Mortal Kombat Hats kind, we have to accept the fact that people have been conditioned to believe it.

Based on the fact that slavery was institutionalized for hundreds of years and an entire nation brainwashed, we cannot blame people for reverting back to these stereotypes, only for their inability to change their way of thinking and move past these untruthful and hurtful notions.

Stereotypes created within, and still existing during the last 20 years, however, ARE YOUR OWN matter what race you are!!! Indian bi*ches knew that we all thought they were smart ass Doctors, so how did they respond...they got more PHDs! They said, "hmmmm...maybe this is a good look for us...even white people think we're acceptable now. I was gettin tired of that Sanjit-Sivaramakrishna dick." Lol.

Black people said, "hmmmm, white people think we're all fast." The response? Usain bolt and all the niggas who didnt get caught on cops. You know when they say "Ahhh, he just knows the area better than us and got away" they really wanna say "That mutherfucka fast as a field nigga!"

But what about the bad stereotypes, might you ask. Do white people really smell like wet dogs when it rains? Yep. That's why panteen Pro V and Suave exist. They, unfortunately, don't mask the smell completely, so the stereotype still exists. Oh well, it's your fault. Develop something better or stay out the rain.

Black people all listen to rap music and talk ghetto. Not true...unless you count ALL the black people in the media ALL the time because they're famous athletes and entertainers. Once again...OUR FAULT. Venus and serena don't talk Ghetto, and I bet Tiger woods listens to Crosby Stills and Nash...but how often do we see them (baring the existence of a scandal?) Not much. The reason? Motherfucka's dont wanna see that shit. They wanna see basketball wives and "The Game."

All white girls give head. Errrrrrrr. I dont see you guys, nor do I advocate, trying to prove us otherwise.

I'm sure by now you get the point. It's time we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Anything stereotype that has arisen within the last 20 years has not had enough time to become so deeply ingrained in our customs, institutions and practices that we cannot, with proper behavior, reverse or reinforce it. That being said, 20 years is adequate time for a reversal.

Despite being inherantly crass, My more Nappyheaded brother Rockaflocka has a point. If you look at health care statistics, overall rates of diabetes, hypertension and other demographic indicators, Blacks are as unhealthy as they say we a whole. Well, that's just what happens when you replace an African Vegetable based diet with leftover pig organs deep fried in chicken grease. Tell em C4 said that, so hopefully you won't have to go through that.

Show: What else?

Mexicans...well, aside from having tortilla booties (the women), the rest REALLY ARE master chefs at any cuisine! Jamaicans really do have a lot of jobs and Asians really can't drive. Shit, my Asian prom date almost drove us into a Mack truck.

Tako: Probably cause she had those Wiz Khalifa eyes and couldn't see. Lol.

White people do really love cheese, and they also love animals as much as people. They took that stereotype, embraced it and sent Mike Vick to Jail.

I challenge you to find a recent era stereotype that isnt our own fault.

Can't do it, can you?

All black people are on welfare or unemployed? No one believes that shit anymore, especially since all the unemployed niggas are so called "rappers" and who knows...that shit can be quite profitable. Reversal = successful.

Blacks: 1

America: 1,000,000,000



Gavino Brown said...

Nothing about the miraculous conception powers of ricans?

Just putting this out there, your prom date spat on me and tripped me twice at six flags. Hence

Mark said...

Great insightful post, but I've never thought of whites smelling like wet dog. My nose says otherwise. I believe "Hotdog Water" is more appropriate.

mandy ;) said...

okay so its the 1st of march and your last post was the 24th I AM NOT HAPPY!lets go bros

Rock said...

All the fault of a Mr. "I can't meet deadlines I give myself" C4.

Drops mic.

I've making an exec decision.

Blog shall be posted now.