Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kool Herc's sick, but he can still eat a d**k.

I read a disturbing article about hip hop pioneer, Kool Herc. The disturbing part wasn't that he was sick, but rather that I didnt really care.

Lets delve into my psyche...but first, the article:

Hip-Hop's Founding Father Kool Herc is currently at home resting and recovering from recent surgery to remove kidney stones, according to his sister, Cindy Campbell.

Kool Herc's sister told The New York Times that the Hip-Hop pioneer underwent surgery for kidney stones in October of 2010, despite not having any health insurance.

According to reports, Kool Herc must still undergo another surgery for the kidney stones, prompting an outpouring of support for DJ's, rappers and fans, who have vowed to help him pay the medical bills he incurs during the procedure.

Tako: This nigga look Diesel. Pause. He don't look Sick to me.

Wja3: Stop interrupting.

“There isn’t any type of medical program for these artists,” Cindy Campbell told The New York Times. “Maybe it takes a visible person like Herc for people to pay attention. Maybe we can help set something up. My brother and I were trailblazers. We tried to save the building. Now we’re going to advocate for plenty of other artists and have a program to assist them.”

Hip-Hop historian, publicist and former Def Jam Records executive Bill Adler told The New York Times that unfortunately, those who choose to pursue a living as an artist, can face serious financial and health risks.

"The reality is that the majority of people who choose a life in the arts make a tough economic choice. They’re almost choosing voluntary poverty," Bill Adler said

Wja3: Shouts to Naledge and Ni**as who can manage their money correctly.

Tako: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.This shit is so sad. Not.

Show: Man Fuck Kool Herc. Voluntary Poverty? Fuck outa here.

As you can see from the brash commentary of the not so sympathetic half of the NHB Quartet, the Bros aren't 100% in agreement with the previous statements. Yes it is true Hip Hop Pioneer Kool Herc is sick (though Kidney stones are painful, its not exactly like those bitches are cancer!) Ok, In all honesty, Kidney stones are serious, we get it.

What we are saying is that we SERIOUSly don't understand why we should give a fuck.

Awwwww... rappers have no health insurance to take care of them in old age. Boo hooo hooo. That's because when you're making a half million to a Jay-Z mogul type 500 million a year, you're expected to have something called a "savings." You know, the thing that is supposed to come before the Rolls Royce and Maybach.

Let's take Rick Ross for example. He and DJ Khaled threw a million dollars away at a strip club making it rain last week. Are we supposed to feel bad for people like this when they don't have money 50 years later?

I bet Cuba Gooding has health insurance...Those other guys...ehhhhh...There's at least a good 20 years of assisted living care, a few surgeries and a lifetime of non-HIV meds in that diamond encrusted medallion. #Imjustsayin......

Some of their neck accoutremonts cost more than our mortgages and annual salaries.

Where the F**k was Kool Herc when I needed an extra hundred dollars to buy my 1st $550 dollar 1990 Honda Civic with the fucked up hood and headlight? Oh yeah, that's right, he was smashin the video chicks We'll never get to smash and driving around his mercedes dripped in gold. Eat a dick you sick ol' head.

Wja3: whoa, whoa, whoa.....

Tako: Angry fam? You sound like a white babymoms with an interracial baby and no child support. LOL.

What about Hammer? Should we pay his mortgage because he fucked his money up (waka Flocka voice....btw what happened to him? waka, not hammer.) No. Because when famous people say "they're broke" we still see them in clubs and on TV...meaning they still have more money than us...theyre just "broke for a nigga that used to have a lot of loot."

Ill admit it. It does, however, seem like Kool Herc is a bit closer to the "real talk, nigga I'm regular people broke" line. That's not our problem though homie. Maybe if he has a cute daughter she can render services and NHB will gladly pay a few medical bills.

Wja3: Over the line.

Show: I recant.

Let this be a lesson...Don't make it rain or your kidneys will be in pain.

Tako: There is a lesson to be learned about the necessity of financial planning despite the unsympathetic and crass nature by which the point was articulated. Whatever though, what's he gonna do? Get mad and fight me? I'll fu*k an old dude with Kidney Stones up. Real Talk.



Alovelydai said...

I guess I wasn't the only one who was kinda sorta (on a good day when mars is aligned with pluto) thinking this. If I chose to quit my gig & blog full time, get ill, & not have insurance then I should eat a d**k too. BTW, we're all a bunch of azzholes for this. LOL!

Piph said...

Yea, fuck it. It ain't our problem. Artists should use our money on things that are important.

Dumb fucks lls