Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pay it forward: The Nappy edition.

Shouts out to my girl Zag aka the big bad wolf at

It's not too often that I steal things (I'm black, remember, not latino...kidding), but I had to rip this from her page. Shout outs to Messy Carla as well, because that's who originated the idea. She's not my type but there's something that turns me on about the name "messy carla." Sounds naughty...Anyways, I don't read her blog ...just seems like just another hefty white girl to me. Zag's Blog is cool though. She a fashionista that shows Big girls how to have swag and not look like fools.

Anyways, I thought her "Pay it forward" idea was ingenious (No meat hop)...of course not ingenious enough that I wouldn't alter it to make it more Nappyhead-friendly. So here goes.

The Pay it Forward challenge:

I'm going into a bit of a blogging hiatus a.) So I can focus on my novel and b.) so I'm not tempted to write ":p " in every post. Tako's going to be filling in while I take my sabbatical. I've taught him well. I may do a few blogs here and there for, but you probably won't see much of me until at least April.

Here's the challenge.

The first 5 people to respond via comment will get a unique gift, handmade by one of the NappyheadedBros. Now this gift can be absolutely anything the Bro chooses just so long as its creative, unique and handmade. Here's the have to recriporcate and do the same.

The timeframe: 1 month.

Aren't you curious to see what concoctions and expressions of individuality C4, Showrocka, Wja3 and Taka Flocka's brains can come up with? I sure am.

I know I said 5, but if a certain person comments I may be willing to extend it to six. Comment under your username, or anoynomusly if you feel like you can drop a hint to let whichever Bro it is know that it's you.

This is gonna be fun.

P.S. All yall mutherf**kin rappers out there send me your sh*t!!!! I want to do some more album reviews. Persia from the White rapper show just holla'd at us the other day so maybe she'll send us some exclusive shit. I fu*ks with her cause she out there grindin catchin gun charges and shit. If you say you keep it hood and you do...hey...props. She Basically just spazzed out on Lil Kim yesterday in a song called "Friday after Next" and we thought it was funny. Sorry Kim, she got in that ass, no homo.

Click to listen:

--Show "I don't look like Asante Samuel" Rock


khaki la'docker said...

Im commenting because Rock begged me to while I swagsurfed his face -_-

Rock said...

Lies! I only go down if you keep ya grass cut...and some B-more dudes told me they call you Hairy-Potter. Boom! I think I'll keep my magic wand outa the forest. LMAO

khaki la'docker said...

So says the dude with nappy thigh hair....
You know u munch on the crunch... fur or furless

La Rubia said...

Where's the Showrocka cleverness I love?! This is what you leave us with? COME ON! The only thing clever here was Khaki's comment. What you going to make with your hands other than yourself (or some latina) cum?! And the vague madonna desperately seeking whoever shit?! WTF is that about?

mandy ;) said...

that persia joint was hot, i forgot all about homegirl!

The Notorious ZAG said...

Ok, I'm gonna officially stop being a twat and re-follow NHB... thanks for the shout out. And you mentioned Khaki too, my fave Bawdamore blogger. Yay! I guess enter me? But I ain't like giving out no prizes or making shit. Thanks again *does running man*